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I have been working on Spiccato bowing and double stopping, also being able

to hear the harmonics above the note played to give a resonance to it.
I managed to keep the piece by Leclair to the correct tempo throughout by
using a metronome when practicing.
I also perfected the double stopping scales in octaves by playing each note
separately to tune it correctly and then combining them.
I have found it difficult to play the double stopping in 3rds up to speed in the
piece by Leclair as it is difficult to tune them quickly. I will keep repeating this
section slowly to improve my muscle memory and increase the speed
I have been focussing on the Tambourin from the 4 th movement in D major by
Leclaire. I am now able to play the repeated melodic idea accurately up to
speed but the areas with spiccato bowing need work and the rhythm needs to
be tighter.
Each practice session I worked on one line of the piece by Leclair focussing on1. Resonance of the D major scale (Harmonics sounding)
2. Even fingers when playing the semitones
3. Keeping the bow close to the string when playing spiccato
4. Checking semitones tuning. (Place fingers 3 and 4 together for example)
6. Even beat.
7. Keeping thumb in correct place
8. Keeping as many fingers down as possible