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Code No: BP212 [NR | ZS 48. If B.Pharmacy I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2007 PHARMACEUTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISRY-I me: 3 hours Max Marks: 80 ‘Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks (a) Outlinea synthesis of 2,5-ciphenylfuran starting from ethyl benzoate an ell ylacetate? (b) Acount for the following statements i. Pyrrole is more acidic than pyrrolidine Si. Isoqninoline undergoes nitration and sulphonation at and 8 positions Dut bromination at -t position, (a) Write the characteristic reactions of thiazole and pyrimidine: (b) Write the structure and methods of preparation of lnnidazole & Pyrazine (a) ) Write a note on concept on E & Z configuration of alkenes (b) Disenss the important methods of resolution of @ racemic iodification. fa) Discuss the pharmaceutical importance of carbohydrates. (b) Summatise the ring structure of glucose: ) fa) What are amino acids? Classify depending on their chemical reactions? ) (b) Write any tire important methods of preparation of amino acids? Define Glycosides. Discuss enzymatic iyurolysis of glycosides and their physiological importance. anthine bases. How do you synthesise them by (a) Write the structures of > ‘Traubes method? (b) Disuss the chemistry of Theobromine. Write the mechanism of reaction that i Discuss its synthetic applications. Jude adition of active methylene group. Loft