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13 STEPS TO NOWHERE Words and Music by VINCENT ABBOTT, DARRELL ABBOTT, PHILIP ANSELMO and REX BROWN “All gr. tuned down aproe. 1s step: ‘Moderately slow: Tempo I (J = 84) Ivo: Drum gS es Bhs “Pach at somewhere between 1& steps down. "Two gr ar for one Bs ais 5s bis 13 Steps Nowhere ane © 1956 wa TAMERL ANE PUBLISHING CORD. METAL MAGIC MUSIC, RESS MUSIC DIAMOND DARRELL MUSIC, ABADABA MUSIC and COTA ‘Al Rights Adtinstered by WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. AIT Rights Reserved Verses 1 2: es hs 5s bs 1.Your win dows board - ed up, 2. See addtional lyrics pura RU A (Gi 1) 3 times Bs BS BS kis Bs abs ‘The talk shows pump it up, lab rats diseased for show. We're doomed to use the slang, Bis Bs Bs es ms at break of drug route vA church burned to the ground, tot even noetced yet — Chere pore Ds 8 alCode ‘Thirteen! Thirteen! Thirteen! ‘Thir-teen! ‘Thintoent —Thit-teen—stepst meses oooomasio aoe ngs rite - N.C{BPS) b ‘Your back 12 Steps to Nowhere 5-2 News) b The wolf poked with the stick, A-waits with can - cer- ous breath! Ne. DISAD hSIGh NCBI) x x # f be Leds no = wheret Ou. sid ere still sup - pose, 13Sepe to Nowhere -5-3 ne Neos) o4 ieee mien atte be _# «6 ¢ SS SE ‘The truth — should not surprise, your homes were built on Hes! ___— Slower: Tempo Il (3. = 48) Ne Inerade: 13 Steps wo Nowhere - one ‘TempoT( 4 =84) ure: NCAES) ES ahs hone Bs ghee ai ea ple bate Rg SSS = SS oThirteent Thirteen! Thirteen Thir-tent Thir-teen step es 5 on Verse 2: ‘A backnard swastika, ‘actin kin aie nn. ‘haa gucgter fem, itbeaw's jog that’s dead. Win to use the slang Outbreak of gun roulsu, ‘The cross slants to the sie, Mi vee danmccent (To Chorus:) os 13 Steps to Nowhere 5-5 one BECOMING All ts tne dows ftp: Words and Music by VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT, =D 8 REX ROBERT BROWN and PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO. =e O=D Moderately J = 120 ify Fig 1A (Ot.2) Ir: Poy dimes psa No Chordte5) Cte Rhy Fig 1 f AS 343 Verse Halftime fel Hs Gs RS GS NCEE) (Lost time) A Yong ime a. go 1 nev er knew omy ~ sell. 2, See addtional lyrics, end Rhy Fig. PM. PM PM. Fs Gs NCS) of shame. SF wicie syd, effet 1 — {© 1994 COTA MUSIC, INC. and POWER METAL MUSIC. INC. AI Righs Aditred by W ARNER-TAMERLANE FUBLISHING CORP. Becoming -5 1 iy MA Rights Reserved’ FS GSN CIES) HS Gs jcc at Cite ie gh oS. lea jaa : dat F oa Un a2, Ug vO 7 oa SS eS So Doubtesime NU cig. 4a Core.2) (4 TIMES) ee No more. ‘The smalt one, the weak one, the fright i ened ‘one, = SS = isceessag 3 > Bia 8 fag : ss ——— f. £ - i fei 3 —— ? a. = ¢ eats ite ft Se ome == \° ‘more than a man. More, than ‘you evo: oer were, — = aay oes igi 3 ged g 7 , ¢ 7 i —— ne o238 12 ft Elk 1 (Gtr. 2) Halftime feo! wih (Ce gens psa ae ya Bs as DA. Be + com - ing with snakes eyes Becoming -$-3 3B a Double-time wiRhy Fig. 1A (Gi. 2,4 times) Nas) HS Gs : ; i Ent! o f z oe aaa ie eae me os Nea “eis 73 meses qa ie = : SS ° ar a+ ee So 0° a Becoming 3-4 on38 4 Double-time ToCoda @ ies ee pee care os Ansitates Rhy. Fig, 1) wiGte synth sound effets Play 4 ames cys Newsy resis nd te) God + site. — $5 HS Gs Addional Lyrics Vere using ough my bande [ound my if was slipping through my han Derhaps tough death myife wont be s0 bad {an fee you, ean fock you sie of you. Siang tou youre ‘Bee your facade fo serve met susk me, to realize my saving grasp. Tofsuiee. the nord Becoming 5-5 OB 15 DRAG THE WATERS Words and Music by VINCENT ABBOTT, DARRELL ABBOTT, PHILIP ANSELMO and REX BROWN sOte 1 doubled win 4.1 (Ger 1)3 times FSS FS ES Ne. Fs ES Fs rs NG. Dg te Water (© 1996 WARNER-TAMERL ANE PUBLISHING CORP, METAL MAGIC MUSIC, RESS MUSIC, DIAMOND DARRELL MUSIC, ABADABA MUSIC and COTA MUSIC: INC. “All Rights Administered by WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. ‘AIL Rights Reserved 16 Verses 1 & 2: FSS SES NC. FS ES NC. 1A. smack on the writs is the words. from the mouth 2. See additonal lyries Gt iy Fg.2 sid ers, law = yers, po = tice, ‘and the guns and the rape, it should all___ be 0 - ay. end Rh. Fg 2 ig. g.2 (Gir. 1) SES NC fa ther is rich, he the judge, hes the man, he's the god that got your son-tence re - duced.— FS ES NC ay ie~ a But in the back of his mind he well ‘knows— what he'd find. if he looked — Dag de Wars 11-2 oa os 5 Whoat ES NC. Chor: FS BS Sanrsaaitt How!— 18 ey. Pg (Gir 1) tones CSG DSA EbsmBb FS ES FS BS Drag the wa-ters some more, Ivetude: ne oa BoB pees ST ered bend lansing echo effec, ews ieee 19 Guitar Solo: , flange echo & wah used as fer Bogie Wate 11-5 20 9) abe ‘Top sing while hldngben, Drag he Waters- 11-6 ons 2 9) 3) Bagi Ween 1-7 2 Chorus: ni. lg (Gr 1) 4 times BES OI ES NG SES FSES NC Drag the wa-ters some more. Double-time feet BSS Fs 5s Ne. SES SES Drag the Waters. one Fs es Daag the Waters 11-9 uae Bs Ne, 2B Drag the wa- ters some more.