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surrounding AIDS. Every Labor Day weekend in New Orleans, there isa celebration in the French Quarter called “Southern Decadence.” It’s something like a summertime Mardi Gras, just a four day party, and I’ve been to four of the last five. It has become the second largest annual event in New Orleans, and even though it was hot and humid, and despite the fact that I rarely sat down, I came back energized by the fun I had. Sometimes, fun activities can be like exercise, in that the energy you expend is less than the energy you actually get back. Living a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude, it would seem, requires setting aside time to get out of the house or out of the city, just to have a good time. You need to treat yourself sometimes to remember that this fight is worth it. At this year’s Southern Decadence, I did have a few drinks one night that were bought for me, but mostly I just drank Cokes or 7-Ups. It was my soberest Decadence of all, but strangely enough, it wasalso the most fun I’ve had down there. Moderation can be great fun. It’s not necessary to travel before having fun. Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes fun, but it can usually be found locally. I, myself, like sporting events, shooting pool with my friends, or big events like Pride week or Southern Decadence. Other people like dancing or amusement parks, both of which bore me to tears. Whatever it is that turns you on, make plans and do it. Stagnation will not helpextend your life span. As Seal says in his song, “We’re never going to survive, unless we get a little crazy.” Getting a little crazy can help clear the system and the mind. Add in some adrenaline, and your energy level can increase and sometimes be sustained. It just takes some planning anda little effort. Raising the energy to make this effort appears to be easier now, through shots, hormones and/or steroids, which will be the topic of my November column. That’s when I'll report on my three month evaluation of this treatment. I will hint now that I’m very pleased with it, and 1 havea much higher energy level. Atleast, I had the energy to walk the streets of the French Quarter for four days.