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1.1. Components of port

A port is composed optionally the following components,
1. Breakwater:
A rubble mound or vertical structure to protect the harbor from wave attacks.
2. Harbor:
A protected water area which provides safe and suitable accommodation for ships to transfer
cargo and passenger, to be refueled and repaired. A harbor includes
Navigation channel.
Turning area:
A place where ships can turn.
Anchorage area:
A place where ships wait for their turn at berth or for more favorable weather conditions.
Berthing area
A place where ships berth for loading and unloading operations.
3. Berth structure and land area.
Berth structure
A structure built to berth ships for loading and unloading operations. It includes mooring
equipment such as f enders and bollards.
An area between the berth line and the yard for loading and unloading of cargo.
A storage area where cargo is sorted and stored temporarily.
Berth structures can be divided into:
Quay or wharf
A berth structure which is parallel to the shore.
Jetty or pier
A berth structure which projects into the water from the shore.
A berth structure isolated on open sea for mooring and berthing the ship.
4. Outside harbor
Navigation channel, anchorage area, dolphin and shore protection.