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Academic Success:
This is a great website where students and parents can receive help with math and language arts
skills. There is a small fee of $9.95 per month if students want to practice and excel on skills
in math and language arts. There are lots of resources and practice areas for any skill one may be
lacking in.

Khan Academy
This is an awesome site that covers just about anything one could be looking for. There are short
videos to take one through the step by step process to solve many academic problems. Math,
science, economics and finance, arts and humanities, computing and test prep are all areas one
can search for assistance. There is also information regarding the partners that help with this
site. I love this site for the simple fact that there are many videos to go along with a skill.
Parents can utilize this resource to help their student be successful on homework if the content
seems to be different than what they remember as a student.
For free, parents, students, and teachers can interact with access to over 30 units and 200 topics,
discover map and search! This site provides access to lots of different information in science
and social studies. If parents and students want access to further information, they can choose to
upgrade their account for different prices depending on what they are needing.
This website provides free math worksheets that have an answer key to follow. This is a great
resource for extra practice. Teachers, students, and parents can all use this site to work on math
skills that one is struggling with. Many grade levels as well as math topics are covered on these
worksheets. I love this site because the answers are provided. This helps parents and students to
check the work to be sure they are practicing the content correctly.
This site is interesting because it provides different activities and contests for students. There is
also a cartoon studio where students can create their very own cartoon. This site can be used as a
technology connection for student projects. There are lots of games as well that cover different
skills students need to work on.

Career Success:
Students participate in grade level activities on this site during school hours while I help them
establish some goals and find out what career would be an appropriate choice in the future.
Students make goals to complete in high school as well as plan for college. There are tools to
help students plan for financial aid, so they can be successful in completing their goals. As
students go through this process, a portfolio is created, so parents and others can access what the
student has done so far.
This site is based on Carl Jungs and Isabel Briggs Myers typological approach to personality.
After completing a questionnaire, students will obtain a 4-letter type formula according to Carl

Jungs and Isabel Briggs Myers typology, along with the strengths of preferences and the
description of personality type, discover careers and occupations most suitable for your
personality type along with examples of educational institutions where you can get a relevant
degree or training, and understand communication style of your type.
This is an awesome site for students to easily navigate and learn about themselves in preparing to
make career decisions. This site also allows counselors, parents, and students to collect
important documents for students career choices and keep them in one place. A counselor can
use this site to help students write resumes, and cover letters as well as make a portfolio.
Students can take a few short, easy assessments to find out how their interests and values
coordinate with a career. They can then take their results and find out what it will take to
actually get into one of these careers.
This website utilizes Myers Briggs personality type test. There is a cognitive style inventory to
assist in verifying your Myers Briggs personality type score. This allows students, teachers and
counselors to understand student personalities and help assist them to a career pathway in which
they will be successful.
Colorado Workforce Center
Elinore Brown-Youth Employment Intern
Eastern Workforce Region
426 Ensign Street
Ft. Morgan, CO 80701
Fax: 970-867-0226
The workforce center will help youth and others seeking employment.
Social Development Success:
This site is filled with many articles, books, audio/video resources for parents with students of all
ages. I would use this site to provide parents with specific resources or articles to read on
content our students were studying. For example, I found a wonderful article on 10 ways to
Empower Your Child against Bullying. I think many parents could find some valuable
information on this site.
I found this specific article from Huffington Post to be a link I would pass on to parents, teachers
and students. It discusses the difference between people or students who are Rude vs Mean vs
Bullying. There needs to be more education on bullying for not only students, but for parents as
well. Providing articles such as this one to parents might help educate them on bullying as well
which in turn helps our community.
This site is designed for parents, kids, and teens. There is knowledge, advice and comfort for
parents. For kids there is homework help and how the body works, and for teens, there is
answers, advice, and straight talk. I too found this article attached for parents on bullyproofing their child. The site also provides a Spanish link for Spanish speakers.
This site provides parents opportunities to involve their girl and now boys in prevention and
enrichment program designed to engage girls and boys in activities that develop their socialemotional skills with communication, leadership, critical thinking, assertiveness and refusal
skills, anti-bullying, healthy decision making, and smart media usage. Schools are beginning to

implement this curriculum program into their schools. Our school happens to be one of the main
implementers that host many after school sessions for boys and girls.
Window of Hope Counseling Center: Mental and Behavioral Health Services
Katherine Anderson or Cecile Marquez
324 E. Railroad Ave. #400
Ft. Morgan, CO 80701
Kat: 970-673-0831
Cecile: 970-458-5124
Window of Hope Counseling Center provides individual counseling, couples counseling, family
counseling, and child and adolescent counseling. Cecile is also a Child and Family investigator
for the State of Colorado that can make recommendations to the court systems to determine the
most appropriate parenting plans for parents that struggle to reach an agreement on their own.

Special Needs Success:

Centennial Mental Health
625 W. Platte Ave.
Ft. Morgan, CO 80701
Centennial Mental Health provides counseling services for youth and adults regarding personal
success, mental success, and parental guidance with struggling youth. We offer services that
can help, without regard to age or income.
This site provides information about disabilities and special needs. Parents might want to
investigate information about what their child has been diagnosed with or might be diagnosed
with. This site mainly provides information around Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

This was a fabulous article explaining the understanding of cutting and self-harm. Many links
and tabs are provided to help parents, teachers, and counselors understand cutting and self-harm
as well as seeing the signs and symptoms that come with cutting and self-harm. There are
coping techniques, how to find professional treatment, as well as helping a loved one.
References and resources are provided to help anyone in need.
This article provides students, parents, teachers, and counselors some test taking tips. A few
questions are asked and some strategies are provided to help students be successful on taking
This site is focused on drug prevention. There are many resources for kids as well as teens and
adults. There are lessons that are taught with an overview of what will take place. Parents and
students can schedule an appointment to meet with someone and or join the online classes. I can
see this being a beneficial resource for counselors to gain more information to share and or teach
to their school upon completing the courses. There are lessons for different grade levels which is
also helpful for those working with different grade levels.
This site provides lessons for Red Ribbon Week. I can see teachers and counselors using this site
as a resource for planning and conducting lessons on drug prevention.
This site is Suicide Prevention Resource Center for Colorado. This is another great resource for
parents, students, and counselors to gain information about resources around suicide prevention.

There are specific links for who is served and specific information for getting in contact with
organizations to help.
This site is an interactive site featuring a collection of original, fairytale and classic childrens
audio stories. Follow along as the story is read to you. I love this site for the fact that it is
English Language Learner friendly. Being able to hear the stories can be helpful to a student
beginning to learn English. I also like this site for the fact that some students are successful
when listening to content. This would help all students struggling with reading in general.
This site was great! It gave quite a list of test preparation tips. Students, parents, teachers and
the counselor could all find great resources and tips on helping students to prepare and be relaxed
before taking a test.
This site is the U.S. Department of Education site where there are lots of different links to
understand laws with special needs as well as information on many different needs. This is a
great site because it provides links to other sites that provide support for many special programs.
This would be a great resource for parents to use when they dont understand their rights and or
need to be in contact with other resources.


Colorado School Counselor Association provides information to school counselors to better their
school model. There are events and conferences school counselors can attend that will provide
them with many new strategies to use in their schools.
American School Counselor Association provides school counselors with support and ideas to
use in their school model. There are tools for administrators, parents, and the public as well.
This link provides information on a club our school has. Watch Dogs are dads who are dedicated
to making our school a better place. Dads come in as role models for our students as well as
being active in helping students make right choices and be successful in the academic world.