- 24 See what it isn side that fuck tn’ le, Ne ES FsEs Ne Drag the wa - ters some more. — Like nev = er be = fore Fs BS Fs Es Ne Bs es BS ES OS AS BIS AS Bos BS ters some more. Ant 12a, bat dives, pik tapes ted esac wl end. Woters- 11-10 wR Fi. (Gir 1) times FSES Fs BS Ne, 25 FES Yeah! Ne. Dig the wa - ters some FSS FS ES Ne. be + fore. Verse 2: ‘Sweet is the slice and the lips ‘You're gonna have that woman, She is your favorite lay Promized, you swore, that no one hed been there ‘And she was gonna Keep it that we Let it move in, you got thin ‘And got high and your money went ‘And so did your friends. Bur ae by your side and her smile Cannot hide the premonition of the beckoning end, ‘The end. (To Chorus.) Drag the 26 COWBOYS FROM HELL Words and Music by VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT, REX ROBERT BROWN and PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO Fm 4, AC} (Ds pls as a fee Moderate rock 4 = 116 ee ia fe oe fae Ri A end Rutt A RIM A (Gir 1)2 times Gu.2 Rare iran (Gt 3) eae CComboys From Hell- 10-1 one {© 1990 COTA MUSIC, INC, ang POWER METAL MUSIC, INC: AIT Right Adninitered by WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP All Rights Reserved 27 Gu.283 From Hell - 10 Contos From Hel 10-2 Verses 1 2: no = bod-y touches us at 1.Un-der the Hghts— where we stand tall bet-ter mot take it out on 2 Pit-lage the vil trash the scene, but Caboys From Hell 10-3 gonna take what ours to. have.— Spread the word through-out the ‘out of the dark-nessand in-to the light, sparks fly, ev ~ “ty-where in bod guys wear black. dov-ble bar-rel,____iwelve gauge, Contre om Hell- oe % Chorus: ‘Aimed at you, we're the cow-boys from Hell ‘Contoys From Hall 10-5 Pony 31 es To cole! @ [7 ‘Comin’ from you,— we're the cow-boys from Hell. id (Covtoys From Hell- 10.6 cy 2 Guitar Sole: 2 7 g G5 wis op E Em Ry Fg Gen 283 Com in from you— we're the cow. ~ boys from Hell Gus es PM PM PM ort (2) bs pons d—J yd pace a — ORE as EAST ign 11S Cowboys From Hel - 10-7 bP WR Fle (Girs.2& 3) Em c a (S00) Sy BR Bridge: "wT (Gir 4) st me onby > Bis as Ne. Gun283 ey Covtoys Pom Hell- 10-8 ome 3 (3) latte only (oa) G 4 aa pent = > ~ = ——= S| = = = — — a2 (Gir. Taste only Gus 283 oY To Coda 1 oa wea 3 (G3) lassie only a ‘mu (G2) From Hel! 10-9 35 DS8 alCode Coda 11 Se we're the cow - boys from Hell. pou side, we're the cow- boys from Hell. Cowboys From Hell - 10-10 tease HERESY ‘Words and Music by VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT, REX ROBERT BROWN and PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO Fast | 2176 iro: r) See rineeed eee (ave) vo ay gt ates ance PM. throughout nd Ras Fit Hesesy-10-1 38 {© 1990 COTA MUSIC, INC. snd POWER METAL MUSIC, INC, ‘Al Rigits Admiaisefed by WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. ‘A Rights Reserved 37 BS Bhs Abs BS Bs BASS GS AS Bs obs Abs Bhs BS BBS GS. ts as. Bs Bhs ADS bs BS Bhs Gs ts as Bs obs abs Bhs BSS CHS. Gs chs Verses & 3: aa = ture is of vio ent breed, lief“ is) stron - ger than” your ad ~ View os ats theres they "go. Bs Bs BS ESS. fu - tres laid out for gives them rea - son to Heresy 10-3 038 cls ots cts gs ona back-wards glove, a ea ters ono one® feet’ or os oats ks Bs Fs sin fo you. For me ith hope; its my le and pros vi syne thet “ie de = aes BY where TS Be > tong Hay 10-4 ae 40 ES Gs ols Black or white, some to pray, You ques = tion why they act My sand he, RY = man Face owih - tut kay = bel ES Ne cts pbs Gs Bs cts bs BS cts bs as Bs cts Bbs Peace signs, pro = test. ines mean noth ing tome Harey-10-5 02338 a Ry. ig (Gr 1) times BS ime, Here + sy absabs ES BS Bbs Fis Gs a2 Get Bbs Heresy 10-7 coe as ts ots Gs Fs FAs as Fis ats FIs cs cs ts Bs FIs 4a cs ats Bis BS cs BS Bibs ra os os Es Gs Es Gs Fs Gs ES os Bs Gs Es os Bs AS os BS AS GS OFS Hey 10-8 os “4 Fis BS Gs BS FS BS Gs es FHS FS GS BS FAS ES Gor Fs BS Gs Es Fis ES Gs BS Hs 723. Ils cs BS AS FSS CS OBS OAS HIS ES CS BS AS cS BS AS IS ES cS Bs AS FES BS CS BS AS Fis CS BS AS FIS BS CS BS AS FES ES CS BS AS FES Sle pitt: tga? te pee es Heresy 10-9 on3B 45 i. Pg (Gi 1) 5 times Uy | ats as ts As cs Ds cts pis bbs BS Fis 10-10 oe THE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILL Words and Music by VINCENT ABBOTT, DARRELL ABBOI PHILIP ANSELMO and REX BROWN "Allg. tuned down approx th pe Fast: Tempo (4 = 224) Ins News (Seream) Blah! Cte (weary dis) Ry Ft end Ry Fig ‘Phen fas coment between 1&1 spe dow ‘Side et and finger up and down st wight prssre, not enough to fet, prodigal harmonic ‘The Great Soutbem Trenill-7- 1 ose (© 1996 WARNER TAMERL