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Lesson Plan

Day: M T W T F Date: ___________ Time: ___12.30pm_____ Year: __11___

Learning Area: _Geography ____ Topic: _ Global networks and interconnections
Curriculum content description: (from ACARA)
Year 11 Geography- global networks and interconnections.
Students prior knowledge and experience:
(Outline what the students already know about this topic)

Background information about a specific element of culture.

Information about each dot point for the selected element of culture.

Learning purpose: (May refer to the Elaborations of the curriculum content description here)
Students explore the economic and cultural transformations taking place in the world the
spatial outcomes of these processes and their social and geopolitical consequences that will
enable them to better understand the dynamic nature of the world in which they live.
Learning objectives:
On completion of this lesson, students will
be able to:
(What will students know and be able to do at
the completion of the lesson specific, concise
and attainable objectives)

Collaboration of their information, so

all the students will have enough
information to fill all dot points.
All students are preparing for their
extended answer question.

(Explain how you will know that lesson
objective have been achieved / monitor student

The ability to create a mind map with

the information they have from
previous research.

From the information presented

through the presentation done by each

Preparation and Resources:

(Detail what resources will be used and what other preparation of the learning environment will
be required)
A3 sheet of paper
Text book
Coloured pens
Writing paper

Catering for diversity (detail any adjustments considerations for educational/resource

All the students are in the same academic level and they were all at the same stage in their
There are some students who are doing the research on different topics, but they are in the same
field so they will be paired together to make the fifth team, so they will be included in a group
activity that is relevant to their topic.

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Learning Experiences:
1. Introduction: (How will I engage the learners?)
Introduce myself to the class

Give instructions on what they have to do during the lesson.

I want you to do a small presentation to the class on your chosen element of


The presentation will be about the strongest dot point. Each group will select
a presenter and one helper to present or hold up the mind map.

Now I will give you 5 minutes to finish off on your mind map.

2. Sequence of learning experiences: (What will you do to help the students

achieve the learning objectives? What tasks and activities will the students be
involved in to help achieve the learning objectives?)

Walk around the class to check on where there are in completing the mind
Now I want you to start working on your mini presentation for this I will give
you 5 minutes
Walk around the class
Ask each group who is presenting
Check on behaviour
Pause the lesson
Get them to finish off on presentation notes
Give instruction on the presentation procedure and what the audience have to
do during the presentation.
When one group is presenting I want the other students to create a PMI.
Explain what a PMI is
Something positive
Something Minus
Something Interesting
Remind them that they might have to give their opinion at the end of each
Get the students to present their presentation
After each presentation get some students to share their PMI with the class.
Depending on the length of each presentation select the number of peer

Murdoch University

3. Lesson conclusion: (How will you summarise the learning and relate it to the
lesson objectives?)

What are the areas or dot points were you weakest dot points?

Why do you think is that?

Do you know why I wanted you to reflect this weeks research today??

By looking at the mind map do you know where you should focus you
research for next week?

I want you to use see where you are with your research and to use the skills
you used in collecting relevant information for you strongest dot points to get
information on your weakest dot points by doing this you will be well
prepared for you extended answer question.

Lesson Evaluation:
(Reflect on the lesson. What worked? What did not work? What would you change? Why?)
This lesson was done as a collaborated whole class lesson with the other per serviced teacher
Mr. S. We planned this lesson together and he decided to start the lesson and for me to finish the
lesson. We had to come up with a new lesson plan the day before because our mentor teacher
forgot to take the sports carnival in to consideration previously. But I think the lesson was
overall a successful one.
Pausing and proximity worked well with behaviour management. Over all their behaviour was
excellent throughout the lesson.
Need to work on my tone; my voice was not consistent throughout the lesson need to keep a
steady and strong voice.

Murdoch University

The instruction needed to be clearer. So the students know exactly what do during the lesson.
Need to phrase the volunteering students, so the students feel encouraged in participating in
group discursions more often.

Murdoch University