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that blind woman Julie Woods is a professional speaker who can tailor her talks to inspire you and your organisation — here are just some of her talk titles: @ How to look for the Silver Lining = 2.small words that will turn your big problem into a massive opportunity! Why women are like tea bags - How to find your strength when you're dipped in hot water! $@ What going blind has to do with refereeing nude touch rugby? ~ just one small statement that will have you saying yes to your big adventure $@® How to Make your Silver Lining = 8 keys for turning your cloud into something extraordinary As if going blind at the age of 31 wasn't enough, Julie Woods got to have another bite at the extraordinary change cherry when she became a single blind parent in 2001. Jule has spoken nationwide to thousands of New Zealanders about her lfe as a blind woman and single parent and how as an ordinary person she adapted to her extraordinary change through learning loads of new skills including braille. She went on to gain a prestigious role as Braile Awareness Consuitant at the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind and is now a life coach and professional speaker. Julie's a dab hand at cooking without looking and in March 2007 got to try out “those bloody trufies again’ on all the people she thanked at her 10 years biind party. There's no doubt about it - Julie's an extraordinary change expert who has walked five haf marathons, modeled in her very own town hall, appeared in national and local media including ‘one day in 2004 when she found herself refereeing a game of nude touch rugby as a curtain raiser to an All Blacks vs. England match, She also landed hersetf a spot on Campbell Live when she fund raised to travel to Paris for Lou's, Bralle's bi-centennial celebrations in January 2009. Julie's most recent achievement includes a book called How to ‘Make a Siver Lining - 8 keys for adapting to extraordinary change which she has turned into an inspirational workshop. Julie has worked with thousands of participants ranging from Brownies to traffic engineers but they all have one thing in ‘common - they have all been left LAUGHING AND ULTIMATELY inspired by “that blind woman!” and keeping it all in your head- how do you do it?” yy “What an inspiration you are Julie! Speaking like that - without notes a ‘Christabel , NZ Society of Chartered Accountants talk - | saw some of the audience wiping their eyes” » “You had the whole audience captivated with your very inspirational A Katherine, Her business network ya “We were so taken with your fun loving, can do approach to life; you had us captivated from start to finish. You made us imagine, laugh and cry”. Kay, Co-ordinator Ifyou have Julie as your inspirational speaker you will - * stop grumbling about what you don't have in your life and start focusing on what you do have be inspired laugh at Julie's hilarious adventures as a blind woman ook at your life differently be left with a message inspiring you to say yes to your daring adventure! So phone Julie now on +64 (0) 21 913 513 or send her an email at to find out more about her coming to speak to you and your organisation.