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rater Sage Poli te O. Bax 15h mn Ohia 45012 February 24, 2010 Press Release Butler County Sheriff's Deputy’s Fraternal Order Of Police 101 Executive Board met on Tuesday February 23 to discuss the current layoff of Five Deputy Sheriff's. The Executive Board agreed to make the following statement to the citizen’s that we serve here in Butler County. On February 18, 2010 at approximately 4:15 pm Fratemal Order of Police 101 President Jeff Gebhart received a phone call advising that Deputy Sheriff's were-being called into Chief Anthony Dwyer’s Office and handed Layoff Notices. The notification of layoffs of Deputy Sheriff's did not come to Union Official’s from the Administration; it was received from a brother deputy. Several Union Offi¢ials\”s ‘immediately responded to the Sheriff's Office to speak with Sheriff Administrators itchy aie Chief Anthony Dwyer advised F.O:P. 101 Executive members that they were laying off a total-of five Full ‘Time Deputy Sheriff's because a grant ran out for their positions and the Sheriff's Budget faced a: '$600,000.00to $700,000.00 shortfall by the end of the year. He advised that the laid off deputies were! : picked by inverse seniority. iby titi At the current time F.O.P, 101 Legal Counsel is in negotiations with the Sheriff's Administration concerning contractual issues that challenge several parttime employee’s positions relating to layotf’s. ‘The layoff of Butler County Deputy Sheriffs’ first became an issue in the first quarter of 2009. We were advised that the commissioner’s cut the Sheriff's budget without warning and that placed five deputies on a possible layoff list. Union members rallied and began working with Sheriff Administrators to work out a Blas that would help atve owe portions. The Union mabes by a majority vot agieed oie 00 in the budget. — a ttlunagrstmssatns sed the Deputies bel id offerte remade of 2009 Jn October 2009 Administrators advised Union Officials that they received a stimulus grant that would help to continue the employment of those five deputies in question. Union officials were under the impression that the stimulus (grant) money would pay their salaries through 2010. It is now known that ‘the money expires on April 7® 2010. Ithas been leamed through Public Information Request’s that in December of 2009 the Sheriff's Office offered payouts to fiduciary employees. Those payouts were for time accrued on the books and ranged from $400.00 to in excess of $9,000.00 dollars each, Union employees are questioning the timing of those ‘payouts to employees whose salaries reach into the $100,000.00 annual salary range plus the payouts. Some of the deputies that gave up concessions salaries were in the $38,000.00-year range. We believe that those fiduciary employees should not have been given the payouts fiom the same budget that individuals gave concessions from. Ht aa ek Holi te @. Box 1150 Hamilton, Ohia 45012 Deputy Sheriff levels have seen a steady decrease over the past two years. Nine Deputy Sheriff positions have not been filled as deputies retire, resign or are laid off. Road Patrol Staffing has been reduced to below 2002 levels while the population in Butler County has seen a steady increase. A positive note is the deputies assigned to contracted positions have increased over the same time frame. ‘We would like to however thank the Citizens of Butler County for your continued support and concern for | those who serve each and every one of you. If not for your support our Sheriff’s Office would not be at | the level of professionalism that it’s at today. We also believe. that these same citizens deserve more than 4 | patrol deputies per 12 hour shift not including contracted deputies, We are hoping that those county | ‘officials that are responsible for securing the safety, of all Butler County Citizens, step forward and work --11 together fo,help resolve the issues surrounding the current or any uture-badget shortfalls. We do:however: 125. 5s ‘want all citizens to rest assed if You are in need of a Deputy Sheriff, the. Members of Fraternal Order of % Police 101 will be here to respond to those'needs Sincerely, President Jeff Gebhart FOP 101