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Samantha Nunez

Professor Jackie
English 101
November 2, 2015
Criminal Minds
Police detecting crime before it happens? We are not quite there yet but neuroscientist
reveal to us that we just might be able to identify future perpetrators before any criminal
activity has the chance to even take place. It is known by a great body of knowledge that
criminal behaviour indeed has a neurological basis. Researcher believe that violent
tendencies have a biological basis that several tests and brain imaging can pick up. If
true,would it mean that people are simply born criminals? The very idea of preventing
crime by identifying and treating people predisposed to violent behavior can be greatly
debated. If you could prevent a crime, would you?

A brain scan alone cannot evaluate a mental disorder as more tests must he human
brain mediates all human behavior aggression, violence, fear, ideology indeed, all
human emotional, behavioral, cognitive and social functioning run in order to give a
formal diagnosis. Yet, the incredible relationship between the brain activity of that of a
criminal and a healthy being is considerably far off from being similar. MRIs. CTs and
PET scans have revealed that criminals have significantly smaller areas of the brain in
which emotions and behaviors are located. in the prefrontal cortex, an area that prevents
us from acting on impulse, and poor functioning deformities in the amygdala all make a
person more prone to violent, aggressive and disinhibited behavior. The brains of 40
prisoners, half of whom were identified as psychopaths, were scanned by Wisconsin
University researchers. Results revealed that there was indeed a lack of communication
between these two areas of the brain making it difficult for said inmates to manage their
emotional and social behavior, "The decision-making study showed indirectly what this
study shows directly - that there is a specific brain abnormality associated with criminal
psychopathy," Professor Koeings, Michael. "University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
and Public Health." UW School of Medicine and Public Health. Web. 23 Oct. 2015.

As far as studies go, it has been uncovered that brain differences can be detected
early on. Indiana University Bloomington assistant professor, Nathalie Fontaine,
utilizes CU traits (callous unemotional traits) to help identify children at risk of antisocial

behavior along with other adjustment problems. Fontaine insist on the neccesity of
observing children in order to help prevent future criminal activity in them. Though a
very serious accusation, the former criminologist argues that it is only a precaution.
"We're not suggesting that some children are psychopaths, but CU traits can be used to
identify a subgroup of children who are at risk," Moskowitz, By. "Criminal Minds Are
Different From Yours, Brain Scans Reveal." LiveScience. TechMedia Network, 4 Mar.
2011. Web. 23 Oct. 2015. Social intervention is widely recommended for children who
fall under the category of possible future felons. Supplemental pills are also being
suggested to help obtain growth in the brain cells.

Yet, scanning the brains of our children seems rather terrifying. Subjecting a
child to brain scans would require parental permission which for the most part does not
look agreeable to the eyes of a guardian. Moreover, the idea of having ones mind studied
is well seen as an invasion of our privacy. It can also be claimed that it is being
completely and reluctantly under the control of the government. As if being snooped
around by Obama through our technological devices were not enough, now we shall be
held subject to the violation of our very heads. This can certainly be argued both ways but
the prevention of tragedies such as the University of Texas shooting has no wrong doings.
In 1966, twenty-five year old Charles Whitman not only murdered his wife and mother
before placing a bullet on himself, but also took victim of 49 innocent others, 17 of whom
were left murdered. Overlooked by many, Whitman held a suicide note in his pocket that
has thus created a wake up call for the battle between man and his mind. I do not really
understand myself these days. I am supposed to be an average reasonable and intelligent
young man. However, lately, I cannot recall when it started,I have been a victim of many
unusual and irrational thoughts please pay off my debts [and] donate the rest
anonymously to a mental-health foundation. Maybe research can prevent further
tragedies of this type. Kluger, Jeffrey. "The Evil Brain: What Lurks Inside a Killers

Mind." Web. 6 May 2003. A tumor was since detected followed by a vascular
malformation which pressed upon Whitmans amygdala. Damage to this area resulted in
his horrific actions.

So is it crazy to anticipate a persons violence? Envision victims and their

perpetrators being saved by a calamity waiting to take place. Its possible to create a safer
environment with less crime and more treatment for a healthier living and a balanced
thought process.