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Type of photographs

Different sports and events.

I really like this photograph because its a birds

eye view shot, it shows the shadow of the
audience applauding the racer and you can also
see them taking photographs. You can also see the
horse in mid-air galloping.

This picture shows joy and happiness as the

winner of the fight is high off the ground
while having a big grin on her face, the
colours on this picture are very deep and the
darkness in the background really brings out
the red costume. The contrast is high as the
shot is taken. The emerald blue stage brings
out the crowd in the background as they sit
and watch the fight while cheering away.

This picture is very eye catching as its been

taken fast, the big picture is a close up of
the biker while the tiny picture In the left
hand corner is a normal photo being taken
while driving, the big picture is blurred into
the effect of driving very fast and a fast
motion picture, the colours are very faint
accept the helmet, its very neon

I like this picture as its been taken while theyre on ice,

they are in the middle of a dance and you can see the
scratches on the ice, this makes the picture more
interesting as its kind of like a pattern.