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Adrian Dennis is a sports photographer

Adrian Dennis images are used on his website for people to freely go and look at
as he has images that stretch from rugby games and ice skating championships
to the Olympic Games.

I like this image as it shows two ice skaters

competing together and dancing on the ice.
Attempting to make this fun and humorous
with the things they can do in the image to
attract different types of audiences.

I like how in this image they have a horse in a

race with its jockey and they have taken this
image from a birds-eye view showing the
shadow of the horse on the floor too.

I like how in this image they have the

olympic circles and a great British flag with
water on it on one side and then you see on
the other side that there are flames going

I like how in this image they have caught Usain

Bolt the Olympic runner in the middle of his run
around a track in the race in the Olympics in

I like how in this image they have taken the

photograph from behind the goal watching as
a team kicks the ball and aims it for the goal
and scores in the end of it all and you can see
the players that are celebrating the goal.