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Katie Zepp

Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 978 8664

Professional Profile
Committed to enhancing the lives of young people by
collaborating with teachers, staff, students and the community to
create engaging and authentic educational experiences that
prepare students for the 21st century
...demonstrates a high
caliber of academic zeal

Holds Master of Arts Degree in Teaching

Holds Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature

and passion for learning

and has a leadership

ability and quality that is

second to none...
Eddie Karriker
Assistant Principal

Experienced in use of current and up-and-coming

educational technology including LMS systems and the
flipped classroom model
Dedicated to creating collaborative, student-centered
learning experiences in order to prepare all students for
success outside of the classroom
Focused on guiding students in the quest for deep
understanding of big and enduring ideas in the field of
English, particularly as the study relates to
communication, analysis of complex literary and
informational texts, listening and thinking skills and
Masters Practitioner Portfolio available at
Bio and work for Curriculet available at

Education, Honors, and Certifications

M.A. Teaching
Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC. 2013

...excellent rapport with

students. Ms. Zepps

respectful, calm,

supportive demeanor
creates a well-organized

classroom... students

and genuinely

Professional Certifications
North Carolina HS English Masters level licensure

Key Qualifications

and productive

obviously feel cared for

B.A. English
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL. 2008

Certified to teach English in grades 9-12. Holds Masters

level certification
Thorough knowledge of and training in the use of the
Common Core standards for High School English
Experienced and skilled in using and teaching the use of a
variety of technological tools including software programs,
web-based learning tools, the Google Docs suite, and the
use of Active Boards, Chrome Books, and tablets; strong
advocate of 1:1 technology
Innovative and forward thinking educator who consistently
incorporates the principles of Understanding by Design

Dr. Kathy Adams

Graduate Supervisor
Salem College

and Differentiation into planning and the facilitation of


Teaching Experience

...well respected for her

engaging personality,

would recommend her

for any position of
influence. Any employer

who decides to hire her

will be very fortunate to

Paul Ratchford Vice

President DNC P&R at

Collaborative work was

learner-centered and

aligned with Common

Digital Sales Lead at Barnes and Noble, March 2012August 2012

Winston-Salem, NC
Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, July 2008February 2010
Yosemite National Park, CA

Involvement and Recognition

have her on their team.

High School English Teacher, 2012 to 2014

Starmount High School, NC
Lead Training Coordinator March 2010 to December
Yosemite National Park, CA

Leadership Positions

warmth, and overall

leadership style. We

High School English Teacher, 2014 to present

Reagan High School, NC
Curriculum Designer/ Consultant, 2014 to present, CA

Habitat for Humanity Youth United Club Sponsor at

Reagan High School 2014-Present
Member of Academic Excellence Committee 2014present
Reagan Outdoor Adventure Club Sponsor 2015present
2012-2014 Member of School Improvement Team
2012-2014 Member of Scholarship Committee
2013-2014 Member for RttT Focus Group
2012-2014 Starmount High School Book Club
Recognized as the 2012-2013 ENG II teacher with
the highest EOC scores and subsequently designated
as the primary ENG II teacher
2012-2013 International Festival Assistant Director
Member of county-wide pilot team for the use of the
online learning management system Canvas
Member of county-wide curriculum development
team for English II Benchmark Exams 2012-2014
Member of 2013 & 2014 teacher panels for Salem
Colleges incoming class of student teachers
Participant in The Friday Institutes 2013 Technology
Leader Institute (Raleigh, NC)
Chosen in the first, highly selective wave of
applicants to develop content for up and coming,
Common Core based company Curriculet which
designs online, imbedded content for both literary

Core Standards. Ms.

Zepp is adept at
effectively using
technology and keeping
students engaged in

Professional Affiliations

higher level thinking


Dr. Kathy Adams

and informational texts

Presenter at Salem Colleges Week of Academic
Excellence 2014- Invited to present Masters Action
Research project to students, faculty and the

International Reading Association

Association for Supervision and Curriculum
National Council of Teachers of English