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Type of photographs:
are sports photographer of the
year 2012/ 2013/ 2014, they feature
photography in the genres of sports and
Media product photographs are used in

I like this photo

because it is
humours and the
main image is the
focus of the image.

I like this image

because it captures
the image of the
horse going through
the water and the
water splashing up it
also shows reflection
I like this image from the sky onto
the river.
because it is a close
up shot and shows
their facial

I like this image

because it is a wide
shot image and it
shows the runners in
capture of them in
mid-air. I also like it
because it has the
crowd in the
background and it
creates a real life
I like this image
because it focuses
on the phone, and
has a wide shot of
the crowd.