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Maria Carmen P.

Lambuson, MD
Room 504 5F Medical Arts Building
Medical Center Muntinlupa
Putatan, Muntinlupa City

06 October 2015
Please admit ERNESTO MALABANAN to TAOH-MHF under my
Please secure consent
To Isolation Room until further orders or until sputum exam
shows negative findings
Diet: Low salt, low fat until seen by Dr. Leomo for proper diet
Please provide small white board & pen for patient
Diagnostics: All were done at the Asian Hospital and Medical
Center, just include in chart the laboratory results
Therapeutics: continue medications as previously ordered by
previous attending physicians from AHMC
Weigh patient weekly and chart please
Strict suicidal & homicidal precautions
Please advise medical staff and other patients to stay away
from patient until cleared
Refer accordingly
Maria Carmen P. Lambuson, MD
06-Oct-15 22:58:29

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