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Convolution in Matlab

The convolution in matlab is accomplished

by using conv command.
If u is a vector with length n and v is a
vector with length m, then their
convolution will be of length n+m-1
Convolution is a commutative operation.
Convolution in time domain corresponds
to multiplication in frequency domain.


The impulse response and input to the

system is used to calculate the system
output, an example follows


Frequency Domain Analysis

The basic command to do the Fourier
analysis is fft,

Time domain and Frequency

domain representation

Convolution Using FFT

In frequency domain convolution is merely
multiplication of signals, this property is
used to find response of systems
Let x1 be an input signal to system with
impulse response x2 , we take fft of x1
and x2 and multiply them to get the x3 the
frequency domain output from the system.
Ifft(x3) will give us the time domain output.


Another Example of forming your

own functions in matlab
In this example our objective is to form a
function which takes x1(input) and
x2(impulse response) and returns both the
frequency domain and time domain output