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TRU aD 90 DAY PROGRAM TABLE OF CONTENTS Intro: A Word from How to Use the Program ... BBX Nutrition ..sssessesseseesesseees: The Rules Tips on Keeping It Simple . Portion Sizes to Stick With ... BRX Eating Plan... Recipes vsersesse Meal Trackers Body Measurements INTRO | A WORD FROM DEDE No, I'm not perfect and contrary to popular belief, | am not a machine. | am a regular mom who has suffered hard tines, been blessed with good and has dealt with the same life struggles that you have. Nothing was honded to me; | hod to work my butt off just like everybody else. After my divarce, | had to learn how to balance work ond survive as @ single mother. | fought hatd 1 make ends meet. | bottled to find the person | was befare | got married and whe | wanted to be again. | lost my sense of self-worth and became depressed because | was lonely, stressed and overweight. Through Wall, | have learned one important lesson...You can't focus on the negative. You can't dwell on the wrong that you have done, or what other people have done 10 you; how crappy you fee!, or how bad you think you look, or how nothing ever goes right for you. By facusing on the negotive, you keep yourself there ond so continues a very vicious cycle. Change begins with, ends with, and can only happen within you. ‘My programs are not just about losing weight and getting ripped} they ore about being the best YOU possible in EVERY SINGLE WAY! Im not trying fo get all spiritual on yeu but | want you to find your power d and body! No one can bring you Irve happiness, no one con make you lose weight, no one can weve a magic wand and poof you are ripped. No ene can take control of your life and make things happen for you. Your life and your decisions are 100% in your hands. The program you ore beginning is probably the most difficult workout ever put on DYD and yes I'm speaking to you avid fires: buffs tool Trust me when | soy | will challenge everyene' fitnoss levels whather you are © beginner for advanced. When you complete this 90 day program, you will be a cifferent Je and out! Iam going to puth you to limbs yav never thought possible and you will like it. “Love the Pain” - that's my motto! There Is some truth fo the taying “no pain, ne gain" but one thing is For certein.« if you commit yourself 10084 to my program and my rules, you vi you never dreamed posible. Iam a fitness and life coach, ond from Moment on | want you to get info the proper mind tet. | don't care what your goal Is, whether it's to lose weight or 10 get shredded, You are my athiete end | will drive and push you to achieve those goals, REMEMBER, YOUR SUCCESS RELIES 100% ON YOU. MAKE THE CHOICE, COMMIT AND JUST DOI 19 chen HOW TO USE THE PROGRAM This is not the type of program that you can use whenaver you wort; there is method to the madness. I need you to commit fo sticking to the program exactly cas lve shown it below. W's only 90 days x0 you CAN do it There are 3 levels {9) workouts in alls BBX Hardcore (Levels }, 2 & 3) ~ This is a full hour workout consisting of cardio ‘and body weight strength training intervcls BBX Body (Levels 1, 2 & 3) — This ba 30 minste workout of pure body weight strength training exercises ond stretching. BBX burn (Levels 1, 2 & 3) ~ This Is a 30 minute workout consisting of high inten. sity cardio intervals, (On this program, you will alternate BBX Hardcore, BBX Body and BBX Bum for five (5) doys then allow yourself a two {2) day recovery period. Your week should look like this: Wonday | Tuesday [Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saurdey | Sunday Wardeore | Body | Hardcore Bon | Wardeore | Rew fer ‘You will maintcinshis schedule for 90 days beginning with Level 1 for Morh |, Level 2 for Monts 2 ane Level 3 for Manih 3, | have Induced @ tracking calendar thor you con hhang on your rafrigatator with the full 90 dey breatdown, Belore you bein. need you to do one wary important thin... Do not, | repeat, DO NOT start this program until you have stucied “The Moves". The Moves is © tutorial on how to properly execule each of the body welght srength exerciser for each level. So