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‘Appeal Court Phnom Penh dludge in Charge Phnom Penh Cambodia Case ref: Criminal Case No, 508 ‘The Netherlands, Amsterdam. 4 December 2008 Your Honor, In the case with above mentioned reference number | would lke to inform you about the following: My name is Jan Nanne and | am chaitran of the Foundation MOV-Hensbroek. MOV is a Dutch Christian organisation who aims, via old-church-members, to support development projects in developing countries. We know Ms. Angelique SMIT from birth because she was born in Hensbroek. We decided to support Ms, Smit financially with development projects in Cambodia where she moved to in 2001 1n 2004 Ms. Smit approached MOV-Hensbroek for support to Development Technology Workshop (O7W) in Cambodia, Ms. Smit dd the fundraising for DTW. From Cambodia, DTW sent us € 5,000 for doing promotional activites. In 2005 MOV-Hensbroek informed DTW that no longer we wanted tot promotie OTW in The "Netherlands. The reason for this was that we found out that Ms. Smit wasn't working for DTW ‘anymore. MOV-Hensbroek declared that it gave the mentioned amount of € 5000 to Angelique Smit. Before returning this money to DTW, MOV-Hensbroek dictated that Ms. Smit should first recalculate the amount that was stil owed to her by DTW before sending the rest to DTW. MOV-Hensbroek understood that the amount that Ms Smit is claiming from OTW from successfully {ulflled duties is around US$16,000. Ms Smit has started a civil procedure against DTW in Cambodia in 2007. No court decision has been made or is know to us.