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Native American Tribal Project

What: Students will conduct a thorough research on one tribe from one of the regions
talked about in class. Each week the students will turn in a portion of their research in
written form.

The Native American projects will consist of the following:

1) An oral presentation including all information, one artifact from that tribe, and a
visual (see menu).
2) Research time in class and at home.
3) Most research and writing will be done at home
4) Lesson on how to make a bibliography in class.
5) An oral/visual presentation (in class).
When: Research Paper Timeline
1) Introduction of assignment and students choose a region to be done in class
Sept. 28th
2) Description of homes and food (outline) due Oct. 2cd (paragraphs) due Oct. 6th
3) Description of clothing and natural resources (outline) due Oct. 9th (paragraphs)
due Oct. 13th
4) Description of interesting information (outline) due Oct. 16th (paragraphs) due
Oct. 20
5) Final presentation, artifact, and bibliography due Oct. 26th

Artifact Information
An artifact is a human-made or human-designed object that can be used to understand
something about the people or cultures of the past; in this case, your tribe. These can
include tools, clothing, pottery, or jewelry You are to bring in an artifact that represents or
replicates an artifact from your tribe. This is will presented with your final presentation.

Native American Tribal Project Outline

**Pick two from each category to research-excludes bibliography**
Description of Homes
A. Where does your tribe live?
B. What were their homes made from?
C. Why did they make them this way?
Descriptions of Food
A. What did they eat?
B. How did they get their food?
C. Who cooked the food?
D. How did they cook their food?
Description of Clothing:
A. What were their clothes made of?
B. Who made the clothes?
C. What did men wear?
D. What did the women wear?
Description of Natural Resources:
A. What did they use to hunt?
B. What other tools did they use and what were they made of?
C. What did they use to carry or move things around?

D. What other things from nature did they use?

Description of interesting facts:
A. Who were 2 famous people from the tribe and why were they famous?
B. Were they friends with any other tribes?
C. Did they fight with any other tribes?
D. Any other interesting facts?

Where did you get your information?

Menu of Visuals: pick 1


A Brochure

2. A Mobile (like a baby mobile)

3. A PowerPoint

4. Video news broadcast

5. A Newspaper

6. A Diorama

7. Can think of your own (to be approved by teacher)

*The visual is an aid to help you with your oral presentation.*