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The Rothenburg Girls

Berlin 1939

Report written and submitted

by Jan Wilson

Agent Wilson can be contacted via dead letter

box in Berlin or through her secure codename or hidden
transmitter/receiver: 818-522-6191

Summary of Report:
Berlin, Germany, 1939. On the brink of war.
Top S.S. Officer Reinhard Heydrich summoned one of his S.S. officers, Walter
Schellenberg, to his office and ordered him to spearhead one of the most bizarre
and lurid operations in World War II: Operation Salon Kitty.
Schellenberg was to find an existing brothel in Berlin and staff it with
prostitutes who had been trained as spies. The intent was to send visiting
foreign dignitaries and German allies there in an attempt to listen in on their
assignations with the women and glean any secret information they might be
withholding from Hitler.
Schellenberg decided that using an existing brothel would be easier than
starting one from scratch. They focused on madame Kitty Schmidts Salon which
had a classy reputation. Kitty wanted nothing to do with it and decided to flee
to England where she had been illegally transferring funds. The Nazis let her
run so they could catch her illegally crossing the border, carrying foreign
currency and forged documents. They now offered her two choices: run their
spy-brothel or go to a concentration camp. Easy choice.
Finding suitable female operatives was more difficult. Kittys existing
prostitutes were not suitable as spies, so Schellenberg set out on a bizarre task:
finding 16 women who were intelligent, attractive, spoke foreign languages,
were loyal to the party and wouldnt mind literally prostituting themselves for
their country. They would be trained in politics, recognizing ranks/uniforms,
all forms of espionage, but also were trained in seduction and sexual
techniques best used to persuade the men to divulge confidential information
during the throes of passion. This month-long training course was surely four
of the strangest weeks in the womens lives.
And in an amazing technological feat for the time, the entire brothel unknown
to madame Kitty or the spy girls was bugged and S.S. officers were stationed at
monitoring desks 24/7 in the basement recording every word on wax disks.

Salon Kitty at 11 Giesebrechtstrasse, Berlin

Key Personnel
Name: Walter Schellenberg
Rank: S.S. Obersturmfhrer
Task: He spearheads Operation Salon Kitty,
including finding female agents and securing a
brothel that will serve as intelligence clearing
house. Overseeing training of female operatives
and running of brothel.
Assets: Loyal to SS, organized, intelligent,
strong moral center.
Weaknesses: Overarching kindness may inhibit him from being as strict
as needed with prostitute/spy girls.
Notes: Increasingly appalled by his fellow S.S. officers ends up
going behind Hitlers back to try to negotiate a secret peace agreement
with Britain.

Name: Kitty Schmidt

Occupation: Madame of brothel at 11 Giesebrechtstrasse,
Assets: Excellent reputation among men of Berlin,
known for discretion. Keeps her brothel upscale; it will
appeal to foreign dignitaries. Healthy fear of Gestapo
will keep her in line.
Weaknesses: Strong ties with England; still a potential
flight risk.
Notes: After initial briefing about Operation Kitty Salon she tried to
flee, was caught. Threats of concentration camp confinement has made
her very agreeable to whatever the S.S. suggests.
r attempt
n ticket from he
h border.!
Arrested on Dutc

Name: Reinhard Heydrich a.k.a. The Butcher of Prague.

Rank: SS-Gruppenfhrer, Director of the Security Office.
Answers only to Hitler, Himmler & Goering.
Task: Mastermind behind Operation Salon Kitty;
put Schellenberg under him to do his bidding.
Uses intel gathered at Salon Kitty to trap his
own colleagues, thereby furthering his own
career instead of for the good of the nation. He is
Walter Schellenbergs direct boss.
Assets: Extremely intelligent and ambitious.
Weaknesses: No guilt or remorse, highly sociopathic.
Loves to engage in cat-and-mouse games with Schellenberg, toys with his
underlings. Insatiable need for sex is his main vulnerability -- was
dishonorably discharged from German Navy for numerous affairs and
conduct unbecoming to an officer.
Warning: HIGHLY DANGEROUS. Considered the architect of the Holocaust.
Hitler called him the man with the iron heart.
Name: Krista
Occupation: prostitute at Kitty Schmidts brothel. Not one
of the operatives, but one of Kittys existing girls.
Assets: Sweet, bright, humble.
Weaknesses: Emotional. Easily manipulated.
Notes: Have ascertained that she is probably Kittys daughter!
This information can be used to keep Kitty in line.
Name: Count Galeazzo Ciano
Occupation: Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Assets: Seems amenable to signing pact with Hitler that
will strengthen Germany and Italys stance in war.
Weaknesses: Very loose tongue when plied with alcohol
and women, makes him an excellent source of information.
Notes: Intel gathered at Salon Kitty showed that behind closed doors he
called Hitler two-faced, confided in girl that he was disenchanted with
Nazi Germany. Result: Hitlers relations with Italy has cooled; Hitler
is now withholding Italys fair share of spoils of war.