ANE PUBLISHING CORP, METAL MAGIC MUSIC, RESS MUSIC, DIAMOND DARKELL MUSIC, ABADABA MUSIC and COTA MUSIC INC. "AIT Righs Administered by WARNER TAMERL ANE PUBLISHING CORP. "A Righis Reserved a7 = Verses 1 6 2 REA (G1) 4 mes G BRS og \, AB Rs wearing on — my mind Tm speak- ail— my doubts a - fond You 2.Seeadditonal lyrics eee 7 6 BRS G ss rob a dead man’ grave, then Double-time: Tempo I (4 = 224) wy. 1 (Gir 1) fount it like you did ore - ate, — Y 1 hit bor - som and ev - “ry thing’ gone im the — great Mis ~ sis ~ sip ~ pi please Haltsimes Tempo It (J = 112) WRT (Gir I) tomes : —— FSS 4 LBS Fis 7° drown me and run Double-tine: Tempo I (J iy ip (GD) ts dig- ping time. a gain, you're mur-tur- ing the weak-cst —trend.— Those with the heart and the brain to get past this can spot a pa ther - ie with - out e- ven ask ing Halftime: Tempo It (J = 112) a rors og ben 7 Fuck your mag-a = zine, ‘and fuck the long dead plas-e scene, 2 8 rt 5a) ae ¢ ‘Me Gea Southern Trend - 7 an 48 6 mB MS oo ¥s bi hell was “in”, youd give your soul to the (5ma) To Coda ® be “The Grest Southern Tendlil-7-3 onB. 49 Slower: Tempo III (1 = 72) 6 Iuerude Coda BS _——____veen E 7 E zl (Spoken:) I's the great south-ern trend kil. ut Same 4 et tae ULL Ee a (oy ee (sme) Snay 4 2 ——— ‘Te Grat Southern Trend 7-4 i 50 Guitar Sole: wit 2) (Ba) oo wan € (G1) ~~ eS “The Grest Souther Trend 7-5 oe 51 ime (G1) es) Gus Te . ~ oN £ £ e “ pits filet #2 ¢ 9 ie a - —— a ; ce a Gus ‘WiRMTC (Gur 1) bs Gu Stet "2S tet isapprox. Ply wid jst past 2 fe. Te Gre Souther Teen 7-6 990. Play Wd jst past 24 tas “Gu 3 walgh vation on eps. Use these Zens. aba model ormpeow F Repeat eS ee “Tye Great Southern Trendill-7-7 Verse? Buy iat astore, from MTV to on the floor ‘You look just lke a star, IS prot you dont know who sou are Hthitbottom and everything’ gone, in the ‘Great Misssippi please drown me and run. Its bullshit ume again You'll seve the world within your trend. ‘Those with the heart and the brains to get Post he can spot apathetic without even asking Poltscally relieved, you'e product sold and well received. “The ight words spoken go ‘You'd ell your soul (fo Chonis:) 53 I’M BROKEN ‘Words and Music by Moderately 2 = 148, VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT, Hatsime tet REX ROBERT BROWN and PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO [No Chord (ES) “Guitar eee tt 4 4 1s: Ch,9=FE@ =B,0=6,9=G1,0=C4 © 1994 COTA MUSIC, INC. and POWER METAL MUSIC, INC. ‘All Righs Administered by WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP, "ARs Reserved 34 Verses 1&2: Ne. eee z pad) >? aid t path our loved ones ab mourn the day, won - der 2, See additional yries if well smile cof fins while + lw = sion 55 you taught your how! Thats how! That | Pm bok - en, — in = her-it my— 56 Vn Brken-9- 02238 fate Pee 7 Bridge: NCES) Lerring ga RTO Wh bar Pa Broken- 9-5 oe 58 es z= by = — ae , ; Soe +e = i fa A | With bar* - fates ot : a =—= = Guitar Te Broken -9-6 a8 59) Chorus: NCAES) Guitar 1 ith a seus NEES) NCES) unN Verse 2: Bridge 2 Chorus 2: ute: Additional Lyrics One day meal dic, Aiches ato ie forced toate ned inbred to sponge our beed Every warding leaking rober ‘Apolsom apo for mingled bios ‘Tobyoang for ones delucion, Thehiestic ost Nenereal mother embrace the oss Tha how Look at you now, You're broken, Inbert your he (To imertude) 61 Repeat and fade ——— re oy I CAN’T HIDE | Words and Music by VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT, PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO and REX ROBERT BROWN Allg. tare @ dows oD ‘Moderately fast metalin2 J = 126 nee 7. renin ae i oe Verses Ds tye writ-ten a 2m sil takes te (Eee. wilt) Gin (Ble. wis.) “Composite aerangenet Bate ant Hide -8-1 2238 (© 1997 WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP, RIA MUSte-INC ap VDPR MUSIC “Ai Righs Admit by WARNER: TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. Sea tee sao a our right now, cleat strength 1 do; bbs os cs bs with dope. But my eyer— like you, Tm just lke Bos Gs Fs sight lite A man that stands strength 2nd vel: My gus are bla Tou tide- 8-2 oe Chon: Gs abs os is Gs AS Gs BS Fis Gs abs Gs Fs os abs os SAS ps | done ast year and the years be + fore. egg Hie 8-3 ie Cont hide my = se strong. — oa Hie 8-4 case 2ndvel: Makes. = Guitar Soo: eral ser, 38 4 wii. & effec) can Hide- 8-5 eae Toa iss 6 ae Bb Gm Dm ‘Top noe produced by Harmonize ee Bb cm ve_je trem scoop ana dive yy Foca 1 can Hide 8-7 UCann: al vith = drat wn 69 in = side, /s ——— 70 SHEDDING SKIN Words and Music by seen VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT, ee REX ROBERT BROWN and PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO Ne Chord Sista a dp iges ages aed pe 2 eS sw/hy ig, 1 (Gee 3,3 times) Em? EmTonajToS EL dont Spoken: {3 See additonal Iries = = (end Rhy. Fig.) Em7addA Em? EmTonajTes £7 EmTadda Gide Td rather shoot myself tran fave you walch you 10 see whats (© 1984 COTA MUSIC, INC. and POWER METAL MUSIC: INC. ‘Anno DN Sint by WARMER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. "All Rights Reserved 1 ddA NC. Em? EmTanaj7is5_E°7 ‘ 1 feel you'd steal my skin 10 try and wear me 1 was be - trayed- ‘one Get Gus. 182, of my short ie, Youwere car-vied a = way,— had no. shame, but you were-at you ‘You were stick-ing to me likeascab— ST peeled you a - way.