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Learn About a New Culture While Furthering Your Education at SUU

October 28, 2015

Cedar City, Utah

A senior at Southern Utah University furthered his education by studying abroad in Spain this
past summer. The SUU Psychology Department took the group of 17 psychology
majors/minors on a trip across the Spanish country for two weeks, a program that gives
students 3 credits towards their psychology degree.
The two-week adventure started in Barcelona and took the students through the entire
country. The students saw many great sites that included the Picasso Museum, a Chocolate
Museum, the Sagrada Familia, many great architectural feats that included the works by Antoni
Gaudi, a bullfight, and a Catholic Monastery.
The SUU Psychology Department has been traveling to different countries in hopes to educate
their students about the people they will soon be called upon to help. The Psychology
Department continues to help aid in the study of human behavior through various programs
such as these. If you would like more information on this program please contact SUUs
Psychology Department###
Contact Info:
Tony Erickson
430 S 75 W
Cedar City, UT 84720