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ay s{LVIA MOTA 7 January 1981, Spinozalaan, 25-A 2273XB Voorburg Netherlands +31 (0) 61 631 1866, EDUCATION Design Degree | Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal June 2005 PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Find a clever and an aesthetic solution to visual communication issues; conceive 2 particular graphic expression according to each project; integrate multidisciplinary teams harmoniously; able to work with PC and Mac; good knowledge of graphic design applications (Adobe Photoshop and MacromediaFreehand) and Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). PERSONAL SKILLS ‘Strang ability and motivation to learn and to adapt myself to new functions excellent communication skills and team work; very good ability to rapidly integrate in different social and multi-cultural groups and spaces; strong sense of responsability, honesty and integrity; ability to work under pressure; good ability to be detall oriented and a strong sense of organisation. EXPERIENCE | Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal Clothing Store Assistant | March 2009 - December 2009 Opening and closing the shop; arrange the shop in a way suitable for customers; advise and fit customers; do inventory when needed; handle cash and card sales. Reasons of leaving: moving to the Netherlands. Instituto Politécnico de Tomar | Porto, Portugal Trans Form Actions project | Freelance Designer | September 2008 - November 2008 Logo and website development for the Trans Form Actions project, wich deals with art transformations of the landscape (financed by the European Commission Culture 2007 programme). Layout design of the project website, within Joomla content management system (CMS). Reasons of leaving: completion of the website PT Contact | Porto, Portugal Customer Service Assistant | April 2008 - November 2008 Commercial service and sales support, activate services and managing dally aspects of informative services. Customer service answering questions, with the responsability of retaining and satisfying customers needs. = Reasons of leaving: end of contract. Page 1/2 Curriculum Vitae of Siva MOTA Native PORTUGUESE Fluent ENGLISH Good FRENCH Basic SPANISH Learning DUTCH DRIVING LICENCE Category Al, A, B since 22 August 2002 CAPER Teatro Carlos Alberto | Porto, Portugal ‘Theatre Room Assistant | May 2008 - June 2008 Receive and inform the public about the play in progress. Checking the room temperature and wether it is clean. Checking the tickets. Refer people to their seats and attend them if necessary. Ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the Theatre room = Reasons of leaving: end of contract. JMA Felpos | S. Martinho do Campo, Portugal | Junior Designer | April 2007 - November 2007 Development of communication concepts for major products of the company (beach towels, bath towels and bathrobes) through brand creation, designing logos, as well as catalogues, flyers and etiquettes for each line of product. Layout design of the company website Reasons of leaving: matterity leave. JMA Felpos | S. Martinho do Campo, Portugal ‘Trainee Designer | March 2006 - March 2007 Traineeship focused in renewing the image of JMA Felpos company’s products. The stage was developed under Des+gn mais project (Plan for Design in productive sectors - integrating Designers into business) from Portuguese Design Centre (CPD), which had as strategic goal the external promotion of Portuguese brands and products. Reasons of leaving: end of stage. Training program with the following modules: Creativity, Organizational Psychology, Marketing, Merchandising, Project Methodology, Business Management, Inclusive Design and Project Presentation Techniques. OTHER EDUCATION ve Course of Initiation to the Animation Cinema, November 2003 Course of Initiation to Photography, May 2001 Workshop ‘Hands Free Baby, July 2007 Workshop ‘Sound Construction in 2 Movie’, July 2001, Workshop ‘Independent Film Production’, July 2000, Interest in nema, Fernando Pessoa, Typography, Fashion, Colors, Dance ilustration, Nature, Charles Burns, Jean Dubuffet, Antoni Tapies, Boom Festival Art, People, Capoeira, Driving, Alternative Comics, Blogosphere, Patterns, Usability, Puzzles, Pregancy and Birth, Vegetarian Cookery, Street Art, Diplomacy, Photography, Herbs and Medicine, Babies and Toddlers, Languages, Fanzines, Charles Bukowski, Spices, Social Networking, Travelling, Posters, Chocolate, Cultural Identity, Trekking, The Doors, Postcards, Human Emotions. Page 2/2- Curriculum vitoe of Svia MOTA