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Excerpts on Ruchira Shaktipat & the

transmission process in the Way of Adidam and

other notes on the practice
By carryingwater
May be updated from time to time


I Am the Divine Love-Bliss, Coming from Infinitely Above, and Surrounding

the body, and Entering it, Infusing it, Pervading itDistracting you from selfattention and Turning your attention to Me. Feeling Me, breathing Me, Living
in Me, Lived by Me. And My Characteristic is Love-Bliss Itself, whatever other
sensations there may be in the body-mind itself. Spiritual Communion with Me
is of this nature.
Ruchira Shaktipat Yoga or Ruchira Avatara Hridaya-Siddha Yoga

Spiritually Realized Adepts (or Transmisson-Masters, or true Gurus and SatGurus) are the principal Sources, Resources, and Means of the Spiritual Way.
This fact is not (and never has been) a matter of controversy among real
Spiritual practitioners.
The Knee of Listening

The Guru is a Function, a Siddhi, a Process, an Activity available to human

beings. Individuals must make themselves available to that process, not just to
philosophies and "external" matters but to the Guru. The form of that
relationship is love, devotion, attention.
My "Bright" Word

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The Esoteric Anatomy of the Spiritual Process:
Vertical and Horizontal Dimensions of the Being

Meditating All
The Dawn Horse Testament, Sutra 44 (Transmission process down the
frontal line)
The Dawn Horse Testament, Sutra 45 (Transmission process down the
frontal line)
Aletheon - Concentration versus True Surrender
The Art of Spiritual Life (Practice of placing your attention below the
Do Not Be Concerned (About turning to Adi Da)
Invocation of Adi Da (Ruchira Avatara Mahamantra: OM MA DA)
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Meditating All
I would spontaneously become aware of great numbers of people (usually in
visions, or in some other intuitive manner), and I would work with them very
directly, in a subtle manner.... Therefore, "problems" (of all kinds)
constantly appeared, and numberless complexities and contradictions arose
in every moment but the content of the meditation was not "mine".
I found that this "meditating" of others by me usually went on with people
whom I had not yet met. But, soon, some of those very people came into
my physical company....
In this manner, I spontaneously began to "meditate" countless other people,
and also countless non-human beings, and countless places and worlds and
realms, both high and low in the scale of Reality.
I observed and responded to all that was required for the (ultimately) most
perfect Divine Awakening and the true (and the, ultimately, most perfect)
well-being of each and all.
And, each time I did this (and, in fact, the process quickly became the
underlying constant of all my hours and days), I would continue the
"meditating" of any (and each) one until I felt a release take place, such that
his or her suffering and seeking was vanished (or, at least, significantly
relaxed and set aside). Whenever that occurred, I Knew my "meditating" of
that one was, for the moment, done.
By such means, my now and forever Avataric Divine Work (of Teaching,
Blessing, and Awakening all-and-All) was begun.

The Dawn Horse Testament, Sutra 44

This Real Process Of Encounter and self-Surrender Inevitably Produces (and

Must Produce) Many Kinds Of phenomenal (or psycho-physical) Signs. Even
Some Signs Related To The Ascending Spiritual Process (or the Yogic
phenomena Associated With The Spinal Line) May Spontaneously Appear,
but The Significant Signs That Are Specific To The First Actually Seeing
Stage Of The Way Of The Heart Are Associated With The Descending Process
(and The Frontal Line Of the body-mind). Thus, The Significant phenomena
Signs At This Developmental Stage Include psycho-physical Openings and,
Releases everywhere In The Frontal Line-Spiritually Relieving egoic mental,
emotional, and physical Patterns, Reactions, and Blocks In The Hierarchical;
Structure (From the head To the bodily base).

