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Hubipneg wha On my demographic audience profile thave selectively Ce clear images of associated acts, drinks, clothing and products Coane Ce ee en cd Peto oe ees well known tobe associate with my selected genre of electro pop/ electorinca as well as other such a alphabeat and ellie goueling. Ihave placed a wide range of cd's, Which could be in my magazine 2s they also fit into my desired catagarogy of eloctro-pep/ ecletroniea and that thay would be possible purchased by my targeted audience | also believe that the following mages of bright nil varnish and 'red sexy hat’ hairspray would be purchased as they are loud product similar to the music therefore I've Pee ae ee eed Cee NL oe eer eee eet eee ee ee ee) Cae hee ec Pod nano as I believe these would also be purchased by my targeted audience as they are also loud and individual in comparison with any other type of mp3 device ike wise Se Le ate ee ec ‘out which | believe would interest my chosen audience. Simutainously I've placed @ selection of clothing which are rather pain ard retro as vie come to the conclusion of that ‘my audience would be wearing similar types of clothing. CO ES ey link to my chosen targeted audience and I believe this willenable ee ra ine ey deep view into the aspects of interest of my audience, which will result in my magazine hopefully becoming rather successful and Pee ieee ens