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llog l

! Node restarts / board restarts / program. restarts or PMDs !

all err | grep 2013-03-11
Check TRACE and ERROR log on all boards
lgaevsorm 4h
lhsh 002100 te log read | grep 2013-03-26
cab |grep -i MSB3
acc SystemCheck start
cat /c/usr/sc_reports/

Traffic checks
pget vmgw pmNrOfContextsBusy
pget vmgw pmNrOfAal2TermsBusy
pget vmgw pmNrOfIpTermsBusy
pget mgwapp busy
pmr -m 5 -r 1
!shows the MGW accessibility,
pmxd -m 2 vmgw pmNrOfContextsBusy
pmr -m 5 -r 139 !choix: 139 ET-IP load
pmxd -m 2 tdmtermgrp pmnroftdmtermsrej
! TDM rejections
pmxd -m 2 vmgw pmNrOfAal2TermsRej
! ATM rejections
pmxdh vmgw= -m 5 contextsrej
! Rejejctions per VMGW
pmxdh vmgw=VMGW_CALIS2Z$ -m 4 initfault
pmxd -m 1 tdmterm.*231 pmNrOfTdmTermsBusy
uv pm_wait=80
pdiff vmgw Aal2TermsRej
pdiff vmgw pmNrOfContextsRej
pdiff vmgw pmNrOfIpTermsRej
pdiff vmgw nbInit
pdiff all forced|fail|unsucc|rej|rele|err|overflow|down|unavail|lost|unreach|fau
lt|missing !^0|-1
lh mp te log read | grep 2013-04-14
lh msb mmpp crashlog | grep 2013-04-19
lh all llog -l | grep "13-04-17"
crash and restart in all boards
lh mesc mesc_info_im -all
lh mesc mesc_info_im -clean
clean logs
lh all te log read | grep -i "INFO:SAI Egress Discard."
silent calls
lh mp mesc_counters_device -all | grep Reject
rejection in Pool Devices

systemcheck -start

! Check for any

report in /c/usr/sc_reports/
ipac_ping -z -d -c 4 in GMPv3
ping in GMPv3
lhsh 002500 ipac_ping -z -d -c 4
ping in GMPv4

lh all capi tot -> look cp overload on the board level

ntpconfig info

lh gra grapmd ma
lh mp gradsl ipet
shows GPBs handling ipet that should not be locked at same time
lh mp gradsl mfd
lh mp gradslgsm
lh mp gradsl mod
lh mp gradsl dig
lh msb3 readlog detail

call path trace in moshell

lhsh 000300 fro_call_path_trace <vmgwFroId> <context Id> !board 3 for V3, board
6 for V2!
lhsh 002500 fro_call_path_trace <vmgwFroId> <context Id>! board 002500 in V4

lhsh 012000 db_info_license
license V4
le nombre d appel qui peux etre dans la MGW et le max autoris par license
lhsh 001200 db_info_license
Lisence V3
/ SCC divise par 2.005 = capacity