before you begin Level 1, watch The Moves for Level 1 Before you move to Level 2, watch The Moves for Level 2 ond some for Level 3, |Lom a stickler for techsique, form and proper exseuiion, You can do 10D sit-ups but if you arent doing them properly, whar's the pein? Net only de you risk ining ‘yourself, you ore westing your Hine and anergy. It eriical that you know haw te do ‘each move and how ta de il properly BEFORE you begin! BBX NUTRITION twin | could say that you con wave a magic wand end pool you'll get the perfect body dy eating chocolate cate and pizza, Bul we don’t live ino felryale and tim net the type of parsan to fil your head vith stores to make you fee! batter. With me you're going to get the God's honest truth, nothing mare, nothing les! And here Its... diets don’t werk! The minute you go back to eating lke normal Famer boing ail the weight wil come right back. As for diet pis and oll the other weight lor product: they have on the market, lorg story short..they will destray your retabolem ‘ond are extremely dangerous - periocll Being healthy and achleving your pavtect bocly tkes herd work and dedication. You have to make a decision right now and comm ‘Yourself to adapting new healthy eating hobits # you really want to achleve lasting ‘sass, | am your coach and you are my athlete and together we o-e going to kick seme booty! What | am going to teach you is what kind of foods, In what combination, ard amounts you need 12 eat in order to accelerate your metabelism and burn far, Qn this program you will have to ect mare food, more ofteni Yes, you read It right, nore food more often!! But most importantly, Im gohg to teach you that your state of mind 1s the foundation ond key to true success In any exercie, diet and netrtion plan, Or my program we wan't be looking at fat and you will notice thet you don’ cour olories, The truth Is for has gotten a bad rap; everyone needs litle fat in that let, However, there is a huge difference between good fat and bed fat. So what type of fat con you ear¥ Polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats are good and can be found in foods auch os nurs, fis, avocados, cone or olive ol, Whar types of fet should you Stay away from? Saturated fat, runs far anid labels thot say partially-hydrogencted fils, The bottam line i do net cut fot from your diet completely, ust eat the right kind of fotin moderation. ‘And 3 for ealerie counting...blaHl Too much work, too mich math 1 all common sense People. Moke smart choices; eat the right combination af foods in smallee partion: mora often...perlod! Ne matter what bady type yau are, the key to weight lets is eccelerating your mmeiobolien. Think of your metabollam as @ bonfire and the Foed that you eat are logs 00 put inte thet Fire. IF the bonfire fs burning big ond hl, It has ro problem convunsig the wood that you put into It. You pet a glam log in and it bums In mini Your metabolism works the same way. If you have very fos! metabelom your body can eesily burn whatever you feed it. That's why some people seem to be able to ect anything they want and never gain weight. Their metabolise iz moving 10 fou ‘rerally consumes whatever they feed it. Conversely, if the fire begint to die out and butn slowly, it doesn't burn the new yoed you put into it as quickly. It may toke all night For Tt to slowly burn eway, Agcin, your metaboliem works the same way. Mt your metabolian is very slow it cay buen all the coleriar you feed ft. The food you eat just sits there ond gett stored cs Fat This fact ia key to my entire nutritionel program. The slewer your metabal the ler quidily your body will conver food Into energy, and the Feed that deem't ‘ge! burned your body stores of Fat....and you goin weigh In most cases the biggest factor affecting your metabolic rate is what you eat, Untorunately, mony of the foods thet are staples in our diets these days have the ‘obllity to significantly slow or even stop the metabolic process. Foods with lots of simple sugars like soda, fruit juice, ond other sweets, as well as many procesied foods like breads and pasto, particularly when consumed! in the wrong combination with other