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CRIME REDUCTION IN PHILLIPS CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND COMMUNITY PARTNERS When: Wednesday ~ March 17, 2010 Time: 5:30 PM Where: Franklin Safety Center 1201 E. Franklin (in the mall east of Maria‘s Café) AGENDA 1. Welcome and Introductions 2. Meeting purpose: Update on progress in focus area of Greater Phillips 3. Who: Community and Criminal Justice partners: Block Club members and residents, Asst. County Attorney, Asst City Attorney, Hennepin County Probation, Park Police, MPD 3 Precinct, Community Resource people. 4, Focus area: Our current focus covers the area from Portland to Elliot & from E 18" St. to E 24" St. Re: maps with this flyer ap 5. Update: * CPS, nature of complaints and crime. What has been done to address it? CRT Lt, what the Community Response team has done Problem Properties report, Sector Lt. and CPS Court follow-up, Asst City Atty. Asst County Atty. Probation follow-up 6. How can residents and the business community work with the police department to address the issues of concern in the targeted area. 7. Additional resident input 8. Where do we go from here * Continued work in the area * Choose next area of focus + Review this process and meeting Questions contact: CPS Don Greeley at 673-3482 or email to donald.greeley@ci, 9-120 GdWse FLL osiy:a yon ) (L) your anyeoxon @ * 5 (2) fucave Avepung 99 won @ > 5 2 2 z 3 edeu coun @ swoisag, syodeaunyy 30 £4 42: CufewiLotering is Runaways Tolat-60 1.604 PSMPD