Name: Lina Heydrich wife of Reinhard Heydrich

Assets: Intelligent, charming, cultured, social climber.
Weaknesses: Vindictive, cool.
Notes: Aware of her husbands many affairs. Flirts
with Schellenberg and forces him to socialize with her
in order to make husband jealous. Puts Schellenberg
in a very awkward and dangerous position.

Name: Lljubo Kolchev

Occupation: Press attach at Romanian
Assets: Quiet, friendly, unassuming.


Weaknesses: Spends all time and money at

Salon Kitty.

Notes: Harmless, frequent visitor to Salon Kitty. Have gathered only

minimal intel from this Romanian. Low importance.

British spy! Real name is ROGER WILSON. Arrest and detain

immediately! Bring to Gruppenfhrer Heydrichs office upon
capture! Use all intensive interrogation techniques on Wilson.!
The British may have tapped into our monitoring lines and overheard
all of our intel! !
Interrogate all of the girls that he was with determine why they
were not able to detect his false persona. They have failed and
there will be repercussions. !

Copy of circular given to 22 top S.S. officers in initial attempt to recruit

women for this operation.

Top level security clearance.

November 16, 1939
Please refer to Obersturmfhrer Schellenberg any
German women who meet the following criteria and
would be honored to serve The Fhrer and their

An attractive appearance
A knowledge of foreign languages
Faith in National Socialism
A liking for male company

to r
. !
table t
down to


Rothenburg Girls

These are the 16 women chosen to be trained as spies. All highly

intelligent, speak at least one foreign language, are either
knowledgeable about foreign affairs and politics or can be taught. All
are willing to use their newly found skills for the good of their country.
And most importantly, all of them have a dangerous blemish on their
record which makes them willing to cooperate with the Gestapo in Operation
Salon Kitty.
SECRET PHRASE: When unsuspecting foreign dignitaries are sent to Kittys
place they are told that if they use the code phrase I come from
Rothenburg they will get the best girls, the best liquor, the best
treatment. In actual fact, I come from Rothenburg is the code phrase
that alerts Kitty to give the clients one of the operative agents, a.k.a. a
Rothenburg girl.
Madame Kitty shows clients an album of girls and they choose who they
like. Girls true dossier kept at Gestapo offices at Prinz Albrectstrasse.

Walter Schellenberg oversaw the intensive four-week
training courses the Rothenburg girls had to endure.
Foreign Policy and Global Politics
Recognizing Foreign Military Rank & Insignias
Alluring Hair Styles and Makeup
Refresher Class in Foreign Languages
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Sexual Techniques To Elicit Compliance in Men
European Geography Global Position of Allies
Elocution and Movement The Art of Seduction

monit Schellenbe
Salon g

Monitoring Salon Kitty

ONLY Schellenberg, his boss Heydrich, the
listeners in the basement of Salon Kitty and
a handful of engineers/installers know that
the brothel is bugged.

Schellenberg had the facility closed for

three days for remodeling. Top engineers
installed cable and microphones in each room,
carefully hidden inside the walls, behind the
wallpaper. All cables were run down to a hidden
monitoring station in the basement which is manned 24/7.
None of the girls or even Kitty know the rooms are bugged. The girls
are under the impression that their written reports are the only way
information will be transmitted.
As a way to test the loyalty of the girls, their written reports are
compared to the audio recordings. If there is even the slightest
discrepancy the girls will be severely punished. This will be
considered treason.
POSSIBLE PROBLEMS: The men posted in the basement in the secure
monitoring station may become overly attached to the girls due to
listening to their every moment, their every word, particularly during
their more sensual moments. But under no circumstances are the men to
have contact with the girls.

Techniques and Equipment

for Espionage

Decoys worn over shoes

disguises military treads as
bare footprints of locals.

Clothesline message safe

method of communication.
Items hung on line in open
view are: handkerchief,
eiderdown, lace, pants, first
letters spell HELP. Agent in
distress can ask for
assistance from his contact
without fear of anyone else
seeing his message.

Dead Letter Box still the

most effective way for spy to
communicate with contact.
Predetermined public site for
drop-off and pick up of
messages or items.

Simple way of carrying messages, but

hard to explain if caught.

Must use extreme caution

make sure there are no eyes
watching you.

