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Lesson Plan

Day: M T W T F
Year: 9

Date: 04/09/15 Time: 9:45 am 10.30 am

Learning Area: English (Literature) Topic: Copy change poem

Curriculum content description: Learning area: Creating
Create literature text, including hybrid text, that innovates on aspect
of other texts, for example by using parody, allusion and appropriation
Students prior knowledge and experience:
Students understand all parts of speech.
Students understand and recognise the concept of writing a
Learning purpose:
The task includes taking an existing short story, poem, play or speech
in print form and creating a short visual text which is accompanied by
a sound track containing music and sound effects, and which is
intended to amuse audiences who are familiar with the original text
Learning objectives:
Students will understand
how to write a copy change
poem on their own and will
have a precise
understanding of the
The task enables students to
practice their written and
literacy skills
Task is to refresh students
knowledge parts of speech.


Create a poem together as a

Class, making sure all students
Select students randomly
from the
Class list to read their poems
Collect all students work and
make sure they understood
the task and
If they didnt, have 1-1 time
The student.

Preparation and Resources:

Screen for PowerPoint presentation.
Worksheet (Supplied by mentor)
Pencil and eraser (Supplied by students)

Catering for diversity

(detail any adjustments considerations for educational/resource


The school system is built in a catering system as students have been

separated according to their academic skills. The task includes
students to invert an existing poem into their own; therefore students
can create their poem at their own ability. All students are at different
writing and learning levels, therefore the activity catered at their own
learning level.
Students will bring different work, as they need to be imaginative
as their poem needs to be a horror theme and it depends on their
Students, who finish their task early, are asked to re-write their
poems in a neat form.

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Learning Experiences:
1. Introduction:
Focus on behaviour management, making sure I
have all students attention.
Greet and introduce myself to the students
Introduce the topic
2. Sequence of learning experiences:
Bring up the power point and explain in depths
what is a copy change poem.
Give students an example of a copy change poem
and how it looks like.
Do a copy change poem with the class (Making sure
all students participate).

Ask students to read their poem that has been

created by them.
Students task is to invert an existing poem into
their own using their imagination and creativity.
Ask the class if they all understand what the task is
asking them to do and the students who dont
understand are asked to sit with me on a separate
Explain the task thoroughly with the students who
do not understand
Help students start their poem by sharing my ideas.
Stop the class and ask them to share their ideas, to
give the other students who dont understand to
have a precise idea on what to do.
Walk around the classroom and help students who
are struggling.

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Murdoch University

3. Lesson conclusion
Students, who finish their draft, can come to
my desk so I can correct their spelling and
their poem and send them back to do their
good copy.
Once the class has finished writing their poem
ask a few to share their poem as a class.
Hand over their worksheet to my mentor to