foods, will releose a hormone in your body that essentially tells your body 10 stop converting food into energy and start storing everything as fat The hormone that controls this process in your bedy Is insulin, and It 1s directly responsible for regulating the omeunt of sugar In your body end converting It into ‘energy, Much of this pragrom is geored towards controling the levels of suger your blood stream. Now | know this sounds lke © lot ef sclentiflc mumbo jumbe, butts importont thot you understand this...20 please pay attention! Another big problem that affects almost everyone that ie signifccntly overweight ix the *D" word, dieting...yes, | said itl Once you start radically reduchg the emeunt of calpries you eat, yeur metabolsm starts to shut down. That is why every single time you follow @ starvation type diet, and you go off of it and start eating norelly again, you gain all the weight beck ... and usvaly more, You have literally killed your metabolism, and with i, any hope of lasting weight loss! Conventional diets don't work! Once you begin to starve your body with a reduced calorie diet, two things happen that assure no moter how much weight you lose, you will gain back every pound and often more. Remember fat iso survival mechanism developed by our body to keep us fram starving to death during long periods without food. Going on a reduced calorie diet kicks this survival mechanism into ear ond virwally ssures your failure, Even though You are corsuming less food, ‘your body begins 19 metabolize ther fod slower. Buming less for energy and storing more as fet. On my plan you vill be eating more fog, more often, Basically, every time you are hungry, you will eat, In Fact in the very begining, you may net even be hungry becouse you're full From eating 20 much, out you're til ising to have to sick to the plan and mat! Se intiaad of your body thinking you or starving #1 will bagin to recize that food fe plentiful. Whenever ffs hingry, it gate fed, s0 the survival mechenism never kicks In. On thit plon you'll ect real, natural, ‘900d Food. And you'll never go hungry. Once you get into the swing of things you will find this plan is easy to follow; you just have to re-program yourself, Put, i's easier to stick 0 something when yeu cren’t miserable doing i THE RULES my job to push you to limits you never thought possible, you when you are ready to give up and to encourage you to take risks. Iwill also teoch you to love the pain; because without pain there is no change. I tell my clients that there are two types of pain .... one is “Oh my God | jst broke my lag | have to get to a hospital” Ard! then there is the pain and discomfort of muscle farigue. The latter of course, ib the pecin you need te love and embrace because without it there is no real change. Think about it, if you clways stay within your comfort zone hew will you ‘achieve the goals you have sel for yourself? Once you begin 10 see the results, you'll get hooked. Looking het is hard work peoplell it's sweaty, grimy, tough and fierce. It tekes hard werk to check yourself before you stuff your face with that piace of pizza but the rewards are huge, se learn to love the paiill Before starting this program, there are a few very Important points | need to go ever with you; | simply call them... The rules! Don't make excuses, Change your frame of mind This definitely the foundation and mest important aspect of my entire program. What you think and how you feel trickles down into every aspect of your life. lam a huge bellever that whatever you think, you bri 1g Inte your life, After reading the plan you may ark yourtelf, hew do I fire! the time te de all of thi? I'm too bury with work, kide, I'm tirad, | got to bored, sometimes i's just eceier to eat what my kicle eat, sometimee it's just fastor te ge through @ drive thru because |'m ina hurry. | totally understand - remember | was in yeur shoos. I was over 200 Ibs. and werking cingle mother of 2. However, | achioved success because | lecrned the secret, so here it Ie...are you ready? STOP MAKING EXCUSES! If ite truly important to you then make the th How can you be the best mother, fether