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‘AM 205 Minor it 17-10-2003 Please answer all the questions. ll bold letters indicate vector quantities. Please read the full question paper before starting to answer the questions. 9) ») 19) 2) a » 8 {Given incompresatie, 20 flow between two plates ata stance from each other 3 Shown i tno igure. The batem plato (j=0) is porevs wid ow aeing ecto ata speed Vp. The x component of veloc), Vs'= Ax. Find the expression for Vy, Express A in ferns ef Vo anh stave |e + < Lomrreccrernttic In 8 2. retatoral nis tow he pron funcion = + 2ay=/*_ Show that is ‘ow s incemprassie. Find the ceresponaing stream foncon y fr hs fw. Ina flew th volocty ld givon by V = (2t~ A) I~ Ay} Find the aoceleraton vector for hi ow (55) State the most general candtons under which the folowing statementslequations hold ‘Symbols have ther usual meanings. You need not copy these statomante again nthe ‘anawer book but clary Kentfy the answer of eech pert No patal credit wil be ‘Buarded for each pat, Bemoul's equation, pip + V°/2 + g2 = constant, can be applied betwoon any 2 ponte ina tow V = 9 C being a scalar function ofx Yew) Mi (eorat + v(x) av = 0 = (eas > ¥.cKVO)}=0. ¥? (6) =0, being the velocty potenti. 8 [Aire of radius Rs is being pulled out fom a cynical tank of id of corstane density 9 ‘and vecoetyj.. The rade ofthe tank ie Re. The wa fe epnning about ts ae at an angular speed «ond has an ail velocity Vp. We wish to ebiain the volocy graf of ‘he mui cecupying he region, Riss Ra, The flowing approximations can be made: Gravy can be noglectes, Senta ak Su inte - i ne i Z ol eee eee doth wily? ETT ‘Simply he contruity oquaton and the appropristo components ofthe Navier Stokes ‘equations i cbian the veloc prfle. Stale ana apply tne requred koundary conlions ‘it eo nat evaluate de constants nthe fra expressions fr veloc Estima the power required per unt length ofthe vite {o cay ou his operation, (You {Gan laava the anmwer Intermec tha unevaiated constants n part), ‘Tho velocity profilo obiained in a) 2 suparpositon of te two Tow problame done in ase (axial Row ino pipe and ercumirena ow between two otatng cylinders). We are Stoning trom the (ol Naver Slokes equations and. yet the welocty profies get ‘suporposod. Explain cary wry the superpostion works Minis case? 2)