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Alli Mohler
English 1010

There are endless debates that are associated with school policies,
procedures, and guidelines. When it comes to education, there will always be
issues that will never seem to please all different kinds of people. One of
those issues is the debate of whether or not school aged children should be
required to wear school uniforms. There have been countless reasons
proposed why imposing school uniforms is a positive thing, as well as
negative. One can view such an issue as one that will fail to accommodate
everyone. Considered a century old debate, theres a large portion of
individuals in favor of school uniforms, as well as opposed to such a policy.
One side of the spectrum would vote yes in consideration of school
uniforms, arguing they provide an impartial setting for students. Uniforms
create an equal playing field on all levels of students because they provide
no favor to one student versus another. The majority of people that are in
favor of uniforms are ones who believe they can lower peer pressure and
bullying. The uniforms create an environment where no one student can be
deemed better than another, thus creating a lesser number of issues
amongst students. Uniforms can also create a sense of belonging to a group,
something that isnt as prevalent in schools without uniforms. A uniform can
unite students together, and not one student is singled out because of what

they are adorning. On this side of the debate, uniforms are seen as an overall
great addition to the public school system.
Schools and administrations that are opposed against school uniforms
insist that they take away individuality, freedom of expression and
personality. They believe that, especially as a child and young adolescent,
one should be able to express themselves through dress and presentation.
By creating an environment where everyone has conformed to one other, it
stunts personal and creative growth amongst students. A student has a
harder time finding themselves and discovering their values in life if they are
presented the same as everyone else. School uniforms can also create a
division between who has the better and more expensive uniform. These
days, most school uniforms are set with guidelines on what to shop for, not
with clothing items that are provided by the school. Students must wear
certain colored pants or skirts followed with a certain color top. There are
multiple providers for the certain type of clothing children will need, and
some are noticeably more expensive than others. Overall, imposing the same
dress for all students is described as a negative policy that every school is
better off without.
For many years to come, the debate of whether or not to enforce
school uniforms will always be an issue. There may never be a time where
one preference is considered favorable by all parties. One side maintains that
uniforms are a great option to create conformity, while the other disagrees
and states that the uniqueness of a person should not be withheld from

them. Both sides have valid points to the argument, but one perspective is
more effective. Although school uniforms provide equality amongst students,
they should not be required in the public school system.
School uniforms keep children more focused on education and less
focused on clothing. If a child isnt worried about what theyre wearing or
what another student is wearing, they are more likely to focus on school.
Education is the primary reason for attending school, and putting no
emphasis on what is adorned while in school can provide an increase in
attention to the education. Another side would argue that wearing school
uniforms steal individuality and freedom from students. If all students are
wearing the same things, the distinction between students disappears. One
way to combat these issues would be to enforce a dress code that doesnt
impose uniforms, but puts restrictions on what can be worn. This wouldnt
force the children to wear the same thing, providing freedom of expression,
and but also wouldnt give so much freedom that less attention would be put
on education.
A main point in support of school uniforms is that they eliminate the
social hierarchy many non-uniforms schools face. This may have been the
case many years ago, but in todays day and age, many students and
parents have the responsibility of purchasing the uniforms from a variety of
providers. Some of these are noticeably more expensive than others. In
reality, school uniforms emphasize the socioeconomic divisions they are
supposed to eliminate. In high-poverty areas, the majority of schools enforce

school uniforms. It is less likely you would find schools that require uniforms
in low-poverty areas. This difference is becoming more prominent and thus
emphasizes the divisions. A solution to this issue would be to either enforce
uniforms in all schools, or don't enforce them at all. It needs to be consistent.
Wearing school uniforms enhances school pride, unity and community
spirit. School uniforms can contribute to a sense of school pride. It can give a
student the feeling of belonging. It has been said that school uniforms can
help troubled youths find support in their community. On the other hand,
students actually oppose school uniforms. Studies show that the majority of
school aged children would vote against school uniforms. They agree that it
deprives them a way to express themselves in an environment where there
arent many ways to show individuality. The best way action to take with
these opposing views would be to give the students a choice. Whether a
student chooses to wear clothes that adorn a school symbol or they choose
to wear something that doesnt at all relate to the school, it should be their
There will always people in favor of school uniforms, and there will
always be people that are opposed to the idea. It is best to keep uniforms
away from the school system because school uniforms are unnecessary to
give children their education. They steal individuality from the student,
emphasize the socioeconomic division they were partly designed to
eliminate, and are unwelcomed by the majority of school aged children. It is
valid that requiring school uniforms has its advantages, but the

disadvantages far outweigh them. Imposing school uniforms is an overall

negative policy that shouldnt be enforced in the school system.