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= Be i: Risoluzione dei conflitti interiori ed esteriori Iniziativa a cura di H.R.¥.0, Human Rights Youth Organization Ay \ A rca geet iets RYO Vision: The Human Rights Youth Organization believes in a world governed by peace and mutual understanding. We see education as an essential aspect towards creating a reality that promotes and protects human dignity, all aspects of equality and sustainability. As an organization we see the importance in supporting local action and developing the potential of a single human being, for small changes lead to big process. Mission:Our mission is to facilitate, through various means, the fulfilment of Human Rights and establish an international network of organisations and individuals who are actively contributing to their local context. We seek to actively work towards a culture of peace by promoting and taking part in non-violent action towards the liberation from oppression in any form. Whi taking action we promote, encourage and celebrate the value of diversity of people in society. . << SS - > é: Goals, ‘. 1, To restore Human dignity; by using non-formal educational projects reso jing tothe needs of society and the individual; 2. To break down prejudice by connecting different realities and facilitate in an intercultural dialogue: 3. To create awareness around, oppression and suffering; 4. To establish a network of support in local movements and conflict’zon: S f 5, To create, facilitate and communicate a pathway towards a culture of peace, respect and sustainability; 6. To be of influence in the change of law, rules and policies that protect the Human Rights; 7. To establish a local Human Rights centre that promotes and educates the integration of Human rights in daily life; 8. To promote culture as a tool in the acceptance and understanding of diversity; 9. To create a department specialised in issues that affect the position and role of women in society: 10. To use a holistic approach in the achievement of tolerance amongst the new generation; 11. To promote action and to act peacefully towards liberation from the influence of maf and organised crime; 12. To be a leading example in all of the above Geshe Lobsang Tenkyong :is fled to Indian May 1982 from arrival until 2001 he studied in Sera monastery , in that year was awarded the degree of Geshe Lharampa ;the highest title of eM within traditionalgelug - pa . BN Tack Melos) college to study rene at Cm ores AU -s6 aia education, ( Since Byes 5 pA resides in Italy . Today | am not talking about how to practice Buddha dharma and religions | want to talk about how to build our good life. It is extremely important that we make an effort to lead a very good Life while,as human intelligent. We must think more about our good life. ‘We have the good opportunity to pursue inner methods that bring peace of our mind. People there have many different culture, religions,physical, color, some one don't like religions and country ete. But what we want important things are there not different We ourselves and all other beings want to happy and completely free from suffering. In this case we are all exactly equal So the important thing is that we must try to know where come from those our suffering and happiness. Suffering and happiness are result, therefor they are completely dependent to cause and condition. But we don't know which is happiness causes and suffering. ‘You look in the world there have a lot of conflictand problems. Those are majority by humans created, For example, no one of you were choice like to enter into the jail. However now you have been in the jail. What was the condition that you were enter the jail? We most think about it, because you were looking some thing important for happiness your personal or your family. For that way you did some thing wrong actions te defend or achieve it You look that situations, reality look likes yourself brought you into the jail, Now there are two attitudes to consider. Cherishing ourselves and that of cherishing others The self-cherishing attitude make us very unhappy,we think we are extremely important and our basic desire is for ourselves to be happy and for things to go well for us. Yet we don't know how to bring this about. Actually if you think important you and your family, first you must be think extremely important your family then money. Money for what, people don't know, therefor killing, steal, robbery,cheat etc. Secondly don't make problem to other people. It is not help to you and your family Reality that is cause of you and your family's problem In fact, acting out of self-cherishing ean never make us happy. These who have the attitude of cherishing others regard all other beings as much more important than themselves and value helping others above all else. And acting in this way, incidentally they themselves become very happy. ‘We need more warm heart, this means we need more compassion and love. If we have compassion and love, then we ourselves less selfish and self cheris! become more happy, of course, as well other people can be happy, think more about other people and try to help other people. | know it is not easier to help other people. You can be help other people or whether no. But we think more other people and try to be kind, that help our both side. Other people is very very important in this our life. You look round yourself, house, car, food and clothes etc. but we never think about it In this world many riches and famous they are pride. Therefor their bully other people. They don't know where come that rich and famous. Reality those are completely dependent to others. Without other people they never can be rich and famous. That attitudes destroy their theirselves happiness Shantideva said. ALTHOUGH WE WANT ALL HAPPINESS. WE IGNORANTLY DESTROY IT, LIKE AN ENEMY. ALTHOUGH WE WANT NO MISERY. WE RUSH TO CREATE ITS CAUSE. What Shantideva said was very very clear, because what we want and what we do are fotally contradictory. The things we do to bring happiness actually cause suffering, misery and troubles We are always mistake because the ignorant. It is common experience that happiness doesn't arise from external factors alone.lf we check carefully into our own daily lives, we will easily see that is addition to external factors, there are also inner factors that come into play to establish happiness within us. /f external development were all it took to produce lasting peace within us, then those were rich in material possession would have more peace and happiness, while those who were poor would have less. But reality life is not always like that. There are many happy people with few riches and poor. Many wealthy people who are very very unhappy, suicide and make all family are very big problems by their self. That problem is we can see easily in this world. We have to transform within ourselves and that is possible. All conflicts and problems in this world are created by human mind and risolve that by changing our mental attitude. It is important for us to recognize that even if right now some of our habits fo change. Ven. Geshe Lobsang Tenkyong Sicily Agoust 2015 ao