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3s 70 SOLE MIO! (MY SUNSHINE) Edited by Mario Poets SERENATA G.CAPURRO NEAPOLITAN SERENADE ‘Translawod by Nathan Haskell Dole EDUARDO di CAPUA Andantino — PIANO f co. sa na fur nata’e Mas-tre da fo_ne. sta 3.Quan-no fa not.teeo %6-le se ne 4. What love. ty sunshine! What «day of S.Brigh shine the small panes In thy chamber - 6.When night of - proach es And the sum is i —— =, ria se. rena op - po ‘aa tem. po — Ja-van _ nate can. tae se me van - ta, soon. ni mme vo ne qua-se ‘na. malin cu . ai - been — Gy, Hlow calm the air io When a storm it end = sin 2 dow A woo. many singing, -Cleans 3 tin em nal set bing, Amd vn. cho Fills. my heart with — yearn ing pace git me for — ce, Span nee to - ia’ re- star — ri Like a fete. day sf While her “song rings swt Uy. Bright shine the Fain I would be turn — ing. When night ap — — SS SSS = = — = == day small fanes in thy cham And the ~ sun 87 te, thrill sta nfrontes te, My heart doth fil — sta nfrontes te, —— My heart doth fill Silt > EF Pp a 4