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EDTECH 552 Server Project Report- Jeff Ochs

1. The goal of this project was to build a simple webpage and host it on my local
machine to be seen online. Here is the network layout for my home setup.

2. Here are the steps I took to implement this project (includes screenshots of various
steps and trouble shooting attempts)
a. Downloaded a CSS template and revised it with Dreamweaver to fit the
needs of the simple site.
b. I installed WAMP and put the server online.
c. Tested the site using /localhost and loopback

d. Changed the root password on MySQL server

e. Went to No-Ip, got a Dynamic DNS (

f. Downloaded No-IP DUC

g. Changed settings in DUC after logging in (a few different times trying from
different locations)
h. Tested the server with the NO-IP URL ( ) and was not
i. Checked ports using (53 was the only one open,
port 80 was blocked)

j. Looked all around to try to change the port to 53 but couldn't see where to
do it. Thought it was within DUC but that wasn't it.
k. After watching the videos, all the other suggestions on the forum, and even
calling a network administrator buddy who tried to help. We ran netstat an

under the command prompt to try to find any other open ports. Nothing was

l. I even tried using another home computer to see it within the home network
and couldn't access it. I could ping the machines with each other but it
would not find the page. (forbidden)
m. I went back to the portforwarding and DMZ videos and that did not help as I
did not have any way to forward the port as there were none available after
using the port scanner and
n. Went through all the suggestions on the forum and nothing seemed to
address my issue. Part of the problem I'm saw is that DUC sees one IP which
it attributed to my ISP and my local machine is showing another assigned IP.
3. If you encountered difficult problems during your progress, briefly describe them
and your solutions.
a. My initial problem was that I was trying to complete this project at school
within our very secure network. I accomplished everything up to publishing
the site. I repeated the process at home with no luck there either. MY ISP is
Digital Path (a wireless provider) that has been a little shaky recently. DP is
the only broadband I can get at my house as there is no DSL or cable run
down our road. My signal strength fluctuates depending on the time of day
and sometime completely goes out. I researched their site to see if I could
host a page and they dont offer that. I could not configure my home switch
so I was stuck with the one open port that I couldnt access. Im not sure
what was more frustrating, not being able to figure out how to publish the
site or dealing with the intermittent ISP.

4. Describe what you have learned from the project and how php+MySQL
environments can be used in facilitating teaching and learning.
a. I learned that I have a lot to learn in the area of networking, especially trying
to publish a server. I can see how having access to your own server for
facilitating teaching and learning use can be beneficial if you need that level
of flexibility. One of my schools used to use Moodle as a platform for learning
but no longer does as we do not have the programs to support it. If an
institution needs to customize a service to suit their needs, specific
Apache/php/MySQL environments open a vast window of opportunity for