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Northern Colonies

Region: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,

Nickname: New England
Climate: 4 seasons- cold snowy winter, hot summer,
precipitation all year
Geography: mountains thick with trees, rivers and poor
rocky soil that was difficult to farm and unsuitable for crops.
Economy: fishing, whaling, and ship building

Middle Colonies
Region: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
Nickname: Breadbasket
Climate: warm summers, mild winters, growing season of
lots of rain/sunlight
Geography: fertile soil from northern glaciers
Economy: wheat, corn, rye, hemp, flax- farming

Southern Colonies
Region: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland,
Nickname: Colonial Greenhouse
Climate: longer growing season, hot and humid, longer

Geography: tidewater filled soil filled with minerals, flat land

for farming, coastal plains
Economy: tobacco (cash crop), cotton
The first Colony settled in the new world was Jamestown lead
by John Smith
Of the 13 original colonies, the first was Virginia in 1607 and
the last was Georgia in 1733
The Pilgrims also called Separatists wanted to separate from
the Church of England
o The Puritans wanted a purified version of the Church
of England because they thought it was corrupt
New England Colonies-Puritans
o Middle Colonies- Muslims, Jews, Quakers, Lutherans
o Southern Colonies- Anglicans
The Virginia Company paid for Indentured Servants to come
to America and work off their debt for 5-7 years
John Rolf married Pocahontas to keep the peace between
Pilgrims and Native Americans