The Dawn Horse Testament, Sutra 45

In The True (and Characteristic) Course Of The Frontal Yoga In The Only ByMe Revealed and Given Way Of Adidam (Which Is The One and Only By-MeRevealed and By-Me-Given Way Of The Heart), There Will Be Occasional
"Surges" (or Spontaneous Invasions) Of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted
Divine Spiritual Energy In The Frontal Line. And These Frontal Surges Of My
Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spiritual Energy Will (In Turn) Also
Pass, Perceptibly or imperceptibly, From The Frontal Line Into The Spinal
Line - Thus Completing The Circle. Such Surges May Be Weak or Strong.
They May Produce yawning and General Relaxation, and They May
(Otherwise) Reveal (or Yield) Feelings Of General Pleasure and Fundamental
Happiness, As Well As Various Degrees Of Ecstatic (or ego-Transcending)
Participation In My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Love-Bliss Itself. As
A Result Of Your Own Accumulated psycho-physical Patterning Of selfContraction, These Frontal Surges May Also Be Accompanied (or, Otherwise,
Followed) By temporary symptoms of mental, emotional, and physical
discomfort, pain, fever, and even physical disease. If such symptomatic
phenomena Are Associated With The Real Spiritual Process, they Tend To
Come and Go (In Cycles Of Relative Comfort and Discomfort). As Such, They
Are Gracefully Purifying Episodes, Shown Through The Evidence Of psychophysical Release, Rebalance, and Rejuvenation. Occasionally, There May
Even Be an experience that Feels Like A Kind Of electric "Shock" (or "Jolt")
That Briefly Energizes the body Beyond ordinary Tolerance. In and By All Of
This, the human character Is Divinely Urged To Be Responsively and
Positively Changed (psychically, mentally, emotionally, and physically),
Through The Invasion Of the frontal personality (and, indeed, the Total
body-mind) By My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spirit-Current Of

Among All Of These Signs There Must (Primarily) Appear Progressive

Evidence Of What I Have, Since Childhood, Called "The `Thumbs"'.
Beginning In The "Basic" (or, Spiritually, Fully Technically Responsible)
Context - or, Possibly, Even In The "Original" (or Foundation, and Beginning
Spiritual) Context - Of The Fourth Stage Of Life In The Way Of The Heart,
There Should Be At Least Occasional Experience Of An Intense Invasion Of

The Frontal Line By My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spirit-Force Of

Love-Bliss Beginning At The Crown Of the head, and Descending Into The
lower vital Region, To the bodily base. The Pressure (or Invasive Force) Of
This Event May Be Rather (and Even Happily) Overwhelming - and It Must
Be Allowed. At Last, It Is Not Possible (Nor Would You Wish) To Defend Your
psychophysical self Against This Invading Pressure Of My Avataric Divine
Spiritual Descent. It Feels Like A Solid and Yet Fluid Mass Of Force, Like A
Large Hand All Made Of Thumbs - Pressing Down From Infinitely Above the
head and Via The Crown Of the head, Engorging the Total head (and the
throat), and (Thus and Thereby) Penetrating and Vanishing the entire mind,
and Vastly Opening the emotional core, and (Altogether) In-Filling the Total
physical body.

I Am The "Bright"-and I Transmit My Own Divine State and Presence Of

Person From Infinitely Above and Beyond, In Such A Manner That I Am
Combined With The psycho-physical Structure Of My Devotee. This Is How I
"Wash" the "dog" From "head" To "tail"-and Beyond. Nevertheless, In Order
To Fully Receive My Divine Spiritual Blessing, My Devotee Must Fully
Embrace The (ego-Surrendering, ego-Forgetting, and ego-Transcending)
Practice and Process Of Devotional and Spiritual Communion With Me. In
That Context (Of My Devotee's Me-Recognizing and To-Me-Responding
Practice Of The Only By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of The Heart), My
"Thumbs" Of Blessing Is Able To Do Its Spiritual Work.
My Avataric Divine Spiritual Work (Altogether) Is My Crashing-Down
Descent, At First Upon and Into My Own Avatarically-Born Bodily (Human)
Divine Form, and, Thereafter (and Now, and Forever Hereafter), Upon and
Into the body-minds Of My Devotees and all beings-Even (By Means Of My
Divine Embrace Of each, and all, and All) To Infuse and (At Last) To Divinely
Translate each, and all, and All. Therefore, My Avataric Divine Spiritual
Descent Is The Secret Of My Early Life. My Avataric Divine Spiritual Descent
Is The Secret Of My Avataric Divine Self-"Emergence" (As I Am) Within The
Cosmic Domain. My Avataric Divine Spiritual Descent Is The Secret Of All
The Secrets Of The (Avatarically Self-Revealed) Divine and Complete and
Thoroughly Devotional Way Of Practice and Realization In My Company. The
Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of The Heart (or Way Of Adidam) Is
The Divine Yoga Of ego-Surrendering, ego-Forgetting, and ego-Transcending

