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Dear Legislator:

As part of his executive budget, the Governor has proposed to allow wine sales in grocery
stores. This is a new package of reforms that will spur economic growth and 
generate $300 million in much­needed revenue for New York State. 
In addition, a respected Cornell economist has concluded that increased sales would lead
to an additional $22 million a year in ongoing revenue for New York.
The organizations below strongly support this measure and urge you to support it as
well. Multiple polls have shown that support for this proposal among the public is strong
– with over two-thirds of New Yorkers voicing support for wine in grocery stores.

In addition to $300 million in new revenue for New York, wine in grocery stores will
lead to the creation of 2,000 net new jobs as well as new economic opportunities for New
York’s farmers and wine producers. We view this is a win for New York’s taxpayers,
farmers, and consumers.

New York’s fiscal crisis demands creative solutions to raise revenue. We believe this is
just such a proposal.

On behalf of our organizations and members, we strongly urge you to support wine in
grocery stores and include it in the final 2010-11 state budget.


Stephen K. Allinger Michael Mulgrew

Director of Legislation, NYSUT President, UFT

Billy Easton Geri D. Palast

Executive Director, AQE Executive Director, CFE