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THE ROCKWELL BUSINESS alas id Four a ane Center of Choice Amidst the bustle of Ortigas rises a new hub for business—The Rockwell Business Center. Guided sisi ee | Cir en el oo represents Rockwell Lands pioneering foray into eee tee Role Ls Located within the Meralco compound eee er ee me Da ae ee ee eee ue men ee cee eae dit Peete re Relais SOc CN eC mre em Cet ea ae ere backup systems offering a combined 72,000sqm eee aco egg 2 ES PUTA er aaa Ce Typical eg aero a ela subdiv quadrants. or smaller units to deliver reac Rely TOWER 2 TOWER 3 ir} PCA TT ete ms otal oad ce a eer) eg Se eee ee or + 6 high-speed elevators per building eee ei) ier-nautral telecam facilios Proximity to Other Establisments Heoltheare: Medical City immediate vicinity) Training Facility: MFI Technological Institte {immediate vicinity) Ce era ena ee ae en ee een ce Emergeney Response: Police and Fire Station {9 mins]