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er, ge 2G, Rot ae PE eI Ig Se! ee oe ‘aero ain 8 safe err seg Sere ici Ta enya men a ae fae Sefer fr = sere feserg ne fy ca ere. mn pursuanee of eluase (3) of article 348 of the Constitution of India, the fllowing translation in English ofthe Maharashtra Value Added Tax (Amendieat) Onlinanee, 2010, (Mah, Ord 1 010), s hereby published under the authority of the Governor. By order and in the name of the Governor of Maharashtra, BB. PATEL, Secretary to Government, Law and dudilary Department, [Translation in Baglish of the Maharashtra Value Added Tass (Amendment) ‘Ordinance, 2030 (Mah. Ord. 1 of 2010}, published under the authority of the Governor FINANCE DEPARTMENT Mantralays, Mumbai 400 082, dated the 18th February 2000 MAHARASHTRA ORDINANCE No, 11 OF 2010. AN ORDINANCE further to amend the Moharoshira Value Ade Tax Act, 2002, WHEREAS both Houses of tho State Legislature are notin session AND WHEREAS the Governor of Maharashtra is satisfied that ‘Sreumstances exist which render it necessary for him to take ion, Smmediate wetion further to amend the Maharashira Valve Added oil ax Act, 2002, far the purposes hereinafler appearing serge re seer we te, a te, Be Be HERE NOW, THEREFORE, in exercise of the powers conforred by clause (7) of article 218 of the Consitutin of India, the Governor fof Maharashisa is hereby pleased to promlgate the following Ordinance, namely 4. (1) This Ordinance may be called th ‘Tax (Amendment) Ordinance, 2010 laharashtea Value Addet (2) 1 shall come into force at once 2. In section ofthe Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002, in 33h. sub-section (1), the proviso shall be deleted, 28 se eer er UT wn, ga te, Hot £8 Hae : SPATRMENT Subssection (2) of section of the Maharashira Value Added ‘Tax Act, 2002 (Mah. IX of 2005) provides that, the State Government may, by notification in the Official Gastite, provide for reducing Gor oohancing the rates of tax specified in the Schedules appended 4 the said Act. The proviso Uo the said sub-section (7) provides that, no notifeation which provides for enhancement of rate of fax thall be issued after the expity of the peri of two years from the appointed day and not more than one such notifieation shall he insted within such period. Sbseacton 2) of section Gof the said Act provides thal, any noifleation issued under sub: ‘section (7) shall be laid before the State Legislators on par with the rules made under section 88 by the State Government, The id period of two years from the appointed day, i.e. Irom the st April 2005, han alvendy been expired om the st March 207 With a view to mect certain contingencies, it is proposed to delete the proviso to. sub-section 17) of section 9 of the said [Att 50 a to enable the State Government to enhsnce the rates of tax by notification under the said sub-section (1). However, the power of the Siate Guvernment 9 insue any such notieation under sub-section (J) shall be subject to the provisions of sub-section (2) of section 9 of the said AK 2. As both Houses of the State Legislature are not in session tnd the Governor of Maharashtra is satisfied that circumstances ‘viet whieh render it nesaary fe him to fake immediate ti further to amend tho’ Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2003, for the purposes aforesaid, thit Ordinance is promulgated, Mumba, K. SANKARANARAYANAN, Dated the 16th February 2030, Governor of Maharashtra By order and in the name of the Governor of Malrarashtra, VIBYADHAR KANADE Principal Seeretary to Government,