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Code No:R0S -401 JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, HYDERABAD IV -B. Pharmacy I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2009 PHARMACEUTICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY ‘Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 80 Answer any FIVE questions. All questions carry equal marks. Z ® Define the term immunity? Write in detail about the types. of immunities. b) How toxins can be converted to Toxoids? LZ _~ What is hybridoma technology? How it is useful for the generation of humanized monoclonal antibodies. 3. Describe the technology and production of activase. 4. Write about the Isolation, improvement and maintenance of microbial strains, 5! Write a note on: f a) Factors influencing rate of mutations b) Solid state fermentation, £& What is Immobilization? Write the methods of Enzyme Immobilizati add a note on kinetics of Immobilized Enzymes. J) Give the pharmaceutical applications of the followin a) Streptokinase and streptodomase. b) Proteases. ©) Hyaluronidase 4) Penicillinase. Enzyines. Describe the pharmaceutical applications of human thrombin, Unease b) Explain the pharmaceutical applications of dried human serum. How is it prepared?