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Bur Seienneat Dtor-E lee Aon a ©, > was lonely; ol 4 somebody; who G9 B like me in every |-3; so that V2 had something in comMONDAY 2 do and say. Then @> found U 1 JEENDAY and said; *U will B my 4 ever FRIEND”: U made me so ba-P. U bright-END t my life; V got along so Bana had lots of fun in R own stride... And now > just can imal what @> @ have done without \; 4 UR so Iderful, fun-E and $S3€@ U R my dream-come- true; So, dear FRIEND, say U will al &: B there, 2 share in my good and bad (ex and 2 tell me U CARE’.