Sex, spies, traitors, prostitutes, Nazis...
These are just a sample of the many interesting
episodes that issue from Salon Kitty.
Report 1: Kitty Schmidt has been made an offer by S.S. officer Walter
Schellenberg: let the S.S. infiltrate her brothel and they will look the
other way and let her keep running the brothel with her existing girls.
Not wanting the S.S. in her life, she at first politely declines. But its
soon clear that it is an offer she cannot and should not refuse. She tries
to flee the country, is caught crossing the border. At his boss Reinhard
Heydrichs insistence, Schellenberg throws Kitty into a dungeon cell at
Gestapo headquarters for two weeks. After this she realizes that she must
hand her brothel and her life to the Nazis now in power. If she breathes
even one word of this plot to anyone she will be thrown into a
concentration camp. She offers her brothel to the S.S. and Operation Salon
Kitty begins. Unknown to Kitty, Walter Schellenberg respects and likes
Kitty and wrestled with feelings of intense guilt while holding her
hostage in concentration camp-like conditions. He had secretly instructed
the guards to go easy on her and sneaked cigarettes and brandy to her.
Report 2: Intensive training begins. Sixteen women have been chosen by
the S.S. to be top secret operatives for Operation Salon Kitty. They have
been chosen from a pool of 50 street prostitutes rounded up by the vice
squad. All of them have offences on their records which puts them at the
mercy of the S.S. Though most seem enthusiastic to help their country,
others are doing it against their will. Even Schellenberg himself is
flustered and a bit embarrassed by the classes the girls must take. Some
classes are a cross between Basic Espionage 101 and the Kama Sutra. These
operatives are referred to as Rothenburg girls, named so because the code
phrase I come from Rothenburg that the S.S. has instructed visiting
dignitaries to use when going to the brothel. Meanwhile, remodeling on
the third floor brothel has begun German engineers wire the entire
brothel, every nook and cranny is bugged, unbeknownst to Kitty and any of
the girls. Even the Rothenburg girls dont know they are being recorded.
Report 3: Kittys existing prostitutes, the regular girls who are still at
the brothel are unaware of who the Rothenburg Girls are and why theyre
there. There are immediate clashes. The regular girls are jealous that
the new Rothenburg girls are getting the best customers. Petty jealousies
and plots against each other arise. Why do the Rothenburg girls get all
the high-level diplomats while the regular girls get nice but low-level
customers like the Romanian Kolchev who works at the embassy? Some of the
regular girls, Krista for example, are good-natured and decent, others are
vindictive and manipulative. A hearty mix of different types. Even the
S.S. men do not like dealing with a group of pissed off women!

Report 4: Schellenbergs boss, Gruppenfhrer Reinhard Heydrich answers

only to Hitler, Himmler and Goering. It is immediately clear that it is
Heydrich, and not Hitler, who instigated and orchestrated the Holocaust.
Obsessed with sex, the whole Operation Kitty Salon was his idea, and he
stops by the brothel occasionally to inspect the facilities. Of course,
each inspection takes a few hours and he insists that all monitoring
devices be turned off while he is there inspecting one of the girls
room with her. In addition to these visits the cool and cruelly
sociopath Heydrich loves to bait Schellenberg into cat-and-mouse games
and watch Schellenberg sweat. Heydrichs wife, Lina, is cultured and
loves to discuss art and music. Since Heydrich himself is uninterested
in such things, Lina turns to Schellenberg to fulfill her need for
socializing since he too loves these things. This of course gives
Heydrich the opportunity to accuse Schellenberg of having an affair
with Lina, and baits him into horribly uncomfortably social outings.
Schellenberg is trapped between being Heydrichs mental cat toy and
Lina trying to make her cheating husband jealous. Schellenberg must
always try and stay one step ahead of his monstrously cruel boss.
Report 5: The Listeners the men stationed in the secret monitoring
station in the basement of the building listen to the comings and goings
of all the girls and their customers. They record all visits on wax
disks. They are fiercely warned they must never ever contact any of
the girls or staff of Salon Kitty. However, after listening day in and
day out to the girls some of the men are prone to develop feelings for
them. Protective feelings, warm feelings, even falling in love with one
of them. One Listener has fallen for one of the girls, even though hes
never seen her face or met her. He knows she has been leaving details
out of her written reports to S.S. this is considered treason. Out of
kindness she chose to omit from her report a seemingly unimportant
comment one of her kinder customers made. She does not know that her
written reports are being compared to the recordings being made. She is
in great danger now because of her kindness. One day in a caf the
Listener hears a voice order a coffee and instantly recognizes her. Dare
he risk his life by contacting her to warn her?
Report 6: Schellenberg visits the salon for an inspection. He and Kitty
do their preliminary polite chat, though its clear that Kitty is still
very intimidated, perhaps downright terrified, of Schellenberg. Though
pleasant enough in person, he holds tremendous control over her and her
future. Their chat is cut short however when the air raid sounds. They
rush to the bomb shelter in the cellar of the building, with
Schellenberg thinking quickly and grabbing two bottles of champagne
first. Schellenberg and Kitty are forced to spend hours alone together
they cannot leave the bomb shelter until the all clear siren sounds.
Aided by the champagne, these two open up to each other and get to know
each other a little better.

