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Code No: BP211 LN R. | I B.Pharmacy I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2007 PHARMACEUTICAL UNIT OPERATION-I ‘Time: 3 hours : Max Marks: 80 Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks Enlist different types of valves used in pharmacentical industry. Describe the construction and-working of globe valve and gate value Ab) What is Bernoulli's theorem and explain its importance in fuid flow. ) Write a note on centrifugal pumps (b) Write about the construction and working of Belt conveyor ) Classify Blowers used in industries, ) Classify various types of centrifuges. Add a detailed note on sedimentation centrifuge (b) Waite the applications of rotary vacuum filter 4-~ (a) Classify erystallizers. Explain miers theory, Discuss the constriction and work- ing of vacuum crystallizer along with a neat sketch. (b) Write a short note on crystal growth. umidity ? Write about determination uivtlods aud applications of lauuidity jarmacy ? Bs What are refrigerants? Write the theories of refrigeration and air conditioning? Mention it’s applications in plurmaceutical industries ? ie on selection of materials for the 7. Write about prevention of corrosion ? Add a plant construction 8. Explain clearly the importance of plant safety and fire protection incasures in dif- ferent. types of pharmaceutical industries ? loft