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SLS 499 Teaching Vocabulary Lesson Plan

Target Students
Cambodian kids


Make visual representations
of vocabulary items
Use learned vocabulary in
own words

Class Time
25 minutes

Preparation Time
1 minutes

Khmer dictionary
Coloring pens

Songhee Cho


vocabularies that are relevant to the students daily life will make them to have motivation
(Leitch, 2013). This vocabulary learning gives students active practice in using verbs relating to their
common outdoor activity swimming.

1. Distribute the worksheet to the students
2. Explain about each column
Introduction of the word: swim, float, slide, dive, and paddle
Teach how to pronounce the word.
Definition (English): this column is already finished by teacher.
Definition (Khmer): have the learners find the definition of the word in their language
Example sentence: example sentences are given to the students
Own sentence: have the learners write a sentence using vocabulary
Picture: have the learners draw pictures that represents the vocabulary item used in their own
3. Have the learners finish the worksheet and volunteer to draw their picture on the board.

1. Ask students to slowly walk around the room observing what everyone else drew for the pictures. At
any given moment ask students to get into a pair whoever is closest to them. Ask these pairs to quiz each
other by acting out the vocabularies without saying it. This may be repeated two to three times.
2. Ask students to come out and draw their picture on the board and let them explain about it.

Follow up activity
Have the learners make a short story by using all the vocabularies they learned.

Leitch, D. (2013, April 28). 6 Ways to Motivate your Students in the Foreign Language Classroom
Lingua Garden. Retrieved from