Report 7: A young man appears at the salon, and after issuing the code
phrase I come from Rothenburg Kitty follows the procedure and gives
this innocent young man the best liquor, the best service, the best girls.
After several hours of attention lavished on him the Rothenburg girl
files her report she got absolutely no information from him, he seems
nave and isnt even in the military. She did her best but,
frustratingly, gathered no intel whatsoever. After some investigation,
the S.S. officers ascertained the reason why: he was not a foreign
dignitary nor an important German officer he was simply an innocent
young man who was actually from the town of Rothenburg. An amusing,
yet time-consuming and expensive coincidence.
Report 8: It turns out that Krista, one of the regular girls, is actually
Kittys daughter. She has hidden her in plain sight. Kitty insisted
that she and Krista never admit they are related, never speak about it.
Kitty hopes to help Krista flee to England where Kitty has illegally
sent money for years. Kitty can never leave Germany, but theres hope
for her daughter. If the S.S. discover Kristas true identity they will
never let her leave, and will possibly use this information against
Kitty and Krista. But one of the other girls has learned the truth and
intends to use this information for her own gain.
Report 9: One of the regular girls gets a crush on Walter she has no
idea why hes there other than assuming hes a customer. Hes obviously
an important man, and hes handsome and charming. After being married
for so long and becoming a piece of furniture to his wife, its very
tempting for him to be seen as a strong, important, dashing officer to
this young girl. And at Heydrichs office his rival in another Gestapo
department, Wilhelm Canaris, is doing his best to climb over him to get
in Hitlers good graces. Instead of annihilating him in typical
Heydrich fashion, Heydrich gives him a wide berth and bows to his
wishes. Why? Rumor has it that Canaris whose job it is to investigate
peoples backgrounds has discovered that Heydrich, architect of the
Holocaust, has Jewish ancestry.
Report 10: One of the Rothenburg girls has a frequent visitor, Lljubo
Kolchev from the Romanian embassy. He has grown fond of her, and
finally warns her that she should make sure her written report exactly
jives with the truth because all of the rooms are bugged. How does he
know? She is shocked, but believes him. But rather than share this
information she uses it to sabotage other rival girls. And it turns out
that Kolchev is actually a British spy! The British have tapped into the
Salon Kitty lines and are spying on the Listeners in the basement who
are spying on the foreign dignitaries. His cover is blown and he is
eventually captured by the Nazis. Heydrich approves of intensive
interrogation techniques, a.k.a. torture, to get information out of him.

Report 11: Ciano, the Italian Foreign Minister visits Salon Kitty. He is
in Berlin to meet with Hitler to discuss whether or not they will be
comrades in the war, and how the spoils of war will be divvied up
between Italy and Germany. The meeting goes well. However, at Salon
Kitty one of the Rothenburg girls expertly plies him with champagne and
attention and gets him to speak freely. He calls Hitler two-faced and
confides to her that he is disenchanted with the Nazis. She dutifully
reports this and (in a shockingly pouty adolescent manner) Hitler gets
his feelings hurt and refuses to hold up his end of the deal, cutting
down Italys share of the profits of war to much less than they agreed
upon. Sweet nothings whispered at Salon Kitty change global policy!
And British spy Roger Wilson, alias Kolchev, is transferred to a
concentration camp after being interrogated and tortured.
Report 12: As the war rages on, Schellenberg increasingly feels that
everything the Nazis are doing is not right, they will not win, and he
wants to stop the war. Schellenberg risks his life by going behind
Hitlers back and tries to negotiate a secret peace treaty with England.
The English tell him that if he can convince someone, anyone (even
Himmler!) to take over Hitlers position then they can come to some
peaceful arrangement. Heydrich, now known as The Butcher of Prague due
to his endless slaughtering, has been sent into Czechoslovakia. Two
Czechs in hiding from the now-exiled Czech government are trained by
the British Special Operations Executive to find and assassinate
Heydrich. They ambush his open-top car and throw a bomb at him. He is
badly wounded, but not dead. Unbelievably, instead of running from his
would-be assassins this megalomaniac leaps out of the car and proceeds to
chase them on foot! But he succumbs to his injuries and nobody, not even
his fellow Nazi officers, is sorry when he dies painfully and alone.
Back in Berlin, as Salon Kitty is in full swing with customers and girls
in every room, champagne flowing, secrets spilling, lovers meeting, girls
plotting, there is an air raid. There is a direct hit on Salon Kitty! Who
survives? Will the bugging devices be discovered in the rubble? What
will become of the girls and Kitty?

Brandenburg Gate!

Wartime Berlin!

Heydrichs offices!
bomb shelter!

Banning Jewish

Kranzlers Restaurant
popular meeting place !
for Gestapo officers !
and Berliners alike.!