or friend if you are not happy with whe yeu ore inside and ouf? Nobody Is going te hold your hand and do this for you, but you CAN do it. You are capable of more than you think; you alone held the key to your success er failure. Set your goal, put your blinders on end keep your eyer on the prizel Ent every 2-3 hours Even if you don’ feel hungry, never let more than 3 hours pass before you have your next meal. If you skip © meal Ht will slow your metabolism, Hf you mist © meal try to get to it as soon as possible, Do not eliminate the missed meal; it will further stow your weight loss. Remember too much food = fat, Not enough food = fail Carry some proteln bars in your purse or car [ust In prepared! Don't war foods you don't fike NOT a diet ond if you don't like what you are eating, you ors setting yourself up for failure. Play cround with the sagestions and fips | give yau to find your likes and dis Stay eway from sodium This will cause you fo retain woter end cause your metabolism to slow down. It may seem inconvenient to eliminate salt but it is vitelly impertant to your ‘weight loss success. Don't worry about the flavor; after @ couple of doys af eating without salt, you'll stort to realize much of the food's natural flarar is masked by salt. A great alternative Is “Mrs. Dash” which offers several different seasoning options without sodium. Stay away from pre-packaged foods The easiest way 10 guard against sodium and other culprits that couse weight gain and water retention is to avoid pre-packaged and processed foods completely. The simple rule is: if it comes in a can, frozen box or has been through some kind of process i's not good for weight loss. And yes I'm talking ‘bout Lean Cuisine and all those other boxed so-called-low calorie/ low fat pre-packaged meals. Drink lot: of water Water is one of the most important elements of any weight loss program. Drinking water helps you eliminate water and deans out your system, a key factor in etccelerating your metabolism. Drink at least 8-19 (10 oz.) glasses @ day. Or better yet, buy a gallon of water in the morning andl drink it through out the day, Stay away from sodas, diet sodas, olcoho! and fruit juices; they all comtain way too much sugar. if you require more variety, supplement your water Intake with these ideas: © Warer flavored with fresh lemons (acts es @ natural diuretic) + Ice tec (Unsweetened /No sugar; Stevia sweetener Is ok) Lemonade macie from fresh lemons with Stevia to sweeten + Block coffee or teo © Low or no sodium sparkling flavored water Portion control Because you will be eating approximately every 3 hours to speed up your metabolism, you must eat smaller portions. From now en, eat all ef yeur meals en a dessert plate. Too much food et a meal will overwhelm yeur digestive system and slow your metabolism dawn. Smaller partions af food, mere often speeds it up, it's that simple! For the next 90 days keep a daily journal of absolutely everything you put in your mouth; food and liquids. Not only will this help you understand your eating pattems, it will make you think twice before you eat something bad. Remember, you are brecking old habils and chenge doein’) happen ‘ovemight - it's not easy! For the first 30-60 days you will have to think about everything you drink and eat, how much of it, how often, ete, It is work... but | promise it wil get easier as time progresses. One day you won't even have to think twice about it. Why? Because you have reprogrammed yourself ard have adapted new healthy eating habits. Protein & Fiber On my program you ore working your body harder than you ever have before. Not oniy are you getting a great carcio workout but you ore getting intense strength training. Protein is needed to help the body build strong muscles, Fepalr rissues ancl mointain on effective immune and hormonal system, Excellent sources of protein are lean meats, poultry, fish, eags and dairy procucts followed by soy products, grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits, Please remember that by eating more protein you must drink more water in order for your kidneys 10 function properly. | recommend that you also