Devotional Recognition-Response To My (Avatarically Self-Revealed) Divine

and Spiritual Person, and To My (Avatarically Self-Manifested) Divine and
Spiritual Descent. The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of The Heart (or
Way Of Adidam) Is The Total and Divine Way and Ordeal Of Counter-egoic
Devotional Recognition-Response To My Avataric "Bright" Divine
SelfManifestation, and To The Avataric Crashing Down Of My "Bright" Divine
Imposition. And, In The Case Of My Each and Every Devotee, The Way Must
Continue Until The Way Is Most Perfectly Spiritually "Bright", and The Way
Itself Becomes Divine Translation Into My Own Sphere (and "Midnight Sun")
Of Spiritual Self-"Brightness" (Itself).

SRI DA AVABHASA: No, you must give yourself to My Divine Invasion.
Accept It. Accept that that is life, that is the reason for existence, that is the
law of existence, that is the Perfect State you are Given, and allow It
completely, more and more, with all your stress, with murders in your heart,
in your gut, just done.

Take Me down. Breathe Me down. Be at peace in your mind. Be at peace. Do

right now what you think you would do on your deathbedright now.

Breathe deeply, down to your toesemotional relaxation.

You, must practice conductivity fiercely. You cannot be gentle with it. You
must breathe. You must give it up. You must relax. You must submit

Aletheon - Concentration versus True Surrender

Practice in My Divine Avataric Company is not about "making an

arrangement" with life, not about "bargaining" with "God". Practice in My
Divine Avataric Company is not about persisting in mediocrity. Rather,
practice in My Divine Avataric Company is about passing tests, such that the
total body-mind constantly goes through ego-transcending changes and
makes an always greater and always new ego-transcending demonstration.
Practice in My Divine Avataric Company is a "hard school", a persistently
ego-transcending life-based upon the Great Purpose of transcending all
limitations, transcending the body-mind-complex itself, and transcending the
cosmic domain itself.
To rightly and truly engage the ego-transcending practice of the Reality-Way
of Adidam is (inevitably) demanding, and even (at times) difficult - but the
practice is, itself, never mere and egoic suffering. Rather, the practice is the
ordeal associated with the transcending of egoity. It is the ordeal of right
and true renunciation, right and true "self"-discipline. That ego-transcending
ordeal of "self"-discipline is necessary. That ordeal is, itself, the substance of
change, the alchemy of change. That ordeal is the "fire on the pot" - into
which you must throw everything.
The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is the
transcending of everything, Liberation from everything, in the Utter Freedom
of egoless Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization.

The Art of Spiritual Life

(Practice of placing your attention below the navel)

One way of naturally relieving this contraction, in addition to the basic resort
that is your devotional practice, is to place your attention lower down in the
body, below the point where you feel that cramp. If you place your attention
above the point of disturbance, the revulsion will continue. The most
intelligent approach, therefore, is to place your attention below that point,
where there already is no contraction, you see. Place your attention below
the navel in the vital battery region in the genital region or at the perineum.
Do nothing other than that. Simply place your attention there, and then
practice the meditative disposition, the devotional disposition, the breathing
and relaxing that are your daily practice. You will very likely notice that in
those moments when you otherwise would not be able to release such a
contraction, it will naturally relax, and you will enjoy the capacity to breathe
and feel and submit the total bodymind to this Fullness. Indeed, this is how
conductivity must be practiced, by submitting yourself to the native
disposition of the body rather than fastening your attention to some point in
the circuit of the body-mind.
The way, then, to submit whole bodily when the body-mind is in a
contracted state is to place your attention lower down in the line of the
frontal Current, place it in the lower abdomen, in the genital region, in the
perineum. In these regions there is in general a residual sense of pleasure,
because there is a portion of this Current always descending - it does leak
through this knot, you see. Thus if you place attention in this pleasurable
expression of the Current, the knot, which is being reinforced by holding
attention in this anxious place will tend to relax. Then resort to the
devotional disposition, and, the practice of, conductivity will be found to be

