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by KYRRE GORVELL-DAHLL for Published Under License From Sony/ATV Music Publishing 2015 Sony’ATY Music Publishing (UK) Lid AIT RightsReserved Authorized for use by NOTICE: Purchasers of this musical file are entitled to use i for ther personal enjoyment and musical flillment. However, any duplication, sdaptation, aranging and/or transmission of this copyrighted music requires the writen consent ofthe ‘copyright owner(s) and of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Unauthorized uses are ingfingerents ofthe copyright laws ofthe United States and other counties and may subject the user to civil andor criminal penalties § hupy/ Piano Jam Music by Kyrre Garvell-Dahi Am os © F G am Dm GB Am F G Am Am on © F G am Dm G am F 6 Am e r oo t r os msepotes om (205 conga Ty tert (U0 Li Authorized for use by Dm oR Am F G cs i Am GB cS FOG Am Dm GiB Am FOG Am Am GB cs F G Am Dm G Am 6 cmai7 W) Authorized for use by