visit your neorest nutrition center and find a good protein shake that is low in carbohydrates. | prefer a whey shake becauie it has quick release proteins that will reach your mmsdes faster. Please drink at least one a day os your snack, just before or preferably after your workout; No ifs, ands oF buts, tht is a must! Sugars Stoy away from artificial sweeteners such os Splenda, Sweet ‘a’ low and Eoual. Not only do they make you bloated and retain water; they ore dangerous, (Educate yourself by looking up the dangers of artificial sweeteners online) Ahealthy alternative is Stevia or Truvia; they can be found ct any grocery or health food store. ‘Stay away from storch Ler's keep this plain andl simple... I's made with whe flour, rual No white breads, pastas or cereals either. Stick with whole grains and foods thot cre high In fiber. Not only does fiber help cleanse your system; It will alse make you feel fuller, longer Get ona muti-vitomin Is important fo teke @ multi-vitamin, Modern day food practices account for measurable losses of necessary nutrients; therefore, most of us do not get the recommended deily allowance of vitomins from our foods. Ext well balanced meals I've sean too meny people go overboord and replace all their mecls with protein shakes or bers...thats @ big nonol It ls essential thet you ore getting proper nutrition. Breakfest, lunch and dinner should consist of protein, @ cup of veggies end half @ serving of complex carbohydrates. Save the shakes ‘ond bare for your snacks enly. Good Moming/Good Night Never tkip breakfast and eat your last mecl 3 hours before you go te sleep. A goad breakfast is kay to getting your metabolism revved up fer the dey. Remember the bonfire analogy? Finally, eat your lest meal ot leatt 3 hours before you go ta bed. Short and don't want a bunch of food sitting in your stomach when you sleep! TIPS ON KE EPING IT SIMPLE Cock and prepare your meals in advance ance or twice @ week. On this plan we want to mainly stick with lean meats (chicken, turkey, and fish). Hf you are vegetarian, good options ere tofu, soy products and beans. llalso Ike 10 marinate my chicken and meats (this a great way to add flever) on a Friday night and prepare my foods for the week on Sunday; it's actually fun! Just beware of high sodium marinades sold in markets! -10- Anyone who knows me knows thot | love food, | mecn love food! Coming from @ Hispanic and Italian background, my food has te have lots and lots of flavor, So please keep in mind we only want 1o remove fat, NOT FLAVOR! We want to incorporate healthy nutrition thet we enjoy s0 we stick to the plant Stay away from fried foods! Try using no/low sodium vegetable or chicken broth, lemon juice, orange jvice and low sodium soy sauce to souté your foods. There are many wonderful seasonings that you can safely adé te your foods ‘without the warry af weight gain, so why would you want to add sal! and ruin YOUT weight lois goals? Try these options to spice up your food and add flavor: orien powder | fresh garlic alk powder eregane Game Twrmene paprika rapice Wn Dah ‘warloram Te0e Gives worlarder Taienry mameg Taye or Chi powder doves ai Thame nr Terraven reer aa parsey deri Pepper Also low sugar/low sodium salad spritzers are a great wey to add flavor to any sandwich wrap, Hf you ate o butter fiend like me...ry "| Can't Believe I's Not Butter” spray. JUST DON'T GO OVERBOARD! Almond butter Is another great aliemative Cook your food wsing a non-stick cooking sprey like Pam. Butter or olive ail flavored sprays ore among my personal faverites. Remember there are ako several websites and free online resources where you can find healthy recipes, PORTION SIZES TO STICK WITH ‘Proteins - 4-5 or of protein, (about the size of the palm of your hend) Fruits «1 cup of fruit (alone or with protein only) Common (complex) carbohydrates - Try to stick with Yo eup. # Veggies - 1 up The following are lists of foods that are safe to eat while achieving your weight loss goals: Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, pineopple, strawberries, bananos, apples, contaloupe, honeydew, papaya, pear: ond plums cre all low In suger. ‘Complex