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Idioms with kitchenware

1. Life is just a bowl of cherries

Ex: Now that I have been promoted to manager,
life is just a bowl of cherries.

2. Have too much on ones plate

Ex: As I have become a manager in this
company now, I just have too much on my

3. Fork something out (to someone)

Meaning: _________________________________
Ex: My mom is not ready to fork out a few
dollars for my trip.
4. See the glass half full
Meaning: _________________________________
Ex: Even with this lost in my business; I
see the glass half full for the future.
5. See the glass half empty
Meaning: ________________________________
Ex: Things have been disappointing for me
with the new policy of this company and I
see the glass half empty.

6. Have one in the oven

Meaning: _______________________________
Ex: She has twins in the oven and it's due
next month.

7. Have a memory like a sieve

Meaning: ____________________________________
Ex: You know well that her memory is like a
sieve, how can you expect her to do such a
difficult job to remember all the list of products?

8. A watched pot never boils

Meaning: ___________________________________
Ex: It will take time to remove all the viruses from
your computer. Dont be impatient, a watched
pot never boils.

9. The pot calling the kettle

Meaning: ___________________________________
Ex: Dont feel bad about childrens mistakes; you
were a child too once, its like a pot calling
the kettle black.

10. Born with a silver spoon in ones mouth

Meaning: _________________________________
Ex: I cannot buy that expensive necklace
because I was not born with a silver spoon
in my mouth.

11. Go under the knife

Meaning: _________________________________
Ex: If necessary, you must go under the knife
for your heart problem.

12. Out of the frying pan into the fire

Meaning: _________________________________
Ex: She lost her husband a few months ago.
She went out of the frying pan into the
fire when she also lost her son.

12. Not ones cup of tea

Meaning: _________________________________
Ex: You play football very well but its not my
cup of tea.

1. You can't raise your kid overnight. It takes time to grow

up. __________________________
2. She can't lift heavy things; she's got ___________________
3. I failed my exam. I _____________________________ for
my future.
4. I don't want ____________________________ such a big
amount of money for this expensive jewellery.
5. She tried to convince me that if you move to
Switzerland, _____________________________ there.
6. Your pain in your hand will be relieved if you
7. He can afford to go to the UK for his further study. It is
obvious that he is __________________________.
8. With the school examination, quiz competition and football
match, he ____________________________ already.
9. She has some difficulty remembering spelling.
Her ________________________________.


You are calling me fat? Look at yourself__________

_____________________ !

This book is about philosophy and it's ____________

______________________ to understand about it.


So what if I failed in the interview, I ______________

__________________.Better luck next time!


I failed my math test and I was ________________

_____________________when I couldn't finish my English