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Night Activity Day 1

Opening Ceremony and HYMN Singing

7.40-9.40 p.m
Event holder : Yie Chern Chuen
Emcees: Mun Jun &SiowKah Cheong
Guest Usherer : Conrad & Vinnie
Before 7.40
Secretary, Asst.Sec and Treasurer start arranging the chairs at Jayanthi hall at
7.00pm with the help of helpers.
PA (Kent) prepare 4 microphones and carry out final examination on the sound
Emcees please get ready by 7.00pm
Activity Department make sure the materials needed for opening ceremony
(ribbon, scissors and confetti poppers, balloons) are prepared by 7.00 pm
Kitchen Dep please make sure the participants finish up their dinner by 6.50pm
and prepare some refreshment for guests if they arrive early.
Spiritual Dep and Treasurer gather the participants at Jayanthi hall by 7.30pm
QM prepare the souvenirs by 7.00 pm
7.40 7.45 pm (OPENING CEREMONY)
Arrival of VIP
Guest usherer ( Conrad & Vinnie ) please usher the VIP to their respective seats
Chairperson ( Andrew & Wan Xin ) are required to entertain (talk with them) the
VIPS when they arrive
Treasurer and helpers please make sure the participants settle down and do not
make havoc

7.45 7.50 pm
Introduction speech by emcees ( Mun Jun & Siow Kah Cheong )

7.50 8.05 pm
Speech by Andrew , Wan Xin and Brother Matt
Kitchen Department please make sure the refreshment is prepared for the VIPS

8.05 8.15 pm
Vinnie invite Brother Matt, Brother Ong and Jia Quan as well as the
representative from SFI and IJC to the stage for opening ceremony ( ribbon
cutting )
8.15 8.20 pm
Souvenirs will be given by Andrew to Brother Matt and
Wan Xin to Brother Ong and Jia Quan followed by SFI, IJC,CCS, YB
QM ( Wei Wei ) has to be on stage with the souvenirs on tray
8.209.40 pm (HYMN Singing)
Conrad please usher the VIPS to the canteen for light refreshment while Vinnie
usher Brother Ong for HYMN singing.
All committees must be at Jayanthi hall for the dance.
After the performance , Vinnie ushers Brother Ong to the canteen for some light
*During the opening ceremony, committees who are free please make sure the
participants do not talk or make havoc