Do Not Be Concerned
SRI DA AVABHASA: Part of the discipline of the Way of the Heart is not to be
concerned that the physical, emotional, and mental signs of your old way of
living continue. Allow them to come and go, rise and fall, without concern,
without dramatization. Persist in feeling-Contemplation of Me and live the
discipline of love, physically, vitally, emotionally, mentally, and (in due
course) Spiritually. By living that commitment as a discipline, you will see
the old adaptations fall away and become unnecessary and obsolete.
New adaptations of existence naturally come into being when you change
your act-it is as simple as that. But you must persist in this discipline. Do not
be concerned when subjective stuff arises. It eventually disappears, if only
you persist in feeling-Contemplation of Me.
Turn Your Heart-attention To Me, and Do Not Measure That Turning Relative
To Whether Or Not Your mind Stops and You Feel Better. Love Me, and Do
Not Measure That Loving Against Whether Or Not You Still Feel Negative
emotions and Confusion. Give Your life To Me. Turn bodily To My Bodily
(Human) Form. Feel (and Thereby Contemplate) My Bodily (Human) Form,
My Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence, and My Very (and Inherently
Perfect) State At all times. And Do Not Measure That Giving, and That
Turning, and That Feeling-Contemplation Against The Measure Of Whether
Or Not You Feel pains in Your body.
Therefore, Always Maintain The Discipline Of That Giving, and That Turning,
and That Feeling-Contemplation. It Can Be Done, If You Do Not limit or Deny
That Giving, That Turning, and That Feeling-Contemplation By The Reading
Of Problems In Your body-mind. That Giving, That Turning, and That
Feeling-Contemplation Can Always Be Done. Truly, You Can Never Be
Disabled In Terms Of That Giving, That Turning, and That FeelingContemplation.

Invocation of Adi Da
(With the Ruchira Avatara Mahamantra: OM MA DA)

By Means Of My Divine and Unique Activity Of Ruchira Shaktipat, I Bless and

Baptize and Awaken all conditionally Manifested beings With My Avatarically
Self-Transmitted Divine Self-Radiance, My Inherently Perfect "Bright" Divine
Spiritual Body Itself, Which Stands Un-Moved (Prior To The Cosmic Mandala
of conditionally Manifested beings), but Which Is Also Merely Present (here,
and every "where" In The Cosmic Domain), As My Always Already all-andAll-Surrounding and all-and-All-Pervading Divine Ruchira Shakti (or HridayaShakti), The "Bright" Itself, Which Is The Eternally "Husbanded", Only
Divinely En-Light-ening, Perfectly Subjective, and Perfectly Self-En-Lightened Spirit-Power Of Real God.
And I Do This Always Blessing, Spirit-Baptizing, and Avataric Divine SelfAwakening-Work Through Constant (Transcendental, and Inherently
Spiritual, and Universally Effective) "Bright" Heart-Shining, or Divine and
Inherently Perfect Ruchira Shaktipat (or Hridaya-Shaktipat) - The
Spontaneous Avataric Self-Transmission Of The Eternally Self-Existing Divine
Truth, Being, Consciousness, Self-Radiance, Love-Bliss, Mystery, HeartProcess, and Inherently egoless Self-Domain - To all conditionally Manifested
beings, and To The Total Mandala Of The Cosmic Domain.
The Three (By-Me-Given) Word-Signs-"Om", "Ma", and "Da" Together Form
"Om Ma Da", One Of The Variant Forms Of The Only-By-Me Revealed and
Given Ruchira Avatara Naama Mantra (or Ruchira Avatara Mahamantra). The
Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Mantra "Om Ma Da" Refers To Me and (By
Non-conceptual, or Directly Feeling, Means) Invokes Me (and The Same Is
Also True Of All Of The Other By-Me-Given Variants Of The Ruchira Avatara
Naama Mantra, or Ruchira Avatara Mahamantra).

(You can also try to simply meditate on Adi Da and Ruchira Shaktipat, that
worked for me to start)

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