Carbs: Jicame, parsnips, tumips, potatoes, swee! potatoes, yams, squash, rutabaga, barley, millet, oatmeal, brown rice, rice noodles, dried not canned) beans that you cook yourself. eagles: Artichoke, asparagus, beets, bell peppers, bok chol, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrets, celery, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, greers, lettuce, mushrooms, snow peas, spincch, sprouss, tomatoes, tomato souce, squach, zucchini Proteins: Egg whites, fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, scallops, shrimp, tuna, tofu, soy, ham, beef round, lean pork chops. Snacks: Protein shake, protein ber, 1 cup of fruit, low fat cattage chasse, 20 raw cimonds, Greek yogur, turkey wrapped in lettuce, apples or celery dipped in peanut butter, whole wheat tortilla dipped in hummus, unliniled vaggies, hard boiled egg with pepper to taste 12. Sweets: If you have a sweet tooth like me ond just have to have something «weet, you can find really good recipes for homemade sorbets. Other good alternatives are: sugar free Jello cups, sugar free popsicles, Skinny Cow ice cream sondwiches or 100 calorie sack packs, Another one of my favorites is mix "4 cup low fat/low sadium cottage cheese with ‘4 boncna and top with @ little bit of honey YUM! it curbs the sweet tooth ond cottage cheese Is on excellent source of slow release protein to help repak muscle tissue while you sleep. BBX 30 DAY MENU | EATING PLAN The following i « sample 30 day meal plan. You can fine great recipes in the next chapter or search the Internet for “healthy low calorie recipes. Many of these recipes are meant to be shared with the family or will allow for leftovers. Please choore your snacks from the litt we provided Hf you do not like & maal ruggastion, fae! free to raplace It with any other meal provided in thit guide. Tha whole point It ta ect heclthy dither that you actually enjoy. Once you have completed your first 30 days, go back ‘ond stort it all over for manth 2 and 3, Remember eat every 2-3 hours, even if you don't feel hungry. NO EXCEPTIONS! Drink a lot of water and remember your portion control. “13+ day? pays pays dare aye ver 19 BREAKFAST SNACK ‘ap comeatw/ 850 Herb Eon Vine Omen 1 ap sr Ona ew w/ sen Sooke te ne ecb) depawins neler / bow 8 fed ieem te he oa (orrespa fu yee tare wf ‘or i le oe stot wey e/a | gpsoret ef Ye feloe aor ame ac Chat Sve eer Ieoped note end V8 Sepa ‘eae re ‘aera ‘werecel cues op te tet ae LUNCH SNACK DINNER ervey aon wrapped a Tete ef nina vegies dot oad ean bea wranced oom ecrcee ‘ethan | ee te tn dee Daeed tredercen ned Vo pc ok Ty ra w/ alee of mecade ‘Sr meee ees Jorestrave, apt sero Sea bomen tne wae rie ed Aid poo toad ‘ati rar ‘ee Tees bd V/ tv nate ‘ope anette cae 1 eR) tw ttn | Gproeamedveado 2 wr baat eps Tetgsled clean a ‘ortega ie aoe ans ip af Ae ot wit wsraco's Gwore 8 2c Piya tea aoe ore eee 7 bene cota ark ‘or rmipen © CaiteFeroa tek (ensoe see per ope aa * Male Bee te epe) + chet Paman rape (esreoped Src Rota Fook ope ie nor + bea steno oy pees Sk 4 ouof- wey rman sora sian sino ‘Sufmneriseta ad prose! Supers stoeunest pee, Sten nen 250 den ed {os ue oeher reat moppe Neca earthen V4: + Gao feat beri? ows art 00125 29 ey 29 BREAKFAST Sito noe pe “£0 whew maf 8 Fave tet ect Jap of Pancreat nf terme Soa vives vad of Toveetureim Isles satay of tee ‘aioe (oar , Vespers? ad rrr ke forest) rvecoa syyace (worecoey Powka n t onata weed nee 1 et nt fein ‘tn i999 ee bar SNACK WUNCH SNACK Tate, bane) Ueto ace + er aap brow tee Acrgiioibeon ee et ap # ‘oie aed ae doe ing mine on amennya an Veet vase Tacowtlewoecrbad Dos led cin wie pill el rows mopped ex vey treom aspen + ‘ence uted sooo, iotneseim Seer Saeteee: dost trier mectbot soot * ise sen marnare 32 aey are i dns tatnd teppei mtinsh 4 ioe tomate Sean 8 det Dliyeurece os rota owe ‘ee Amen a mata csr don stonbey mage tiled) * missdie siete Sache oa 4a lac okhanorean seopped ‘Newate, rato ar lice ign i me Plea Shand rane rears Vine Pace ta -15- DINNER tpesmored) rere i: Ban ars Sin de eons Spl inet Dr Cre oer ‘ites tae ra convene Bee: teoe cere eene (socredea). Tap blown tee (psereeben ‘Sane Papp Sea (eovrecer) 8 Fe Gone tereapey | RECIPES BLACK BEAN PIEZA T plun tome, cieed 1 Gp conned bled bane, rinsed 1 cup foch corm Kornle. bow! 2 eens) 2cblesboors cerned! { poind presared vbcle-uhec! pion dough 1/2 app borsecoe 121ce ‘cup tvadeed merzarli, preferably emekad mazzerel Frakes! gril to meclum Combine forts, beans and catn in ¢ mediin bow Spina corneal enta @ Jorge baking sheet Stretch he deogh ire abour @ 2nd dice aed lay Hon top of the commecl coc ino te arti wren ofthe dogh. Trorafr the cr from the bong sheet fo the il. Clow fe Be ‘ore cok unl the erst ptfed ond Ugh Brownae on the beta, fe 5 minutes. ting lorge spore, fip he cur, Spread barbewe sauce on tnd quchly sprikie wih the tomexo ‘nictre ond dose, Close te Hel gril othe cheews meted ons fhe boom of the cust Browne, io § mimes SHICKEN ENCHILADAS 11/7 cigs sede cocked chicka (dats, te met) 1/2 ap Blad bean 1/2 ap wan com 1 eyp medium or hot talee 1 cup pein lw fot roma 1 rasp redvene fr sour creo 172 aap resieee fo shredses Jock cheers Frchoar even to 350 dearees. Cost an inc by 8.nch baking dah with norstet cookie soray. Wer ‘ores ocorcng to itruion on pockage. Combine shedded dhidker wih block bors ond wos! nfs sae, Ogu" and seu" cisom snd spoon het tn cho micro kta the chicken, Bec: cad erm Blend val isda chekor mistre omong the toil. Corflly ral veils and lacs thers seem ‘awnin he baking lsh Spoca femaling sake nistue over the loll, Speke cbaeie an Yep. Cover ‘wih fol end ok for 30 rites SIACKENED CHICKEN 4 skilns, boneees chen brea Cooking spray 4oap rofiee Cojo seaxering Remove tendrils from etckan end reserve for enerher se. Hece cicken srecats between two shoes ‘al patie wrap ond flateno ©] /4-rehhiinox wih roting pn. Proheot broker. Spray aot ses > ‘dickor wih cooking spray hen sprinkle with Can seasoning end rab n Bal (or gt een rears 3 ‘motes wach sie, Save whole wh skinny meothed sototoes lo fat tree leo fat fe dchen broth Sed af eg il and ter ond sent sn er sick od ton Yo a pez on 16. ticker the 1/2 cup tertyoh marinade 2 tp of fresh grated anger | tinp dee hen |S honped sealers 2 medium ted peppery quartered end reeded 23 anallzuchin, et tire qvorers lengthwise Prateor the oven 9 00 degrees Pace chicken thighs in rearing to In@ angle leyet. Cambine ‘eviyak! marinade wih ginger; honey and acllens, Pour ever ehickes, ‘um the pieces 70 cout ther fvanly. Bole chicien for 25 nites, turing arcs hallway trough. Add vapstabler, ectng them Int Iworinede, Bake fore further 15-20 mentes und chicken ond vegetables are tarde (CHICKEN AND SAUSAGE PIZZA | Turkey sevsoge nk ane chicken sau lk fAldela’s makes grect ones) } aap sled mushroons | reer robate pizza dough tic a8 Tracer lne's Alnou Whole Whest Plea Dosh) | /cap tere-vought plaza roven (ch ox Troder ion) ''7.ounen jot roaed red peppers, drained end cit to px 3/4up reduced fot tvedaed moszcrelia create Prabeer oven te 450 dagrars. Spray a poze pen wth nani ecakhne spray. Remove setings fom sautoge It. Crumble sausage meal le o smal nati sll plecad en medion heet, Ne oll shoul be necessary. Add mushroom: ond sau for 5 mines unl sausage pce) cre Srewned. Remove with toned spoon end test on wichon popet 9 drciv of ony fet Rall om pizza Gough Tee 'Zench rc oh 1 israd surface ond plcen on renues or Ighty sid pines shoe. Sprend tana savee ‘ley an Woe Lay oes peppers aaron. Ade sausage and mathe ive andl Arie with chow Boke fer 10 minutes bsp cance a! 1 /2ee ony seed 172 yolow or rod pero att {Ickepane pepper, cexeeded nc finely chopsec 1 thip cumin 1 14.3.0me con recpe-eady Menicen style tometees (reser |/4 cs) 11/2 cape wedded cocked whte-enatstekor 2 Gch crn trae 2 tap hoped alonro 1/2 up reduced fat shredded! Jock cheese Prabaor oven 18 350 degrees, Haat oll iy lorge nonstick allel. Sauté anon, pa ‘Brapero for ‘4 mites Spinkle amin ore sr well, Ad tomatoes, excep? 1/4 cip, er sine fer 5 ines. Add shracded chicken and cook for 2 mvies. Sproy @ inch ple dh with nerwek cooking ‘prey. Mase one forlia en the bottom. Spoen the thicken miature oF top. Cover ith ole Torta, Speen ramaining tomatoes ever Yop, folewad by cliontrs ond cheese. 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