— bled for days WH Sediag kin 10-2 ae 2 anes wD ASadaD AbsedaD & f——- | —— ‘Then sepped oot of my selt— Chorus: NC : Tm shed ing skin. changing with-in. — faving in 4 E a +e oS ewes sae “7 bee a Pe ae ats = 22 2 ° Soe me 4¢ > 2 oS seer Throughawel-ten eyes dreamed you did.- cought in side 4 = oe Fe * - 5 wey ¥ Fe aayaay be #3 aoe _ = oa et eet = atte a? coor + vee + * Vm shed ding skin. spread: ing thin. fevered stem Steading Skin-10-3 oan Cre-at - ed the end, Kill- ing a fiend. Cm shed dingmy skin, ie ieee oF You're fuck ~ ing ‘and suck ~ ing Tyi teed eg ety PM, os peas fine, veg PM. e is Siedding Skin 10-4 ase 4 but no ones een in-side you tong : ‘ ratnefet SS SS + aS p = oe eae eae fo ee , ts =; tH = ert S erat ga eas teh ge RMT ye Meret de Te dee AS GSRIS FS = the fear, Verse 3: NGAES) gels nev-er love, Blood = y touch 4 ie SS - ‘Shesding Skin 10-5 ome Ss as) Bsr 5) BSF No peace arts) ese wis) csc es) Bs es) BSIF NC. Lome. You've got to toe me! Yeah |- — eS (ee Guitar Soo: NCAES) Ny Seating Skin 10-5 58 eam harm, ‘grad. bend ) Bsr es) Bis Shrunk- en head. Snake strike. @s) Bhsie as) BhSiE Poi son-ous. ‘Shesing Skin 10-7 ose ts) ese ts) csi drain you ou es) sie «5 BSiF NC. You've gor 10 Interludes z som harm: Stelling Skin 10-8 ae B sense With Bar (ae) Fs Guitae Soto Nc. eens ee eee ae 3 3 “— pan CS «es BSF es) Bis es BisE Gers. 1.42 9 Verse 2 1 dont think you betong inher, feel I'm sick Dont ask because you now dani well where I've been Tekepta simple woman through the thick and thin Bot {ve found the gute to severe om my Siamese vin, bon yortya Ever dah ep otle ranging back Seething black. fn betucen my longing fr fortune. fon face hu cane omyoar ince. The rato kissing ane bleeding I pat you sv. Thur You away pssed you away threw you ava. 80 MOUTH FOR WAR Words and Music by VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOT! REX ROBERT BROWN and PHILIP HANSEN ANSELM( Slow rock J = 80 noe Ne. Bs Ne. Bs Ne. BS Ne. Bs Ge Double time J =160 Bs Gs BS NC. as NC 05) BS NC OSS NG. Rig Fi? Es GS BS NC GS NC GS BS NC GS BS NC. GS ES Gs BS NG GS NC. ‘Mout For War -9-1 osB © 1992 COTA MUSIC, INC. and POWER METAL MUSIC. INC. AI Rights Adbnisted by WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP, ‘AI Rights Reserved BS NC. Gs BS NC, Gs BS NC. Gs Ga) “Fontelee atl peop ‘Halftime J = 80 Bis BSCS AS BIS GSAS Fis OS BE as cS as bs 8 ine e She = q ee Seg PFs RS PPS Tee = ; _— f e, ert i aut + a — = Bbs BSCS AS BLS as AS FAIS GS) BbS BSCS AS BbS OS NC. é = Re~ venge!- Vere iy. Fi. 3 (Gr 1) 4 timer Bhs BSCS ASBIS GSAS. Fis as BS BSCS AS BIS GS NC. BS a cf screaming re ~—venge— a gain— Bbs BSCS ASBbs GS AS FIs Gs Bhs BSCS AS BIS Gs. BS Wrong. Ive been wrong for far— to long Bos BS cS AS BIS gs As Riscs Bhs BS cs AS abs Gs NC. ES LY A, Been con-stant-ly so frus + trat Mou For War -9-2 ase ed, Tre moved — moun: ins with ess.— 2 way. FM (Gu 1) BS BS css Bhs GS AS_ FIs GS) BS BSCS ASBIS GS_—_NC. ~ When I chan-nel my hhate— 10 pro- due - tive,— Tdon't find it hard to im- prese.— % Pre-Chorus: i. pt (Gir. 1) Nc BS Ne. Bs Ne. BS BS es pee a Bones. in tac + tion, hands break 10 hold raw en er - gy — ty Fig 1A (Gi. 1) Ne BS Ne. Bs Ne. BS NC. Bs Bola ‘and dl - sas ~ trous, my ears can't hear what you say 10 me— Double time J = 160 Chon ty -2 (Gir 1) FSGS BS NC. GS.NC, GS BS NC, GS BS NC. GS ES GS BS NC. GS NC. es Hold your mouth for the GS BS NC. GS BS NC. Gs BS GS -BSNC.GS NC GS BS NC G5 BS NC. GS ot Use it for what its for—— Speak the truth a bout me.— Sate wy. BU (Ge 1) 2nd time only To Coda BS Gs BS NC. as Ne. BS BOS BSCS ASBIS GSAS FAS GS BS BS CSAS BLS GSN. Bs fy G1) BbS BSCS ASBIS GS AS FAS GS BMS BSCS AS.BIS GS NC. BS Pos - sessed — Verse2 iy. ig 3 (G1) 5 mes bs BSCS ASBIS GS AS FAs GS Bhs BS CSAS DHS GSN. BS = 1 feel @ con-quer- ing will— down in - side me.