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By Stephanie Rudi

Arlington Woods
-Located in Marion County
near the
-Average household income: $44,917
-Crime risk above average


Funding (Cont.)

PK through 6th grade



Racial Information
424 black students 87.2%
15 Hispanic students 3.1%
21 White Students 4.3%
1 Asian Student
23 Multiracial Students 4.7%
1 American Indian Student .2%
1 Hawaiian Student .2%

Free Reduced Lunch

87.7% of Arlington Woods Students receive free meals. 426 Students.
10 Students receive reduced price so 2.1%
50 Students (10.3% of the student body) pay for their meals.

Students have an attendance rate of 94.5% for the year of 2013-2014 and previous years
are also around this number. Last years rate is the lowest of the past seven years.

Student Performance /

The number of students passing IREAD has gone down in recent years. Only 60.3% of
students passed this year. Only 63% of students passed ISTEP this year.
The bottom 25% of students achieving growth in math is 57.6% and the top 75% is
achieving 43.9% growth and both of these areas are above average.

Student Performance /
good thing
is that overall percent of students showing low
growth in math is 21.4%.
The bottom 25% of students are showing a low growth rate in English/
Language Arts of 32.4% when the target is 42.5%. The Math category
seems to be their stronger area.

Report Card
There is a two letter grade increase from last year for the schools letter grade.

The Student performance rates are below average for English but above average for math
(conflicts with ISTEP)

64% of the teachers were deemed effective for 2013-2014. 13.3% as highly
affected. 4 educators need improvements.

Average salary of an IPS teacher is $50,000 a year

Nature and Feel of the

of a run down community
School is trying to get the
community involved.
I am hopeful that you will consider joining us in this effort and offer your time, resources,
or a donation to positively impact the lives of our students.
Community partnerships allow schools to experience new opportunities.
Working collaboratively, we can build a stronger learning environment for our students and families.
Through your support and your caring, our school will be rewarded throughout the upcoming year!
The investment of your time and effort provides immeasurable benefits
to our children now and in their future.
-School Website

School Website
Broken Links
No Athletic/Extracurricular Information
Not well organized

Mission Statement and

The mission of Arlington
Woods Elementary, School 99, as a Project:
RESTORE school is to provide a rigorous, quality education for the
students in our community. Our data driven program will build our
students character and educational foundation for future success,
through relentless high expectations and continuous recognition of
growth. Project: RESTOREReshaping an Entire School by Taking
Ownership of a Rigorous Education.

Project REstore
A group of teachers, frustrated with a generation of failure at the school, decided two years
ago to demand more from every student
The teachers, with their principal's support, put in place a program they call Project Restore. The educators
decided there was no time for slow-moving committees and drawn-out debates. Too many children were on
the brink of academic failure, and the stakes for the students and their city were too high (Tully).

Project Restore (Cont.)

The school met federal standards last year for only the second time in a decade. Among the
many gains, the number of students passing the English portion of ISTEP increased by 16
percentage points in one year, and 82 percent of African-American fourth-graders passed
the math portion of the test.

Restore as an Effective
School Model

One writer for the Indy Star notes that other struggling schools should follow Restore model since he found

that it was so effective with Arlington Woods.

Laughner and Kriech initially designed as a way to bring academic intensity, more parental involvement, a
more lively atmosphere and more effective discipline techniques to Arlington Woods Elementary, School 99,
on the Eastside (Tully).
Despite facing the same levels of poverty and other challenges as the school Murrys children attend,
improvement came quickly at Arlington Woods.

IPS 99 is a state funded school
The IPS Education Foundation funds teachers projects via
matching grants on that make it possible to fill in the
gap between classroom needs and available money. Through these
programs, teachers are able to provide materials that their students
need and that set their students up for success.

Why I chose this School

I actually chose Arlington Woods because it is a struggling school, but

they really have made a turnaround that certainly gives hope to many
children in a poor community.