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2 Inne apparatus shown inthe gue, star at he steady mass fw cate fy and deny Ps accelerates in an inviscid fw tem 9 very large low speed resenalr(eecton 1) Ivough a nozzle 0 speed Vp it a duet of cross-sectional area A, Spray nozzles surrounding the cuct inject uqued water raaaly al a mas flow ae ft condense al he steam so that at section 9 only au lows at speed Va and density p. The quid stream Is than cecelerataa inn ine Vow through & eueor to @ very lw epeee (almost Siagoart) at section 4, The ow s steady and the fow trough the ngele(ebcton 1-2) ard aise (Secon 3-4) may be considered to be incomprocs2ve wth density ps ar 1 respectivaly. Neglect tne shear stress on the walls of tho duct (eocton 2-3). Tho ‘tcc of gravy can be neglected inthis problem Determine Vs /Vzin terme of, pi. thy an Determine (ps) tems ofp, ty and he and Vo Find (pa ~ p1). Show thatthe plessure dowmsteam pis gealer than bie upstieam prossure pit (ofa! < (ips og? = 4) eo)