— Ne. Bhs ps cs ASBIS GSAS FAS. GSS BS CSAS BS Gs Sirengih. ——___ The strength of man-y to crush— who might stop me, bs Bs cs asBIS Gs AS FES G5 ESBS BS cS AS BLS GSC, BS My strength is in mum ~ be,— ‘and my soul lies in ev - "ty = one. iy. 12 (Gi. 1) DSM al Coda Bhs BSCS ASBbS Gs AS PIS GS BIS BSCS AS BIS Gs NC —_ The re-leas-ing of an» ger——__ can better an-y med-i-cine —un-der the su. os For War -9 4 re Half ie J =80 . Guitar Sle win (G2) cu OS Bs Es Ne lt (Gi. 1 2) Dames win (Gu. 2) cis Bs ES ne ae 4% “A Mouth For War-9-5 ma Ie ete te ae te ap Ot ‘in. FN (Gir. 1) 4K (G2) ES Ba Gtspispsctsas fs gs There comes a time. — Within ev'ry one 3% may —= Fis Gts Bs GIS Ms Ds cfs BS Hs ES Ds to close your eyes— 10 what's real. Double time J = 160 ols PES ots FIs ats Verses 34 ts t i, (we) sh, feet) Month or War-9-7 woe. 88 ats FIs ats FS Dak ats FI Play 1¢cimes Gts FIs ats FIs cts Fis Gls 89 STRENGTH BEYOND STRENGTH All girs. tune down. 12 step: Oiacw Words and Music by @-b O-8 VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT, REX ROBERT BROWN and PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO_ Moderately 4 = 112 Verse 2 as Gis os ols as tion, No Ss = i : —— a oe ge eres : +t = ? i = = my eee eee - 35 ———— é Pg eat 4 — z 4 o 3 2S rena Beyond Swengih- 7-1 © 1994 COTA MUSIC, INC. snd POWER METAL MUSIC. INC. ase ‘mh miner by WARKER-TAMERY ANE PUBLISNING CORD, "AIIRighs Reserved Gs Fs ais FS = So = = 1 know the op = inion A No Chord os Fs ‘you and your college dream. —-- were stronger than = As is os as inc Suength Beyond Suengih 7-2 2238 a Interlude Half-time feet Ploy 3 cimes Play 3 umes Vere 3: AS Gis cs as Gs Ps Crip pled A meri ~ cu ream bust = fucked Im mune Strong-er than al, —— sgh tom smen--3 agro 92 Hattsime ‘WiFi (Gtr. 2,2 time) FSCIE FS Gs FSC RS Gs FSCIRFS Gs FSCIE RS Gs . Died time Rr Rhy. Fig. 1 3 St Si or re Bridge Ps CE FS os Fs C/E FS os Fs CIE Fs os grown in Anat = 10> gant, ex- plo Soe additonal fries 24 = : + : = Ss + es 3 ? 3 + Pherae ee censge eee TEER TTR ECTERTET ASTER ———artude tt ‘wit 1 (Gte.2) Play 3imes Fs CE FS os #5 os Sing Beyond Stength-7-4 oe aa Gaitar Soto WIRBy. Fig (Cte. 1 4 times) Fs cers oe cers Gs jp SF whermonicer effect gyrate 4 fs Ce FS os FS CIE FS os Bridge 1 FS CIE RS GS FS CE FS GS FS CRS Gis RS CIE FS GS FS CE FS eS a Stronger than al 3 Sogn Bayond Stengih-7-6 om fe SSS as Addiional tyres Vere: Ba init psec bodies, eft mind and pve neighbors Soe eine 9 alas done oi nna and pe and I'm making a fortune, Bows musi and ga nage U2 stn trainandeocie NE Deep down sronge than a Go bueriute Bridge 1 Hard a rock. Shut tke a lock Hall the president in sabeecion, I Peake Ns had on our eleson and dave acka stump. 1t too ate for sc (fo traertate is Vere ‘ Bs there no question of certain strenghihs on thinks Fone gmeaen (ioEnd) Seth Beyond Strength. 7-7 tf 96 SUICIDE NOTE PT. I | ‘Ags in op Dae Words and Music by @- O-0 VINCENT ABBOTT, DARRELL ABBOTT, Bes ee PHILIP ANSELMO and REX BROWN Moderately slow J 262 (eww) we Gin oui 12. - ira, cana imp hold throughout “winlcelaneos backwards gar and at fess imta (Gir 1) (Gte2 (Acoustic 12-string) =, Verses 1 2: cui, 6 Gay 6 oan G6 cdi 6 1 Cheap, co cle. . the pills that iil and keep the pain 2 See addtional yes Pi P. pa Gun 182 Ris Fiet end Rhy. Fp Suicide Note PLE-4 1 oa ING CORP., METAL. MAGIC MUSIC, RESS MUSIC, ARRELE MUSIC, ABADABA MUSIC and COTA MUSIC: INC. Rubinstcted by WARNER TAMERLANE PUBLISHING "AIIRipits Reserved 7 ‘wit ipa (Gr. 1&2) oni cca odin) oom o SSS SS tivad verve Lotta ot oy Di-et of te Shelter with-out,— the fase that can = not seein sd (Aah) New) f4-— ——— Sa = Yours and mine, ———— “(Yours and mine). Pre-Chorue ose Neo, When 'm hid - ing when 1. needy. it Gus 1&2 Z3 =e on this, Gont_ be -tieve,~ =——: : = < Re eceaaey eee are a ete aoa aye (Would you ook at me Sule Nowe P14 2 ean 98 : i —— Fm a man? With these scars oa my writs 10 prove TM try— a gain.— Can you tell Tm aman? wRit A (Gis. 2) Nc«Dm) Try to die a gain Ty lies ——— through this night Ty to ée— Gig 182 iy. ig 2 (Gir. 1&2) : or ok > = + Ea = aes == = fro tae dg ce =o — | + Would you ook at me _ now comm oa ee ee eee rare : or, or > oe or, — Fm a mani With these sears on my wrist to prove try a gain ‘Can you tell Tm a man? ‘With these sears on my wrist (0 prove Ouro SIR (Gis 1 A 2) 2 times Nc@a) Try wo dea gain 99 through this night Ty © die a gain imum 8 (Gis. 1 42) rina (3) 34d fe Da Suni Play 4 cimes ‘AM Pick D Let Tam seem barits rem ban “Droge aoe whe ep bore ‘cng note Verse 2: Foreve fooling fee and using, Sliding down the slide that breaks a will Mothers angel, getting smarter, How smart are you to regress nfullled? ga damn shame, but Whos to blame? (To Pre-Chonus) Suicide Noe P= 4-4 aap 100 SUICIDE NOTE PT. I Words and Music by VINCENT ABBOTT, DARRELL ABBOTT, PHILIP ANSELMO and REX BROWN ‘Aer tne dow 1 whole ste Yo 63 Past rock J = 114 Doubie-time feel Intro: NCAES) res - é : _ = - —<$—<$<—$$<$—_ 1.0 of my mind, 2 See edtional ries Goat? : $ ‘ eaesseeceeeee a Foca ls ‘ ——<: