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Aaron Peter Northmore

Term Time Address

21 Tower Street
CF37 1NR

Home Address
20 College Avenue
PL19 0HU

Tele: 07920 134319

Personal Email:
Work Email:
Date of Birth: 11/11/1994
I am a self-motivated, hardworking and enthusiastic second year student, studying BA (Hons)
Sports Development at the University of South Wales; looking to gain experience related to my
area of study. I take great pride in all aspects of my work and I am passionate about continuing
my personal development to provide greater success to your organisation.
Despite having been in full time education I have successfully held working positions for the past
5 years. I am able to provide excellent references to prove I am able to successfully work with
both adults and young people within a variety of environments. I feel I am a strong team player
who can also work alone using my own initiative. I am contentious, honest and reliable.

Engaging young people to participate fully in their education, through mentoring and
pastoral support.
Coaching the College football team, and supporting them whilst on an International tour.

Becoming a Sports Ambassador and holding a place on the Sports Council.

Becoming Sport Development course representative for the University of South Wales.

Being selected as a Student Ambassador for the University of South Wales.

Gaining Delivery Officer role within Active Valleys organisation.

Project Leading Sport RCTs More-Able and Talented Programme.

Delivery Leader, More- Able and Talented Programme, Sport RCT.
March 2015
Create a voluntary workforce who will complete the testing procedure.
Organise and book training events (organisation of physical and human resources).
Contact schools to arrange testing schedule.
Management of budgets and finances.
Ensure fair testing occurs and strong relationships are maintained between Sport RCT
and the schools.
Delivery Officer, Active Valleys, Student Enterprise, University of South Wales

Create and Organise sports related projects.

Communicate effectively with external sources to produce partnerships.

To contact schools, local authorities, appropriate personal to allow effective planning to

Managing budgets for events.

Volunteer Street Games Worker, Street Games through University of South Wales Work
Based Learning Module, Lansbury Park
Increase participation within the Lansbury Park project; delivering a wide variety of sports
and engaging with participants aged 11 and above.
Session attendance increased from zero to 16 within eight weeks; now a strong
participant foundation has been developed.
Volunteered within Street Games community projects such as Multi-Sports Festivals and
Football tournaments.
Communicate with the local youth centre to ensure a secure facility was provided.
Voluntary Tennis Development Officer, Sport RCT/ Llantrisant Tennis Club

April 2015
Create a Teen Tennis competition structure which will be delivered during school lunches.
Liaise with 5x60 officers to organise allocated time slots for delivery.
Work alongside Llantrisant Tennis Club as this program acts as a pathway into their
competitive Tennis Club.
To act as a point of contact between Sport RCT, Llantrisant Tennis Club and 5x60 officers.

Voluntary Sport Development related work, University of South Wales, Treforest,


Producing and delivering sporting competitions to peers as part of University


Voluntary assistance in local schools competitions prepared by Sport Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Course Representative. This position involves my effective communication between

peers and senior members of staff. I am required to raise issues and relay decisions in a
way that will promote the smooth operation of the sporting sector of the University.
Student Ambassador contributing towards the successful promotion of the University.
This involves communicating with potential students and their parents to provide the
crucial information required to make their choices for their future education.

The roles of both Course Representative and Student Ambassador have been achieved in both
my first and second year of University which expresses my reliability, mature manner,
professional attitude and strong communication skills.
Voluntary Physical Education Assistant, Tavistock College, Crowndale Road, Tavistock,
September 2011 August 2013

Volunteer Physical Education Assistant responsible for helping to engage the students in
a variety of sporting activities.

Producing teaching plans which have been followed through in my practical teaching.

Assisting in whole school events such as Sports day and swimming Galas.

Baker, The Original Pasty House, Tavistock, Devon

December 2009 August 2015

Responsible for baking all produce during shift, deciding on levels of stock

Food handling and preparation, dealing with customers, taking money

Shop opening and closing down responsibilities


Training new staff


University of South Wales, Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taf, CF37 1DL
BA (Hons) Sports Development, Academic Year One- PASS
BA (Hons) Sports Development, Academic Year Two- PASS- Grades may be requested.
Tavistock College, Crowndale Road, Tavistock, Devon. PL19 0JL
6th Form September 2011-August 2013
A Level Leisure Studies
A Level Sports Studies
A Level Biology
Tavistock College, Crowndale Road, Tavistock, Devon. PL19 0JL
September 2006 August 2011
Design Technology GCSE
Religious Studies GCSE
Mathematics GCSE
English Language GCSE
English Literature GCSE
Physical Education GCSE
Chemistry GCSE
Spanish GCSE
Biology GCSE
Physics GCSE

Level 1 Junior Sports Leadership Award

First Aid
Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership
1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in The Principles and Preparations of Coaching Sport (QCF)
1st4sport Level 2 Award in Multi- Skills Development in Sport (QCF)
Lawn Tennis Association, Tennis Leader qualification in Introduction to Tennis and
Helping at your school modules.


IT skills: Experience in using Microsoft Office, including; Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Leadership: Experience coaching and mentoring young people.

Assisting in PE Faculty.

Team work playing sports.

Organisation and planning.

Communicating effectively with members of society and key sporting partners.

Managing budgets for Local Authority programmes.

Project leading; organising volunteers, communicating with school, analysing quantitative

data, and report writing.

Independently seeking to progress career development through undertaking voluntary

placements within sporting bodies.

My life revolves around sport; from a young age sport has been my main interest whether that be
through spectating, participating or coaching. Since attending university I have found Sports
Development to be my main passion as this allows me to express my organistional skills through
a sporting context with an overall aim to increase participation levels of physical activity. My
aspiration for life is to be influential to others by providing sporting opportunities to all as well as
assisting sporting development through sporting pathways. I am a very outgoing person who
enjoys from a challenge; I also enjoy learning and developing my own skills to benefit others. Due
to my previous experiences performing at a high level in team games I am a good communicator
and work well as part of a team. I have been captain of the majority of my sports teams as I am a
natural leader and motivator. Furthermore, since attending university I have developed the
essential skills required for all Sports Development Officer jobs; these have been included above.
I have also become very passionate about my own career development and have taken it upon
myself to work alongside sporting bodies to improve my performance. University has increased
my knowledge and understanding of the sports industry, specifically across Wales, as well as
improved my communication skills and also allowed me to lead on many projects due to my high
levels of organisation and punctuality. As mentioned above my career objective is to provide
sporting opportunities accessible to all, as I believe sport and physical activity can be a vehicle for
improving peoples lifestyles.