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Earths Layers Study Guide

The test will be fill in the blank, true/false, label a

diagram, read a map

1) Crust-outermost layer (where all living things live)


Thinnest layer
Easily cracked and broken
Divided into continental and oceanic layers
Coolest part of the Earth

2)Mantle- layer below crust (thickest)

a) Stores the most heat
b)Solid and flexible (think plastic)
c) Where convection currents circulate

3)Outer core- moves like liquid

4)Inner core- center of the Earth
a) Hottest part of Earth
b)Composed of mainly iron

Map vocabulary
a) Latitude- lines running east-west also called parallel
measured in North and South Degrees (30 N)

b)Longitude- lines running north south measured in

East and West degrees. (30 East)
c) Prime Meridian- 0 longitude
d)Equator- invisible line through the center of the Globe
at 0