Ex ~eibigncch wharay oda octave et ‘hretthoen. . no, pre ten ~ sion, ay 2. Fret not 45. See additional lyrics Ry Fit é © 1996 WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP., METAL MAGIC MUSIC, RESS MUSIC, ETOND DARRELL MUSIC, ABADABA MUSIC and COTA MUSIC. INC. ‘AL Righ Administ ty WARNER TAMERY ANE PUBLISHING CORP "Al Rights Reserved 101 hy. Fl (Gins. 16 2) 3imes ‘end doubie-time feel ‘pre-judged ar = my this is for men and me only cowsards on ly ToCode® as css graves. Bat shit dick co ‘*Dipiech whan peal ‘Suid Nowe PLM-8-2 stocare sting ome ny. 3 (Gis, 1&2) 3 bar only MPO (Ger 1 & 2) ly Fig. 3(Gire 1 & 2) tones BS FS ES ES FS ES BS FS ES ES FS BS Woah Why would you help an-y - one who doesn't want it, does-mt needit, does n't want your shit ad - vice when mind's made up to go a- head and dle? FS PS ES ES FSS ES FS ES mee — Whats done is done and gone, 10 why ey? An. Suicide Note P-M-8-3 one 103, Guitar Soto Boutledime feet “wharmopie se one otae higher. {Bepro bar acy, bet wn ce, os et “Grd. depres ber while hammering n/plog ot 104 *Dizconinaebamonize ees, (60) > trem ber ee Cota as cs GS Freely raves, (fo send you down). Suicide Note PLML-8-5 one | 105 “WD wey item ‘iy ig 7 ES Ds ES Ds Es DS ES DS oS (Sung Lt se) Woah, end Ri Fg. 6 ‘atempo a es ps BS Gus182 Suicide Nowe PL H- 8-6 tana 106 Suicide Nove PLI-8-7 on 107 Bein fae os Beese eee ue Verse 3 snot worth the time to try To replenish a rotting life. Tllend the problem, facing nothing, Fuck you off, fuck you all. Verse Toned hitory adit omer is exposes me for weakness magnet - Watch me dot, doe (Te Choma) Not PL 8-8 108 THIS LOVE ‘Words and Music by VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT, REX ROBERT BROWN and PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO Alt. ne dow 12 sep: O-0 O-s O- O-0) O-es Moderate rock J =102 ro Fin Few Fim Gut Ri Figs FiniG Fim Fl Him Flic Fins Bm Bmic Bm Bm Fin PlevG Fim Verse He rd Fin Plu Fim Ph LI ev + er words. wore po - ken, pain = fal and— un ~ trae EG been” the Tempe ing She, Kole | her from her = eT ‘This Love-9-1 os 19 1999 COTA MUSIC, INC, end FOWER METAL MUSIC. INC. [AI Rights Admitered by WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP “AI Rights Reseed 109 1 said 1 towed but a ‘This gt in pal her pains was te, was the “keep - ing of someone like you. As it twns— out, fe. gre ths, the hut ing of Your But you make— me deeper with in me, love was wist- cd and point-ed at so un hap > py Vd take my— ite and Feave it with Jou 10 wh ig 1 (Gt 1) ies seme (Gir 2) 2nd ie ony Fin FhnvG Fim Fhe Fim FG (Spoken) Never G2 at ne iy, Ed ine FT om Fim FtvG "rts cm Bm Am You Keep this love, thing, love, child, love, toy ‘You Keep this Gee. 3 (lee. wits) iy. Fig. 2 (Gir. 1) 3 cme, simile FIs cm Bm Am FAS love, fis, ove, sear, ove, break, ‘You keep this love love, Ths Leve-9-3 chy MI Tocodeg, Cm pm Am Fs cm Bm Am +. ras 2 = ep gt SSS SS = == SSS dove You keep this love, tore, Jove You keep this fi 7 fi. 4.106; 1) mer Fa Banat, Fm Hve *Voca! set on eps. FS FASGS Gisas ats BS 2 Slower J =128 i ez esererreernrtctereercerree “Ahhbht FS GSS Gs RS Gs. FsGs es Gis FS Gs FS GSS as pe FS oats Fs a os Gs Fs cs FS GIS Original tempo J » 102 Fim? Flmt/G Fim? Fh Pio? FhesT1G Fin? PhmiG Gut Gtr 1 (Clean) Guitar Sot: Fla? FimmiG Pot boc Flot bm Fim? Fam7iG nny. rg L(G 1) $omes ‘old ben See echo repets Bet Bric Bm? Batic Fla? FimniG Thi Love-9-5 ae 43 Flext? oe) Dm Davch cd om YR. Fg (Ge 1) umes Phat PimtiG DS % at Coda Bin? FAntiG You keep this Sma) ae live wibar slack 4 @ FOS OS FSGS SOS ORS GIS FSGS GS OOS FS GIs iy. Fle 2 (Gir 2) 3 mes FSGS FSGS FSGS FSGS FSGIS FS GS FSGS FSGS FSGIS FS G5 FSGS FSGS FSGS FSGIS You keep this love You keep this Gs FSGS ROS PSGIS FS GS FSGS FSGS FSGS FSGHS FS GS FSGS FSGS PSaES PS ‘You keep this love, You keep this love, Se “WFR (Cire 1.6 3) 1 OS Fs gs FSGS FS as Bs ats SCH SiG eae oade tas Fs PPP Te SP ps hae oH $455 “SNRO tow tne 2a cae 1 sarin 2). Original tempo J = 192 Ouro Sots iB. et 3) it end Fim? Plz Fim? PhmtG Flm7 FimiG oo Em? Fhm7ig EE ay —— 7 ee = ae x =—S=> Fim wy Fkn7 FimiG Fin? Fim Flm7 FimviG a See eX 2 petits fire ee N Aer run Original tempo J = 102 Ges 6% 1 Gaien) 16 Fim7 FimG Fim FEmTG Fm Fh? Fim7/G woos ae eee Ae ie ee ee Ft? Fim Flot Pit Fim? Fit1G (eve) 7 pte pesmi Z Fin? FimtiG Fem? Flac Pht FTG wo si ee eee (a) ate tae aE ‘ pes ar an srk Ramone then steady ask to ph “ThieLine-9-9 ar 47 THE UNDERGROUND IN AMERICA Words and Music by Suara VINCENT ABBOTT, DARRELL ABBOTT, PHILIP ANSELMO and REX BROWN ‘Tune @ ove ete lower than, Moderate rock J = 90 ure News) Gin 182 eee — Tie Underground in America 1-1 ae (© 1906 WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. METAL MAGIC MUSIC, RESS