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Unit 1: New France Individual Assignments

Choose a total of 3 assignments, one from each column. Please note that if you choose assignments 2 and 3 under the
Vocabulary section, the highest grade that you can receive is a Level 3.


Charts & Diagrams


Assignment 1
The Founders of New France
Choose two founders of New
France and research them. Write
a one-page summary describing
why each of these people
deserves to be called a founder
of New France.
Postage Stamp
Choose an important historical
figure from Unit 1 and read the
relevant parts of the textbook
and other resources. Create a
postage stamp to honour this
persons role in history. Your
stamp must be accompanied by
a paragraph explaining why this
person is worthy of having their
own stamp.
Map of New France
Create a map of New France.
Your map should have important
places clearly marked, along
with a list describing why each
one was important.
Level 3: 8 different locations
Level 4: 15 different locations

Government Tree
Create a diagram to show how
the government of New France
was organized. For each
position, give an example of

Assignment 2
A Day in the Life
Write five diary entries that
describe the daily life of a
Habitant in New France. Include
details about their home,
lifestyle, work, and recreation.
The five entries do NOT have to
be consecutive days.
Through the Seasons
Create a series of labeled,
coloured illustrations to show
how the lives of the habitants
adapted to respond to the
changing seasons.

Assignment 3
Do you think the Acadians
deserved the punishment of
expulsion? Write a letter
explaining your opinion.

Develop an illustrated timeline to
record the events that led to the
settling of New France, ending
with the creation of the Hudsons
Bay Company.
Level 3: 8 different events
Level 4: 15 different events

Battle of Quebec
Create a large map showing the
Battle of Quebec. Must include:
steep cliffs west of Quebec,
where British climbed the cliffs,
open field of battle, location of
British cannons, location of
reserve French troupes. Use your
map to describe the battle to
the class.
Crossword Puzzle
Create a crossword puzzle with
at least 14 important terms from
Unit 1. Your definitions must be
written in your own words.

Vocabulary Cards
Choose three words from each
chapter review for this unit.
Create flashcards with definitions
and practice them with a buddy.

Fortress of Louisbourg
Research the fortress of
Louisbourg and create a detailed
illustration or model with written
explanation. Include reasons for
its location, details of its
construction, and its military and
trade functions.

someone who had that job and a

few key facts about them.

You will need to pass an oral test.

Level 3

Level 3

Steps to Assignment Completion

1. Read the requirements of the assignment. Make sure you understand what is being
asked of you. Ask questions to make sure you know what to do before you start!
2. Find and read the appropriate section(s) of the textbook. Consult other resources.
3. Make notes about the topic in your own words using an appropriate organizer (chart,
web, etc.)
4. Create a rough draft. Edit and revise. Does your product demonstrate how much you
know about this topic?
5. Create a good copy. Take your time to present something that you are proud of.
You will be evaluated on:

Neatness and presentation

Amount and accuracy of facts and details
Grammar and spelling
Depth of understanding