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Free Response Questions (FRQs) The Brain Unit 3B

1. You are sitting at your desk trying to study for a test you are very
nervous about, and all you can focus on is the stereo playing in the
other room. You get up, go to the other room and turn down the
stereo. Beginning with the external stimuli (the sound) and ending
with your movement to the other room, describe the four brain
structures that are actively involved, in sequence. Also, describe at
least two brain structures that would also be in use but not
necessarily connected to the situation. 12 points
2. For each scenario, identify and explain the brain structure(s) most
likely to be involved in the behavior/situation that is described. 12
A. Dr. Smith inserts an electrode into a structure within the
brain. As this electrode is activated, the person sweats and
shivers, feels hungry and thirsty, and sometime even angry
and sexually aroused.
B. A computer-enhanced image has enabled a research team
to observe the flow of information within the nervous system.
While watching this flow, the researchers notice that incoming
sensory messages are relayed through this center before
finally reaching their destination in the cerebral hemispheres.
C. As a result of a serious automobile accident, Freds ability
to make plans and show initiative was seriously impaired.
D. Bjorns great grandmother has had a serious stroke. As a
result, she is unable to speak, though she appears to
understand and respond non-verbally to what is being said.
E. Tiffanys elderly neighbor is showing signs of memory loss.
F. Mary has been unable to continue as a gymnast since the
lower rear area of her brain was damaged in a car accident.
All tasks requiring balance or coordinated movements are
beyond Marys capacities.
3. As a result of mixing tranquilizers and alcohol, Helen has become
what is called brain dead, and though she does not respond to
people, she continues to live without any life sustaining equipment.
Which parts of the brain have most likely been damaged and which
parts continue to function? Identify and explain. Also, identify and
explain at least three brain studying tools that might be used to learn
more about Helens brain. 12 points
4. You have been hired to write and direct short, educational films
covering a variety of different brain injuries. In five short
paragraphs, explain five ideas you have for scripts. In each case,
create a character who has suffered a brain injury. Include the

name of the brain part injured and a description of the loss of

function that occurs as a result of that injury. 10 points