MUSIC, DIAMOND DARRELL MUSIC, ABADABA MUSIC and COTA MUSIC: INC. "All Rights Adminiscred ty WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. “A Rights Reserved 1g. Chora: Pur in po - si~tion to wage teen-age may - hem, @ com-mon af - fair for the ones who are julced. Ae ete “he Underground in Ameri 11-2 oie ig ty. 4.91) 2 I itis weak- ness that grants us the pow- er, we thrive on whats stronger than most of the world Glass breaks — the dim- ming lights. ‘Swear, heat and pro fane de-bae. The 2. See addtional lyrics ts, Teh Ry. Fe 4 end Ray Fe smart ones stay on the out - side, “whe drunk - en heads and arms = rapt) iy. Fig (Ge 1) Bhm Centered man— wings @ punch, — spits a s00th,— pos - res odd.— ‘Te Underground in America 11-3 aise 120 Dim Bn oa bucks @ head to be king dick in the crowd.— cot may rs ty. ig 2 (Gir 1) iy. Fg (Gir 1) NG : Bbm We are the ones who must sport the po si- tion. Cheap beer, trendy dicks, les-bi-an love is ac cepted and right a. Py 8 (Gi. 1) Dbm Em ca Shaved heads — meet air, tn the mis, blend - ing the eight - ies and mine » ries with hat. Chora: eg Fig. 3 (Gee 1) 2 ies Ne. 7 > 7 eS—_ ; 7 7 Pur in po si- tion 10 wage teen - age may - hem— a com- mon af fair for the ones that are juiced 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 If ti weak- ness that grants us the power, we thrive on whats sirong- er than most of the world a 1 ‘The Underground in America 11-4 oe ie Underground in Ameticn 1-5 tay 122 mie a (Girs.1 2) 2 timer r z wt free, You can just keep it (To the fam ly thar seen.) s Be you must beg. You must fol low the et - i - quette (ies bet = ter , mit A (Girs. 1 &2)2 times a know when it rains you're in your, bed = at home, You act so real when you are a = lone. mr (Gis. 1 & 2) © 4 sececeeeeetenl 4 aaa (Fake, Fake Fake, Fake), siRNA (irs. 1 2) 2 mes as, better not let the mo -hawked crowd see, Ha a You ‘Te Underground in America 11-6 ose 123 Give it five years, you'll re - tre G13 (Dist) wheel etic. ‘We Underground in America = 11-7 Teyates 124 bos ‘The Underground in America 11-8 ae "Depress bar hen grea ee wile Hamenrogonlplng tt ‘Feet wink wile olig previous bend then pl of Pe Underground in Anetie 11-9 ase 126 Slower J =90 Outro: wy. it (Girs 1&2) Ncwas, wnat (Gir 3) Gur 4 ut fe a A» 0h, Yeah ‘wo gir ae forore. “The Underground in America ~ oe LE aaa 127 win. Fig. 2 (Crs. 1 2) mes, 3) d ‘Phy repeats snl; ee oto “Reprise Sandbated Sin” ‘wip sound ets, “trite chord It tie ony Yerse2 ‘how’ on, dates cancelled, ‘Kicked out for Featons a seem so unr. im erusts tenet the cops, A foregone conclusion that tired and beat, VBE tormeipee eta peed and horse Anncaven of unmatched imporance, arhonor ot sexo be stk bythe Punk, ‘We are the ones whe must sport the poston, leh homes, money and foods ‘Abandoned forthe bums on the street, A litesiyie thay unexplainable, Donk ty and save wit (Wo Choris) all Meant to be. Tig Underground a America 11-1 wp 128 LK Words and Music by VINCENT PAUL ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT, REX ROBERT BROWN and PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO 1 gown: Moderate rock J =116 Intros Band cet Ne Gat Bass and drums fede in Ne. bbs NC. Abs NC. Dis Ne Bs Bs Fs FS RS NC. Bs FS FS bs iy Walk 8-1 on, (© 1992 COTA MUSIC, INC, and POWER METAL MUSIC INC. [All Rights Admired by WARNER-TAMERL ANE PUBLISHING CORD. "AI Rights Reserved 129 bs You want in fo get un-der my skin, pbs cs pbs wk 8-2 cB 130 % Pre-chorus: 3 ais — Ne A, be tt. [ae a as tf ate = —— os 7 7 7 aS # Ts there no stan dard an-y- more? What it takes. who Tam some-thing you're not wan 8-3 a 131 ‘Next four bas, socal dole wo ote one (Shout) Re Ne pbs Ne. Bbs Fs FIs Bs Bs Walk 00, what did you say? — end Ray Fg 2 Ve wy. Fle 2 (Gis. 1&2) To Cola Ne. Bs NC. abs NG pbs NC. OES OFS FS. FS ELS. 7 . 7 — Re : spectt wate ‘Are you tik ing 10 me? ak 8 4 vate 132 Verse: Mg 1 (Gis 1 2) smile Ne. ey = Run your mouth when I'm aK ota round, bis You cry to weak play - ing your song? — ty. Fig 2 (Gis J & 2) 2 times, simile % xe. Bis NC. oda ty FLA (Gr 1) 3 times Ne. Walk 8-5 m8 BS FS FAS Are you talk in’ friends that sym- pa ~ thize.— ‘Those same spect! Fs BbS NC. bs fiends pos Walks Fs ris a No. ‘Can you hear — the vis 0 - ins DSM ol Code DBS C5 DBS tell me your ev- "ry word,_—— NC BS FS 00, NC ES FS FIs FS Bhs x 7 FS FS Bhs xX, what did you say?