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Life and Life Forms

Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek present the following summary and conclusion in their book:1
1. Life does not consist merely of chemicals. If that were the case, mixing chemicals of life in a test tube
would produce life. Life clearly consists of more than chemicals; it also includes specified complexity,
which arrives only from a mind. Therefore, materialism is false.
2. There are no known natural laws that create specified complexity or information. Only intelligence
has been observed to develop specified complexity.
3. The simplest life consists of amazing specified complexityequivalent to 1,000 complete sets of the
Encyclopedia Britannica.
4. Science is a search for causes that is built on philosophy. There are only two types of causes,
intelligent and natural, but Darwinists philosophically rule out intelligent causes before they even
look at the evidence. That is why when Darwinists look at those 1,000 encyclopediasdespite
observing and recognizing their obvious designthey assert that their cause must be natural. But if a
hand-written note of Take out the garbageMom left on the kitchen counter that the teenager
notices requires an intelligent cause, then so do 1,000 encyclopedias.
5. Spontaneous generation of life, which Darwinism requires to get the theory started, has never been
observed. It is believed by faith. And in light of the strong cosmological and teleological or design
evidence that the Causal Agent designed the Universe, the Darwinian belief in naturalism or
materialism is also an article of faith. Therefore, Darwinism is nothing more than a secular religion
masquerading as science.

Looking at all the evidence so far, we list the following:2

1. A Universe that has exploded into being out of nothing.
2. A Universe with over 402 Universe and 922 Milky Way Galaxy extremely fine-tuned, life-enabling
anthropic constants for this tiny, remote planet called Earth.
3. Life that:
Has been observed to arise only from existing life;
Consists of thousands and even millions of empirically detectable specified complexity and is,
therefore, more than just the nonliving chemicals it contains;
Changes cyclically and only within a limited range;
Cannot be built or modified gradually since it is irreducibly complex;
Is molecularly isolated between basic types as there is no ancestral progression at the
molecular level;
Leaves a fossil record of fully formed creatures that appear suddenly, do not change, and then
disappear suddenly.

An honest look at the facts suggests Creation is true.

1 Geisler, Norman L., and Turek, Frank, I Dont Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2004), pp. 134

and 135.
2 Ibid, pp. 166 and 167.