— Are you tall ing 10 me? FS EDS NC. way, — punk. BbS FSIS FS BSS Guitar Soe Ds 134 trem bar (slight descent) 1 ‘Bass and drums fade in Chor: Sa 2 (Gi 1 2) 4 mes NC Bhs Ne abs Ne. Dis os (Shout) Re 7 spect! Walk? ate 8-7 ot 135 Ne bs Fs rts FS ES Ne. bbs Ne. abs lan i 00, what did you say? Re : sweat! Rg FO (Ge 1 NC. Dbs NG EbS 5S FES FS BBS NC. BbS FS FS FS__BbS. 2 a (= = SS SS =p = = Walkt Are you talk-in’ 10 me? Are you talk-in’ to me? ure xe ES bs ps ES EbS_ os Bs Bhs ps ES ebs ps Bs ebs ps BS EbS Ds BS EHS Ds BS pbs Ds Ne. Bs Bhs Ds Es gbs DS NC. ES EbS Ds ES EbS Ds Play times and fade Ne Bs bs Ds ES BS DS NC. BS pbs Ds BS EbS Ds ab wae 8-8 or) 136 WAR NERVE Words and Music by VINCENT ABBOTT, DARRELL ABBOTT, PHILIP ANSELMO and REX BROWN “Aung. tuned down approx step: Moderately: Tempo I (J. = 100) Inuro: Ne. Bs Gin 82 "Piha somewhere Detwecn 1 1 steps down two pr afr one od may Pg ‘Termpo Ik (J = 100) cs on as Bs Bs 54 War Nene 7-1 0238 (© 1996 WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP.. METAL MAGIC MUSIC. RESS MUSIC, BIAMOND DARKELL MUSIC, ABADABA MUSIC and COTA MUSIC. INC. ZAR Andy WARNER TAMER ANE PUBLISHING COR "AI Rights Resor 137 Es Bhs gs os Bis Gute) uw a 2 Pet 37 102 (igh) War Nerve «7-2 ane 138 ey ; ; m - \ ah. pea oe pe pes oem Verses 1 & 2 Ry id (Gis 1&2) 8rimes L.Fuck the world forall it’s worth, ey = ty inch of plan et Earth, — 2 See additional lyrics Fuck myself, don't leave me out, don't get in ~ volved, don't cor ~ ner me. In = side ul = cen, un + just bas = ards, file. ~— out face first. «= Meet ‘the ‘lies and see what you are Chon: NCES) ais) War Nerve-7-3 oe 139 abs) © the war nerve “Tempo (= 100) Ee a £ (bs) . NCAES) For ev ‘ty fuck-in’ second the pa thet et SS SS SS © mes dia plsr-ex on me and judg-es what 1 am in one par» a- graph Look as) a Ges) WarNerve-7-4 ane 140 Tempo 1 (J. 100) Inver 2 @ wiRUTA(Girs 1&2) 2mes Coda NCES DSB al Code All the -mon-ey in the fuck - ing world could- nt buy me a sec- ond of wis) A) ED, trust, or one ounce of fath in any thing you're a bout! Fuck you all als) ay 5 ng, Gre 1 & 2) 2 ces Bs eis) Feel as os es ais) as) Gs es ain an as and 1 wil es (ws) A) OD BS ais) as 5, Noth: ing is worth the sleep that I've lost, ws) AGS) S = pol- o- gies are un- ac-cept-a- ble now. A bis tered re - venge War Nerve -7-5 ce a+ waits in me, this is fuck ing— ove = less! 141 ‘Tempo (2 = 100) Inerade 3 NCES) Bridge 2 smn (Gis. 1 42) 3 times Hotel—_____ Hate!—__ Hatet____ Hatet_____ Nes) Hate mail War Nerve -7-6 op. 142 RUB (Gir. 18 2)2 times NED, URC (Gir. 1 2) oo —, in i in = stead______ Hate! Rr (Gis 1 2) 2 umes peer eee ELE Hote Hate! ______ Lord knows — there’ worte,— ‘Tempo (J.= 100) Tnterude& swi A (Gis. 1 2) Noes) ja nore the curse. Ar! Blah! Unt Unt Ush_____ Ah, fuck you Outre: ES Bhs AS Gs ES Bs AS GSES is As Gs ‘© (i tie ony all Geen 82 Vere Expect the worst, you bleeding hear, Bette rt lore et. Weare bom dfn at a ite mayhem produce weapons. Shout oa, bur Sown, NocNN or media now, (Chores) War Nerve-7 67 2B Cette WHERE You COME FROM Words and Music by VINCENT PAUL, ABBOTT, DARRELL LANCE ABBO PHILIP HANSEN ANSELMO and REX ROBERT BRO\ Teste naa QD O-r 82 B ‘Moderate metal J = 108 Ine Ne. Gtr 182 win) aS ese 197 wae rnin ams cone, Sommer AL Rit Aine UR aE 148 Gers 1 & 2 paned lett and rit. ‘er You Come From 13-2 oe 145 strange to be— 2, See additional Irics of 7 —, as = tard in 2 ws Ne dragged down the rosd. ‘Where You Come From 13-3 Gas 146 stil Abs FS NC. B Abs BS NC. ES | ‘And it lives and breathes, but I cant give a fuck. Saws : : om Tve got a big mouth, Bigd-vel ve gota Were You Come From 13-4 oe 187 and theres a otto earn. = iirnasee ee from a bot-tle of whis - key. t Bo Cob [= Its where you come trom. From a bot-tle of whis ‘Whee You Come From 13-5 a8, 148 you come from, its whereyou come from, — WS where you come from,— Js where you come from,— 27 ‘Whee You Come From = 13-7 086 149 ‘where you come fom,— ‘here you come from, ‘where youcome from,— ‘where you come from, — where you. Biegd. vt ait, where youcome from,— where you come from,— Whoa, whis-key! utr Sl: Ne Gus XL en Boe seeetseee een iti : iwi ; Erte Eetetete tebe fe Deore br bering ing rad den and send we Na : nye ea See ee ee ee ee ee “fig na apr a 150 Were You Come From= 13-8 OB 1st fell in front of my friends, 1 dropped out in front of the wortd Bye, We You Come From -13-9 OB 152 Faster J = 152 Black wings will weath - er your ee et arial EM, hold open sing some, there's § partial RM. Gs Fs 3 fol - low - ing paths of your = patil BM. ‘Where You Come From 13-10 OB 153 | : Topped of the mean law be | ; oo Watch your eyes, no. tp _ 1 a elotiy Watch your eyes, no. ‘Where You Come From 13-11 cab 154 as bs abs ‘rom, Where is in Where You Come From 13-12 GB Start fade ‘Ware You Come root 13-13 m8 155 where you come from. Bs be Ws where you come from. Fade Verse 2: Aremedy to the curse, ‘On harder waves contol Look at what’ around, just can’ lie around, ecling sorry for mysell PreChorus: Buties stil alive, Andiin me now, ‘And it lives and breathes, But I could eaze less (To Chorus